EDITORIAL: Does Casting in CBM’s Matter As Much As We Think?

EDITORIAL: Does Casting in CBM’s Matter As Much As We Think?

From Michael Keaton to Jesse Eisenberg, whenever an actor or actress is announced playing a certain comic book character, the fandom kingdom rushes to bash or praise the casting. But does it matter as much as we think? Click the jump to read BatmanHeisenberg’s thoughts!

For years, many fans have enjoyed fan-casting actors into their favorite comic book characters. Often times, these fans type-cast actors. While sometimes type-casting is ideal for certain roles, sometimes its better to think outside the box of typecasting paranoia, which some casting directors do, to the fury of many.

A thing I have noticed is the fact that the most controversial casting choices have been the ones who have never played a character like the one he or she is going to play. A YouTube reviewer by the name of JeremyJahns said he didn’t see anything Ben Affleck did acting wise warranting the casting. This is the mindset of fanboys. If the actor or actress doesn’t have any previous roles that remind them of the character in question they bash the choice.

My rule of thumb for casting is this. If you haven’t read the script, AND you didn’t see the actor’s audition, should we really complain? Now while an actor may have poor acting skills in the eyes of some, those eyes certainly weren’t the directors. From what I understand about the casting process is that several audition a scene from the film, and the casting board makes a final decision based on how the actor or actress played the character the script warranted.

So should acting really matter? In my opinion, no. While it is all the better and we can be put to ease if the actor is established as a fantastic actor, hiring an unknown, truly untested actor is good to. While big name actors can bring in lots of box office, an unknown can bring a lot as well. Often times an unknown looks more like the character, or at least we believe so, because we are used to the big stars face. Also an unknown is usually able to sign a big contract for a smaller amount of money, and can be banked into big franchise opportunities.

I have always considered acting to be when an actor or actress can convince the general audience that he or she is that character. While it is sometimes good to look over the actor or actress cinematic history, often times it is good to go into a film with an open mind. As I previously mentioned, we don’t know the script, nor did we see the audition tape, so sometimes, we just have to go into a film trusting the director and actor or actress will do the character justice.

Now with acting covered, lets talk about a subject that REALLY shouldn’t matter. The look of the actor BEFORE he or she starts shooting. Some common complaints are the actor’s looks, their weight, their eye color?!, their body shape, height and so on and so forth. Obviously, these naysayers have never seen behind the scenes clips. Not only can actors beef up or pump down weight wise, they can do camera tricks to make their height look correct, the production team can apply makeup, and make the actor look more like the character, so on and so forth.

Some disgusting things I have seen are the speaking out against the Shailene Woodley and Gal Gadot casting announcements or set pics. Shailene Woodley, on set before makeup, was walking on set, and some pictures were taken. Many people called her ugly and insulted her. Our own site did this. While the author wrote it was a comedy article, it was still very disgusting. When Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman, the biggest complaints were her body. People complained about breast size, looks and everything else.

Another huge issue brought up is race. Recent casting choices such as Jamie Foxx as Electro have left fans ridiculing to no end. They argue that comic books are a visual medium, and-

Alright people I got it from here, this is Jacky and this is really a heavy issue that has been in debate for a long time. I have taken a slight coverage over this, but for true thoughts to opinions. If race wasn’t the ideal background or importance of the initial character being presented then why is it controversial?

There are some characters such as Electro being mentioned where nothing about race comes from their own background directly as their character. Sometimes it is not important at all of an issue. It should be about the character not race. It should not bring up an entire racial war or fight. It seems only more of a huge deal when it is mentioned within the comics themselves, and it is part of their personality or attitude.

Errrr, okay. While I like having guests, I DON’T like them over uninvited. It’s worse than Gusto’s failed movie projects.

But moving along..

While I believe acting is something we should relax about, at least it is more of a legitimate concern then looks. Films have made people look like aliens so realistic looking, so changing the look of an actor a little bit isn’t really much of a concern. But more than anything, what matters is getting the core of the character right is the most important.

I believe that the core of the character is the most important thing we should worry about. Little story details shouldn’t matter in a film, but how they get the core of the character. Looks and every other nitpick doesn’t matter as long as they get the core of the character, which means their ideals and intentions.

This is BatmanHeisenberg. Big shoutout and thanks to Jacky for the help on the editorial and making the great banners.

I am the one who knocks. I strike fear into the hearts of criminals, including my own. I am BatmanHeisenberg
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