EDITORIAL: Age the Heroes?

Can we allow our heroes to age with us as we age reading them? I started reading comics when I was 5. 25 years later, most of the characters seem to be the same age. I know I am not.

Let’s address the elephant in the room: our heroes and their age timelines. Spiderman is celebrating an anniversary.. and they rebooted his comic so he was free of his model wife (done by a deal with the devil), and rebooted his movies to have him be back in high school again.

When they rebooted his comic, they actually made the excuse, they had written him into a corner. With the whole universe out there, with billions of storylines to go with, they actually said they wrote him into a corner? [blinks]

When Frank Miller did his Dark Knight, I loved it. Why? Because it showed a reality for one of our heroes. But it was a future reality.

Both Marvel and DC have done future possibilities… that are really What IF’s. Bendis is gearing up for a Daredevil one.

The Ultimate Universe decided since they were over there, they could kill their heroes whenever they wished, and had a field day.

Now, back to the elephant. Why can’t our heroes get older? Honestly. Why? By now, Peter should be in his 40’s or 50’s. We are keeping him in his 20’s or teens.

Stark doesn’t age. Nighthawk aged from Robin. In fact… all the Robins age… but Batman stays “around” the same-ish.

I know Thor, Captain America, Superman, and Wonder Woman shouldn’t age much.. if they do, it should be slowly.

But the rest of the Avengers and Justice League should be getting older. That would be a GREAT Dynamic to have in the group and to play off of!

It should hurt some of the people to put on their gear, or to fight. It seems nobody ever addresses the pain. Or age.

I would LOVE for Peter Parker to get older. He can still be a wise ass. Groucho and WC Fields NEVER stopped being sarcastic, or funny. Even as they got older.

You may not agree with me at all. But, just being a hero doesn’t mean you lose your humanity. I know we want them to be more than human, being what we can’t be, and doing what we can’t do.. for us.

What think?
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