EDITORIAL: The Marvel Fathers Throughout the Years.....

EDITORIAL: The Marvel Fathers Throughout the Years.....

Well, Father's Day is just around the corner, and I thought it would be a good time for us to take a look at the fathers, or father figures, of the Marvel Universe that have made an impact on comic books and its characters. So sit back, hit the jump, and enjoy, fellow CBMers!

Our father's have always had an important role in all of our lives. They always express their love to us everyday, they teach us important life lessons from when we were small, and they have made an impact on all of our lives. Well, the same can be said about fathers/father figures in Marvel comic books. They too made an impact on not only just the Marvel comics, but on the comic book characters themselves. So, I give you guys a handful of Marvel Comics fathers/father figures that have made comic books, and its characters, what they are today. Enjoy!

Odin Borson/The All-Father

Now let's start this off with the big man of the Marvel Universe. Odin Borson. Now we all know how much of an impact Odin has had on Marvel's well-known hero, Thor Odinson. From when Thor was a small child, Odin had taught his son everything there was to know about being the king of Asgard, ruling a kingdom, protecting the people of Asgard, and to cast aside all selfish ambitions to serve the kingdom of Asgard. But as time soon carried on, Thor became more and more headstrong and self-centered. And because of this, Thor almost broke an ancient truce between the Asgardians and the Frost Giants. Odin had no choice but to give his son the consequence he deserved for his foolish action. The consequence that Thor faced was his banishment from Asgard and exile on Earth; to be taught a lesson in humility. After understanding what he had done and becoming Eart's mightiest protector, Thor had become the hero that what we all know and love. If it wasn't for Odin's love for his son and his action to change Thor, the Thor that we all know wouldn't exist this very day. So thanks, Odin.

Ben Parker/Uncle Ben

Now we move on to another father (well, more like a father figure, really). Ben Parker. Ben and May Parker had taken Peter under their loving and caring wings when Peter's mom and dad, Richard and Mary Parker, died overseas in a plane crash. Though Peter was not their own son, they raised and loved Peter unconditionally as if he were their son. Throughout the years, Uncle Ben has been there for his nephew. Through times where it was tough for Peter and through times where Peter needed help. When Peter was in highschool, it was even more difficult for him. Being bullied, not getting the girl(s), and being an outcast. But Uncle Ben would always be there to help him, to be his best friend, to be his 'father'. As Peter acquired his 'Spider-Man' abilities, things took a turn for the worst. Uncle Ben was murdered, in cold blod, by the same burgular that Peter didn't attempt to stop at the tv studio. Because of the tragic lost of his uncle, Peter came to an understanding that he must use his powers for the good of the people of New York. He took everything that he learned from his Uncle Ben and became the web-slinging, wise-cracking, friendly neighborhood, suerphero, Spider-Man. If it wasn't for Ben Parker's love, and care, and life lessons to Peter, we may never had gotten the Amazing Spider-Man that we all love and know today. So thanks, Uncle Ben.

Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic

And for our next father, we all know him to be a man of science, a true team leader, a friend, but mostly, a father. Reed Richards. With Reed, we know that most of the time he would spend endless hours in his laboratory doing Lord knows what. But at other times, we see him fearlessly leading his group of fantastic individuals, the Fantastic Four. To Ben and Johnny, when things are getting rough for one another, Reed is always there to give them a friendly talk or conversation, or giving them helpful advices. In a way, he's sort of a 'father' to them (well, mostly to Johnny than Ben). But when it coms to his kids, he also tries his best to be their for both Franklin and Valeria. If it wasn't for Reed's guidance and him being there when his friends and family needs him the most, this team of superbeings wouldn't be able to stick together as a 'family.' So thanks, Mr. Fantastic.

Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross/Rulk

Well, let us continue on with our next father. He's a general who has been on the battlefield for quite some time, a man who serves his country, and a father who loves his daughter and wants what's best for her. General Thaddeus Ross. Now we all know that General Ross can be strongheaded and arrogant, but when it comes to his daughter, Betty Ross, General Ross tries his best to keep his daughter safe and happy, like many fathers would do for their daughters. For many years, Ross wanted what's best for Betty and tries to have her stay clear from Bruce Banner, the Hulk. But, no matter what actions the General took, Betty and Bruce still loved each other and eventually got married. Unfortunately, as that relationship did not last long (due to the death of Betty Ross), General Ross still took action to capture the Hulk and does what he tinks is best for his country, the world, and most importantly, his daughter. So if it wasn't for his unconditional love and his persistent dedication of keeping his only daughter safe, the General Ross that we know would just be a sourpuss, grouchy, old man. LoL. So thanks, General Ross.

(Believe me, I tried looking for a good 'father and daughter' picture, but, heck, this is best I could get of these two.)

Scott Summers/Cyclops

Onto our next character. He has been a fearless team leader, a heroic figure, a loving and caring friend, but most importantly, a father. Scott Summers. To many of his teammates and friends, Scott was looked up to as a leader, a true, good friend, a teacher, and to some, a father. But most of his fearless leadership skills reflects mostly on his son, Cable. Being raised by Scott and Madelyn Pryor-Summers, Cable was brought into a world where it was ruled by Apocalypse. But despite all of this, Scott and Madelyn did not give up on their son's future. And throughout most of his life, Cable displays the same type of leadership and intelligence as his father, and is shown to be just as strong and honest like Scott. For if it weren't for his father's love and sacrifice, who knows what would happen to Cable and the fate of all mankind. So thanks, Cyclops.

Charles Xavier/Professor X

We now move to another character who has been a 'father' to most of his students, friends, and teammates. Charles Xavier. From the beginning of young adulthood, Charles had always believe that there were people out in the world who were born 'different.' As his knowledge of these 'different' people, or mutants as we now call them, expanded, he wanted to take them under his wing and give them a place where he can teach them how to control their power(s) and to teach them that mutants and humans can live together. As he gathered more and more mutants to his school for 'gifted youngsters,' he treated his students as though they were his own son or daughter. Giving them the care they need, a shelter for a place to be at peace, and a 'family' they always dreamed of. He has made an impact on many mutants, but not to all. Though there are mutants who do not share his vision of living peacefully with humans, he still fights for that dream. So if it wasn't for Professor X's dedication, care, and vision for mutants around the world, we would never have the X-Men to save mankind from many dangerous perils. So thanks, Professor Xavier.

Mr. Stan Lee/Stan 'The Man' Lee

And finally, we conclude our list of fathers/father figures with the one, the only, 'The Man'......Mr. Stan Lee! Stan Lee has been a 'father' to his creations and, in a way, to all of us fanboys. He taught all of us the imprtance of being responsible, to always dream big, to keep believing, and to stay true to ourselves. With his creations, you can tell how much he cared for all of them just by seeing how unique and ingenious all of them are. If it wasn't for Stan Lee's love of writing and his army of such marvelous characters (no pun intended), we would never have the experience of enjoying his amazing (again, no pun intended) works of art. So thank you, Mr. Stan Lee! Thank you.

So to all of you fellow CBMers out there, just take a moment and spend time with your father, talk with him, have fun with him, and give your father your love and wish him a 'Happy Father's Day'. And remember, my friends, stay EPIC!

P.S. I would like to dedicate this article to my Dad. He's my hero, he's someone I look up to, he (and my Mom) made me the person that I am today, and he's my amazing, marvelous, incredible, fantastic Dad! Thanks, Dad.
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