Dr.Strange; Fancast Supreme

Dr.Strange; Fancast Supreme

My fancast for Dr.Strange, a brief plot outline, and my reasons for setting the movie in the 1960s.

When Stan lee and Steve Ditko created Dr. Strange they were accused of being drug users due to the surreal imagery and ideas they presented. That psychedelia was born during an age where youth and pop culture featured an element that explored the "inner mind"...basically a bunch of Pink Floyd space cadets, lol. As such I would like to see the Dr. Strange film be a period piece, ala X-Men:First Class, set in the mid-60s, or perhaps the early 70s. Otherwise I think the character would have to be rethought for modern times to better reflect what todays world considers mystical and thought expanding.
Going with the 1960s period however, since we have already seen that it works with XMen:FC, I would focus on Dr.Stranges origin. His time studying and learning humility under the Ancient One with a friendship/rivalry with fellow student Baron Mordo. That friendship is tested and fails as Strange develops a better grasp on the Ancient Ones teachings than Mordo. Strange begins to master those teachings through hard work and moral fortitude while Mordo increasingly is drawn towards the easier to grasp Dark Arts.
I would have Mordo betray the Ancient One and Strange, stealing an important mystical artifact, or even killing the Ancient One to prove his loyalty to his new teacher, Dormammu. Dr. Strange would then have to seek justice against Mordo and Dormammu. Along the way he would meet and battle Clea, with an obvious attraction between the two. At the pivotal moment Clea betrays Dormmamu to save Strange. From there, Strange and Clea would defeat Mordo and Dormammu, with Strange becoming the Sorceror Supreme in the end.
For Director I hope to see Peter Jackson. Why? He simply can not do wrong can he? We have seen with the LOTR and King Kong that he can handle pretty much anything in an exciting, interesting, and nuanced manner.

For Dr. Strange...

Guy Pearce. Guy is a very good actor, and is in the right age range for a Doctor. Dr. Strange isn't a young hero. He is a full grown man when he begins his new role in life. Seen here in the HBO series, Mildred Pearce, I feel confidant Guy is the one for this role.

Next, the Ancient One...

Zhang Fengyi. Awesome looking dude, eh?

Baron Mordo...

Christoph waltz. Inglorious Basterds. He would be superb for the role!


Since Dormammu will be cgi heavy I decided to focus on whom I think would be a great voice for the character. I decided to go with Jean Reno, a great voice and a great actor.


Naomi Watts. A classic beauty in the right age range, with the right skill sets to play Dr. Stranges love interest.

And finally, Wong...

Donnie Yen. You may remember him from Blade 2 or Hero.

So, this then is my basic cast and story outline for a Dr. Strange movie set in the 60s or 70s.

What do you think?
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