EDITORIAL: 5 LucasFilm Related Games Disney Should Make

EDITORIAL: 5 LucasFilm Related Games Disney Should Make

With the purchase of LucasFilm, once Disney has control of LucasArts here are 5 game suggestions Disney should take. We got some classics, Indy, and yes that one game we all want.

The whole world is watching in excitement with Disney's purchase of LucasFilm. Disney already said that they will be making a 7th Star Wars movie and that it will be released in 2015. Because Disney now owns LucasFilm, part of the deal is also LucasArts which have always been making Star Wars games. Here are 5 games Disney needs to have LucasArts make.


For any 90s babies who played the N64, you know how awesome this game was. This was one of the most amazing video games I’ve ever played. I fricking loved this series. Had a lot of fun times playing the first Rogue Squadron. I also played the 2nd and 3rd games in the Rogue Squadron series. The last time we saw a game was in 2003 when Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike was released. It was confirmed before Factor 5, the developers behind the Rogue Squadron trilogy, shut their doors and closed down that they were developing a new Rogue Squadron game for next gen consoles in 2009. Rogue Squadron was really the first truly successful Star Wars gaming series. Having a new installment in a new generation is a must.


No matter how fans feel about the game, the series must go on. The Force Unleashed 2 was a little disappointing for me but I feel how the game ended, I must know what happens next. Force Unleashed 2 ended with Starkiller and the Rebels capturing Darth Vader and taking him prisoner. As Starkiller was leaving, we see Boba Fett in the Slave One hot on Starkiller’s trail and then the game ends. Since it is confirmed that this series is canon to the Star Wars universe, I feel we need to explain what exactly happens next. We have Darth Vader captured but all we know that is next is the beginning of Episode IV. What happens next should be told.


I can’t believe with so of these games are this list were canceled. Here is another one. The first 2 Knights Of The Old Republic were epic beyond belief. It was just awesome. KOTOR fans have been wanting a sequel for years now. It was learned that KOTOR3 was canceled by LucasArts. The closest thing to KOTOR3 is the MMO game Star Wars: The Old Republic. Sure it was a great game but people want to see a countiuation of the KOTOR series.


A while back there was an Indiana Jones next gen game that was suppose to come out that was canceled. The game looked awesome for what was shown about it. Nowadays with the success of the Uncharted series, it is smart to have an Indiana Jones game on the same level as the Uncharted series. Using the Uncharted series for inspiration and a fight system that could be similar to the ones used in Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City games and this Indiana Jones could be great. If your really serious about it why not invite Harrison Ford back to voice Indy in the game. I’m sure he’s ok with recording for a couple hours.


Nuff said. I am not explaining why this game should be made. This game speaks for itself why it should be made.

That's my list. What are your thoughts and reaction? Do you want to see these games made ASAP by Disney? You got some other ideas and suggestions you want to see Disney make? Comment below. Peace.
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