EDITORIAL: Who REALLY Owns ComicBookMovie.Com?

EDITORIAL: Who <i>REALLY</i> Owns ComicBookMovie.Com?

After a wildly successful editorial uncovering the truth of ComicBookMovie.com, BatmanHeisenberg is here to uncover the the TRUTH of who sits behind the computer of the owner of the site. Hit the jump…. or just live in a lie.


Not much will make sense here if you haven’t read my previous editorial (check it out HERE), so please do that. I am risking a LOT here to try and uncover the truth, and the punishment for me is a VERY terrible one, so please take this seriously. More serious than a Jacky article. So continue reading…. or don’t, and live in a Matrix Inception world. M’kay.

After a horrifying turn of event’s, I’m back to show weaknesses in the system. And I know that the conformity is nice, but you need to look outside your SELFISH needs and see the light, m’kay? This is very important, M’KAY!! TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY OR I’LL RAPE YOU IN THE MOUTH, M’KAY!!

Whoa. I’m so sorry. I….. I have no idea what just happened. A freak occurrence, no worries. Anyway…. I thought that I uncovered everything with my last editorial, and then two things happened. One, I thought, who sits behind Galactus’ computer, and two, it turns out, THIS happened in my comment section:

Wait… what? That was my response. Now, my initial response is that Nate killed Galactus. But that’s not all. The Nate I know is a nice guy. Why would HE kill him? What? Someone killed Nate, took over his body, and then killed Galactus, and now owns the site. So who would that be? Let’s do some problem solving. Let’s use a little capitalization. I RANDOMLY capitalized some letter in the name of the website and Nate’s username:

comicbooKmovie.cOm, nATebeSt

It was COMPLETELY randomized. Seems pretty out of place. Let’s use the word hurp and integrate it into the randomized letters because the word hurp has to do with DNA or some shit and these people are using DNA in their experiments, which makes total sense.


Yup. I integrated herp and look what I found. A little town in Colorado. But who there would kill Nate AND Galactus?

Eric Cartman. He is a ruthless little fat shit who would do something worse than this. So that seems all fine and we can crack down on Eric, right? I wish it was that easy. Why would Eric want to do this…. Someone is manipulating him, and who is that?

Mr. Mackey. Now, his soft nature might seem a bit far stretched, but it’s a hoax. And it’s said he has had MANY violent outbursts towards his students. He doesn’t want his hands dirty, so he is able to convince Cartman to kill them both, and any naysayers,  and now Mr. Mackey operates the site and all the fake accounts(JoshWilding, Pasto etc.) But why would he want to control the lil’ ol’ site CBM.Com? Because, like us, he is just a fan of CBM’s, and wants grade A reporting on it. So should we condemn him for a hand in several hundred murders, if it means we get a site where we can get our comic book news? If not, then what’s life worth living? This site gives our little lives meaning. M'kay.

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