Dream cast for over 100 Batman characters!

Dream cast for over 100 Batman characters!

List of over 100 Batman characters, half good, half bad, half male, half female.

Here is my fan list of Batman Characters and actors I'd cast to play them. My OCD made me select Half good and half bad characters as well as half male and half female characters. 26 in each of the four groups to total 104 Batman Characters. The characters range from the main comic book series, to the animated series, Batman Movies, spin offs of Batman characters, etc. Let's begin with the King of Gotham himself..

Batman = Gerard Butler.
We've seen Gerard Butler play both action hero and ladies man. He's our choice to play the dark knight.

Catwoman = Olivia Wilde
Olivia has the looks, talents and skills for this role. She is the cats meow.

Batwoman = Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sarah Michelle Gellar is obviously a fan favorite since her days as Buffy, taking on the role as lesbian superhero Batwoman will be cake for her, who could forget her hot lesbian kiss with Selma Blair in "Cruel Intentions".

Huntress = Megan Fox
Wether she is Helena Bertinelli member of the the bat family and the Birds of Prey or Helene Wayne the daughter of Batman and Catwoman, the Huntress is a super hot super kick ass chick. Hands down Megan Fox gets this role.

James Gordon = Bruce Willis
I'm tired of seeing older actors play Gordon. He's still capable of protecting himself so no one better then Mr.Willis to play the commissioner of Gotham.

Nightwing = Chris Evans
We've seen Chris Evans play a few awesome super heroes from Marvel Comics, so far he's done a good job but he'll do even better as Dick Grayson, the first boy wonder.

Joker = Jude Law
Jude Law is a legit actor and he would totally get into the role of the Joker. This wouldn't be the first time he portrays a complicated character first played by his late friend Heath Ledger. He helped complete Heath's final film "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Harley Quinn = Amanda Seyfried
Harley is crazy beautiful and completely out of her mind. So is Amanda, Done. See "Chloe" for reference.

Alfred = Hector Elizondo
Need I even explain why Hector Elizondo should play Alfred?.. didn't think so.

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) = Sophia Bush
Daughter of the commissioner, leader of the Birds of Prey and member of the bat family. Sophia has said numerous times she would love to play a superhero in a movie. This one seems to suit her just fine. Plus she is my favorite actress.

Batman Beyond = Jonathan Bennett
From Mean Girls to boy of the future. Jonathan Bennett has the perfect look for this futuristic character, which in our version time travels to the present.

Batwing = Tyrese
Batwing is the fan favorite from all the Batmans of the world in Batman Inc. we say this because he is the first to have his own comic book series. Tyres has been in Transformers so we are confident he'll do good as Batwing.

Bane = Glenn Jacobs
He's a wrestler and he's done a few films so he may be our best bet to play this character.

Azrael (Jean Paul Valley) = Scott Caan
Body type and look wise, it makes perfect sense.

Azrael (Michael Lane) = Shemar Moore
Shemar Moore played a detective in Batman Spin-off series Birds of Prey on the CW now he get's to play a bigger character as the new Azrael.

Black Canary = Scarlett Johanson
One of the leaders of the Birds of Prey, close personal ally to Batman and the Bat Family and a member of the Justice League. Scarlett Johanson has played Black Widow in Marvel Comics and we are sure she will do great as the sexy Black Canary!

Black Bat (Cassandra Cain) = Kristen Kreuk
The new worlds deadliest assassin (luckily on the good side) and former Batgirl. Cassandra is the adopted daughter of Bruce Wayne and member of the bat family. This role will be ideal for a trained and skilled actress like Kristen Kreuk.

Flamebird = Sara Paxton
Flamebird was technically the first ever Bat-girl in the silver age. She is Batwoman's cousin and current sidekick. Sara Paxton would be great for this part.

Black Mask = Cillian Murphy
Black Mask is so freaky and just won't die in the series. Cillian Murphy is known to play freaky characters. It's a match made in freaky heaven.

Harvey Bullock = Clive Owen
Harvey is such a bitter and mysterious character and Clive Owen would be perfect for this especially considering his performance in "Sin City".

Cat Girl = Demi Lovato
Cat Girl is Catwoman's sidekick, she's young and she's fun and she's kinda girly. Demi Lovato would be great for this role because she fits the criteria and will widen the fan base bringing more teens.

Poison Ivy = Bryce Dallas Howard
Ivy is the queen of the bad girls in Gotham. Bryce is a good actress and she fits the criteria for Poison Ivy. She's played a super villain before in New Moon and we all saw how nasty she can get like in the Help.

Hush = Hugh Jackman
Hush was once Bruce Wayne's close friend and now he has turned sides as one of Batman's most vicious foes. Hough Jackman is our pick.

Lady Blackhawk = Kristen Bell
Lady Blackhawk is a member of the all girl Gotham City crime fighting team Birds of Prey. We feel Kristen Bell would make a cute Lady Blackhawk.

Robin (Damian Wayne) = Dave Franco
Damian Wayne is the son of Batman and Talia. He is the current Robin. He is young, good looking and he is a brat. Dave Franco hands down.

Red Robin (Tim Drake) = Tom Welling
Tom Welling has played a younger version of Superman in Smallville and he'd make a perfect Tim Drake as Red Robin.

Red Hood (Jason Todd) = Colin Farrell
He was the second boy wonder, believed dead. Now he is back and once again in the good guys side along with his friends Arsenal and Starfire, forming the Outlaws. Colin would be good for this character because he's a bit of a psycho much like the character.

Arsenal = Chris Pine
Originated from the Green Arrow series, Arsenal not only frequents Gotham but Batman assigned him to the group the Outsiders and most recently joined the Outlaws. Chris Pine has done his fair share of action films and he fits the part of this Character who is good friends with Nightwing, Red Hood and a bunch of the Gotham Knights.

Starfire = Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Starfire is a member of the outlaws along with Arsenal and Red Hood. She's also a past member of the Teen Titans with Tim Drake and was romantically linked to Dick Grayson/Nightwing. Rosie looks the part. She may not be a good actress (Transformers) but looks is all you need for this part.

Two-Face = Josh Hartnett
Harvey Dent, a good citizen that had everything going for himself turned horribly bad and is now one of Gotham's deadliest drug lords and super villain. Josh Hartnett can be a heartthrob and a mysterious killer. Think back at Sin City and Lucky Number Sleven. He'd be the perfect Two-Face.

Sugar and Spice = Amber Heard and Michelle Trachtenberg
Sugar and Spice are Two-Face's henchgirls from the moive Batman Forever. Drew Barrymore played the original Sugar but we wanna see someone younger so we casted Amber Heard as Sugar and Michelle Trachtenberg as Spice.

Zatanna = Jenna Dewan
Zatanna is the mistress of magic and regular ally to Batman, Catwoman and a lot of the Gotham Knights. She's also been a love interest to Batman. Jenna Dewan is our choice.

Scarecrow = Johnny Depp
Fear is his virtue. We feel like Johnny Depp would give a fun twist to the character the Scarecrow.

Riddler = Alexander Scarsgard
Riddler is mental mastermind and you can see it in his eyes. We feel like Alexander Scarsgard from True Blood would be a great choice.

Enigma = Arielle Kebbel
Enigma is the new found daughter of the Riddler. Arielle Kebbel is our choice!

Echo = Selma Blair
Echo is one of two of the Riddlers Henchgrils, they've been arounds for decades and have even sprung on their own from time to time but never got as popular as other Henchgirls like Harley Quinn. Selma Blair would be a great cameo for this character.

Query = Jamie King
Query is one of two of the Riddlers Henchgrils, they've been arounds for decades and have even sprung on their own from time to time but never got as popular as other Henchgirls like Harley Quinn. Jamie King would be a great cameo for this part.

Ras' Al Ghul = Joel Swetow
The man that has been around for hundreds of years and the Grandfather of Batman's first born. Joel Swetow would be the perfect Demond's Head.

Talia = Minka Kelly
Daughter of a criminal mastermind, lover of Batman and mother of Batman's son. She's a beautiful seductress trained as an expert in martial arts and this role could only go to Minka Kelly who is currently playing one of Charlie's Angels. See "The Roommate" for reference.

Ubu = Vin Diesel
Ras' Al Ghul's most trusted advisor. Vin Diesel would make a kick ass Ubu in a small cameo.

Penguin = Danny DeVito
The Penguin is a classic Batman Villain and is still one of the most dangerous. Danny DeVito has actually played the Penguin before and no one seems to be able to play him better so why fix what isn't broken?

Killer Croc = Jason Mamoa
The slithery freak that lives in the underground of the Gotham suers. Jason Mamoa has a lot of female fans and he can portray such an interesting character.

Lady Shiva = Kelly Hu
Former deadliest assassin, mother of Black Bat, Cassandra Cain. Frequent villain to Batman and the Birds of Prey. Kelly Hu has played deadly assassin like in X Men 2.

Queen Bee = Christina Hendricks
Classic Villain from the Silver Age. Queen Bee has that hourglass shaped body that only Christina Hendricks can offer.

Manhunter = Natalie Portman
She runs around Gotham City fighting crime on her own and frequently helping Batman, Batwoman and even joined the all girl group the Birds of Prey. Natalie Portman would be great for this part seeing as how she is all about girl power. See "Your Highness" for reference.

Misfit = Emma Stone
The youngest member of the Birds of Prey. Misfit is a metahuman which is the equivalent of a mutant if this was the X Men. She has the ability to teleport kinda like Pixie from the X Men. Red Hair, freckles and funny.. sounds like a job for Emma Stone. See "Zombieland" for reference.

Nightrunner = Ryan Reynolds
Nightrunner represents Batman in France. He's an expert in parkour and an official member of Batman Inc. This character looks sorta like Marvel's Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds in X Men Origins Wolverine. Ryan may not fit ethnicity wise but it's a movie and we can change that.

Knight = George Clooney
Knight is the Batman of London England and frequently visits Gotham City when help is needed. Much like Batman himself he also has a sidekick that resembles Robin. George Clooney would play an interesting Knight if he can pull off the British accent.

Squire = Emily Browning
Squire is Knights sidekick. She's young, she's skilled and she's cute. Emily browning proved she can kick ass like she did in Sucker Punch so she get's this role.

Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) = Brittany Snow
It seems so perfect that Brittany Snow gets this part. She pretty much is Stephanie Brown in real life.
Ally and member of the Bat Family. Love interest to Tim Drake/Red Robin and best friends with Cassandra Cain/Black Bat. Stephanie gained Batman's respect and has even filled temporary roles as both a female Robin and Batgirl.

Rupert Throne = Robert De Niro
This is a bit of a long shot but we feel it would be fun if Robert De Niro played Rupert Throne, the drug lord king of Gotham.

Ventriloquist = Marley Shelton
The new Ventriloquist is a female who is a complete lunatic, right away we thought of Marley Shelton. Watch Grindhouse's Planet Terror for reference. All she needs is a possessed dummy.

Mad Hatter = Orlando Bloom
Again another hit or miss with this one. Orlando Bloom has played many strange characters, and we wanted to cast mostly attractive celebrities because sex sells in hollywood. Might not be the best choice but it might just work.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum = Jonah Hill
The freaky looking henchmen to the Mad Hatter. They are also funny guys so it would be perfect for Jonah Hill.

Roxy Rocket = Eliza Dushku
She appeared in the animated series and recently also made her debut in the comic book series. She's a crazy stunt woman who lives and thrives for danger and thrill. Eliza Dushku was made for this as she always plays a sexy kick ass chick.

Mr.Freeze = Julian McMahon
This would be perfect for Mr.Freeze. Again thinking of going for better looking actors to play these characters. He's played both a doctor and a mad man on TV in both Nip/Tuck and Charmed.

Nora Fries (Lazara) = January Jones
The wife of Mr.Freeze. Once she finally came out of being in a coma she fell into the Lazarus pit which Ra's uses to stay young, it had a strange effect on her turning her into the evil Lazara. January Jones would be perfect for this role, see her as Emma Frost in X Men First Class for reference.

Frosty = Cam Gigandet
Frosty first appeared in the lame movie Batman and Robin as Mr.Freezes main Henchman. Later Frosty came out in the live action series Birds of Prey on the CW as a metahuman who can freeze things much like Ice Man in X Men. Cam can be a mixture of the two Frostys in our series.

Ice Maiden = Rihanna
Ice Maiden first appeared in Batman and Robin the movie. Later in the animated series she appears along with two other henchgirls working for Mr.Freeze. Rihanna can play this role because it does not require too much acting just look hot.

Dora = Katie Cassidy
Dora is the younger sister of Nora Fries who pretty much turned herself into the female version of Mr.Freeze in the same attempt to cure Nora. She only appears in the online series of Gotham Girls. Cassidy would be a fun pick.

Creeper = James Franco
The Creeper is a super hero who roams the streets of Gotham looking to stop the bad guys. He has the Jokers creepy laugh so we chose an actor with a great smile, James Franco.

Clock King = Crispin Glover
As far as I know the Clock King only appeared in the animated series. He was so twisted and creepy and Crispin Glover seems perfect to play him.

Firefly = Ben Foster
The pyro that calls himself Firefly. Our pick is Ben Foster.

Green Arrow = Paul Walker
Green Arrow is a member of the Justice League but he is a regular in Gotham City and a great ally to the Bat Family. He's also married to Birds of Prey member and Gotham local Black Canary.

Green Arrow ll (Connor Hawke) = Matthew Lanter
Connor Hawke/Green Arrow ll is a regular in Gotham City. He teams up with Batgirl and one time while Batman was MIA he became Batboy. Matthew Lanter seemed perfect for this type of role.

Question (Renee Montoya) = Michelle Rodriguez
Renee Montoya was an officer in the Batman animated series then became a detective in Batman and Robin Animated series, then got fired and now helps Batman fight crime as the Question in the comic books. She is also the lesbian love interest to Batwoman. Given that Renee is a hot hispanic, we picked Michelle Rodriguez, watch "Machete" for reference.

Red Claw = Chyna Doll
Physically the strongest looking female in gotham. Red Claw is an assassin thief. In the animated series she was Catwoman's foe. Chyna Doll is our choice.

Man-Bat = Christian Bale
He was a doctor who mutated himself into Man-bat. For a long time he was a villain but now helps batman and is even a member of the Bat Family. Hope this doesn't piss any batman fans off but maybe Christian Bale would be a better Man-Bat then Batman.

She-Bat = Emmanuelle Vaugier
She is the wife of Man-Bat and also mutated herself into bat form. Emmanuelle Vaugier would be good for this kind of character.

Wildcat = Josh Duhamel
Gotham City local, Trainer to new heroes. Good friends with Catwoman, Batman and the Birds of Prey. Josh is our pick.

Jman (Jokerz) = Zac Efron
Jman was the Joker from the Batman Beyond series, it would be fun if it turned out he was the son of Joker and Harley. We picked Zac Efron, probably because Jman needs to have cool hair.

Inque = Kat Dennings
The girl that can liquify herself into a black sticky substance. She looks like trouble so Kat Dennings was our choice as soon as 2 Broke Girls gets canceled.

Dee Dee Twins = Christina Ricci
Members of the Jokerz club in Batman Beyond. These double trouble villains would be fun played by Christina Ricci. See Speed Racer for reference.

Clayface (Matt Hagen) = Mickey Rourke
Clayface, a former good looking actor who underwent a bad operation leaving him with strange clay like skin. Later becomes a shapeshifter. Mickey Rourke is ideal and Perfect for this character.

Lady Clay (Shondra Fuller) = Heather Graham
She is the wife of Clayface. Not sure how she got to have the same disease but I'm guessing it was from having sexual relations with Clayface. Apart from being a shapeshifter she can also observe any powers of the people she turns into. She later gives birth to their son Chris. Heather Graham would be down to play this character.

Chris Clay (Clayface Jr) = Robert Pattinson
Chris Clay is a metahuman. He has the power to turn people into clay just by making skin contact with another person. He's a good looking younger guy and uses his looks to lure his victims. Created for the television show Birds of Prey. Since Pattinson plays a heartthrob in Twilight he might be a good pick for this character.

Calendar Girl = Rose McGowan
Calendar Girl only came out in the animated Batman and Robin series. She used to be a beautiful model and now feels like she is too old and ugly so she plots to destroy the faces of and kill beautiful younger models. She strikes four times a year, and always leaves a clue as to when to expect her next, hens Calendar Girl. Rose McGowan is perfect for this part, she's good at playing villains.

Deadshot = Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Super Kick ass villain.

Etrigan = Ron Perlman
Good friend and ally to Batman and the Bat family. Sure he's fighting some personal demons but don't we all? Ron Perlman is our choice.

Duela Dent = Mila Kunis
She claims to be the daughter of the Joker although not proven. Duela sure is evil though. Mila Kunis would be a good Duela because she's funny, hot and looks like she can have fun playing a bad guy. See "Black Swan" for reference.

Hugo Strange = Alan Cumming
Mad doctor scientist that is affiliated with most of Gotham's deadliest villains. Alan Cumming would be a fun twist on this twisted character.

KGBeast = Dwayne Johnson
An old classic favorite of the Batman Villains. It would be fun to see the rock make an action movie again rather then another children's movie.

Katana = Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Katana is a friend of Batman's, she joined the Batman operated team the Outsiders and most recently joined the Birds of Prey. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is our choice, see Scott Pilgrim VS the World for reference.

Phantasm = Stacy Ferguson
Phantasm was a character made for an animated Batman movie, The Mask of the Phantasm. Later she was seen in an episode of Justice League Unlimited. It would be great to see her make another appearance soon. Fergie would be a good choice for this character because not only has she done a few movies, but she might also be able to look like the character with the full Phantasm costume on.

Lashina = Lucy Liu
Lashina is a super villain in the DC Universe but is commonly seen raging havoc in Gotham and fighting against Catwoman, Batwoman and the Birds of Prey. Lucy Liu would make a great Lashina.

Onyx = Rosario Dawson
Onyx is a crime fighter in Gotham City that has been given Batman's blessing to roam the streets on her own. The only other person with Batman's permission to do this in Gotham is Catwoman. We wanna see her more in the comic series. Rosario Dawson would be kick ass for this character. Rosario always plays super cool, super kick ass chicks in countless of our favorite movies, so why not her?

Lockup = Channing Tatum
Villain to the Gotham Knights and the Gotham villains in Arkham Asylum. We are done seeing Channing Tatum play the soft good guy. It's time he plays hardcore bad guy!

Zsasz = Ryan Kwanten
Mental freak who scars his own body. Most commonly found in Arkham asylum. We feel like Ryan Kwanten from True Blood would be a good choice for this character.

White Canary = Jamie Chung
Enemy of the leader of the Birds of Prey's Black Canary. I wasn't sure if Jamie Chung or Devon Aoki would be better for this part but I opted for Jamie.

Thorn = Miranda Kerr
Thorn is a hot girl who suffers from split personality. In the day she is Rose a normal hot girl. At night she is Thorn, a kick ass crime fighter who isn't afraid to bring the pain. She used to be a frequent ally to Batman and most recently joined the Birds of Prey for a bit. Miranda may not be an actress but this role is not that big it would be more of a cameo so she can hopefully pull it off.

Tarantula = Jessica Alba
Tarantula is a Mexican girl who is a crime fighter seeking revenge on her own terms, thus making her a vigilante. She was also romantically linked to Nightwing/Dick Grayson. She helped Batman and the Knights during No Man's Land. Jessica Alba is our pick for many and obvious reasons.

Metamorpho = Eric Bana
We saw someone fan cast Eric Bana as Metamorpho before and we thought that was perfect so we chose him too. Metamorpho is a metahuman who can twist and turn and manipulate his form into different things and substances.

Thunder = Zoe Saldana
Thunder is a member of the Outsiders. Her powers are similar to those of Storm from the X Men. She is lesbian lover of Grace. Zoe would be a great choice because she get's into character well like she did in Avatar and in Colombiana.

Grace = Daneel Harris
Grace is a member of the Batman organized team the Outsiders. She is strong and is bisexual having had relations with both Arsenal and Thunder. Harris is our pick.

Ragman = Ryan Gosling
A regular crime fighter and ally to the bat family in Gotham City. Ragman uses fear to pray on the feared. Under all the rags is a good normal looking guy. Ryan Gosling has yet to come out in a cool superhero movie and it's about time he did.

Blue Beetle = Taylor Lautner
The new Blue Beetle is younger and better then the Blue Beetle before he also has a nice tan so Twilight star Taylor Lautner is our choice.

Gypsy = Penelope Cruz
Gypsy is a crime fighter who came to Gotham City on a mission and ended up joining the Birds of Prey for a bit. She's exotic looking like only Penelope Cruz can bring to the screen.

Nite-wing = Hayden Christensen
This guy unfortunately lost his parents due to a killer in Gotham. Unlike most young kids this guy really looks up to Nightwing as oppose to Batman. He decided to take manners into his own hands and became Nite-Wing. He wanted to be Nightwings sidekick but ended up going to jail for his actions. Christensen is our choice.

Black Alice = Ashley Greene
Black Alice has a huge attitude problem. She is the sister of Misfit, making her a metahuman herself with similar mystical powers and abilities. She went from being in the Birds of Prey to joining Talia and Deadshot in the Villains group, the Secret Six. Ashley Greene is perfect for this role just watch her Twilight movies for reference.

Fox = Kate Beckinsale
Fox is a deadly assasin that appeared in the first ever Batgirl Animated adventures comic book. She was so evil that it made Batgirl team up with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Kate Beckinsale would be a random fun pick for this character.

Carrie Kelly = Emma Watson
Carrie Kelly is a character created by the incredible Frank Miller. In his version of Batman she plays Robin. Making her officially the first female Robin. She later becomes Catgirl also making her the first Catgirl. Emma Watson would be perfect for Carrie Kelly because she has the perfect age and look.

Baby Doll = Isabelle Fuhrman
Baby Doll was a child star who had some strange operation done to keep her looking like a child forever. Now in her 40's she still looks like a little girl. Her anger has turned her into a vicious villain. Isabelle Fuhrman has proven she can do this as she played a similar character in Orphan.
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