Edgar Wright's Ant-Man.

Edgar Wright's Ant-Man.

The Ant Man movie which many have heard of has been growing in size and opinion. Joe Cornish and Edgar Wright have written and are co-directing the movie with possible candidates for the lead role of Hank Pym.
Many people have speculated that Nathan Fillon would be playing Ant Man but the actor has put these thoughts to rest at Comic Con in San Diego. It has also been rumored that actor Adrien Brody might be taking over the role of Hank Pym .
While I believe in Edgar Wright's overall vision here are a few things I would like opinions on of the fans of the comics.

1. Will Wasp be in this movie? I think she will be but near the end to help out Ant Man in the final battle or whatever.

2. One of the things on my bad side about this movie is the possibility of Ant Man being set in the 60's with Scott Lang as his successor. I don't like this idea and I don't think Marvel will let it slide. I think that Hank Pym should play Ant Man during the movie, have Scott Lang in the mix and Wasp. By the end of the movie he should pass on the Ant Man mantle to Scott Lang but return as Giant Man with Wasp in an Avengers sequel.

3. Who will the villain be? It has been said by the director that Ant Man will be sort of like a secret agent movie. But every hero needs a villain and in this case (and don't laugh at me) I think Egghead is the most logical choice. Simon Pegg is most likely going to be cast as the villain as he has worked with Wright on several other movies and here are my thoughts about it. Egghead could be working for some organization like Hydra and he could be some mutant genius and he could end up being a good villain with a abnormally large dome. And Ant Man could even call him Egghead in a scene where he's insulting the baddie.

These are my thoughts accompanied by the facts, tell me what you think.
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