EDITORIAL: Why Armie Hammer May Not Be A Bad Choice For Batman

EDITORIAL: Why Armie Hammer May Not Be A Bad Choice For Batman

Recently a rumor has come up about the Justice League movie that states that the Batman in George Miller's failed project Justice League: Mortal Armie Hammer may get another chance to play the Dark Knight. Now before an angry mob comes after me, LEVITIKUZ explores why casting Hammer may not be a bad choice.

The most recent rumor about the Justice League movie tells us that Armie Hammer is a lead candidate to play Bruce Wayne/Batman in the Justice League movie and maybe in the DC Movie Universe. A lot of fanboys aren’t really happen about this. My pick for the new Batman is Gerard Butler because he has the height, he can act, has played in movies that his roles has had a sense of Batman or Bruce Wayne, and I want the rebooted Batman to be a Batman well into his crime fighting career. At least 5 years into his career. Even if Hammer is going to be Batman is that a bad thing? What I see his history repeating itself fanboys. Some actor you don’t know playing your favorite superhero. I agree I have my doubts for him but I’m going to tell you why Armie Hammer isn’t a bad choice for Bruce Wayne/Batman.

He’s Name Won’t Outshine His Role

I said it in one of my well received Justice League articles; WB’s shouldn’t go for the big name actor and actress when casting the Justice League. Marvel didn’t do it and look how it turned out. All of the characters in The Avengers looked and became the characters right out of the comics and besides maybe Samuel L Jackson, none of them were very big name actors and actresses. Look at The Amazing Spider-Man. Sure people say “I’ve seen Andrew Garfield in The Social Network.” That’s one movie. None of us really knew who this kid was and Spider-Man fans say he’s the best Spider-Man ever on the big screen. My point is most of our favorite actors and actresses that play are favorite superheroes weren’t well known before the role. It puts pressure on Hammer to bring his A game and if it’s anything as history tells us, he will be a great Batman.

He’s Coming Up

The thing with Armie Hammer is back when he was trying out for the role of Batman in George Miller’s failed Justice League: Mortal he and the rest of the cast received harsh critism for not being well known. If we really think about it before Christian Bale don the cape and cowl, the only movie people knew of him was American Psycho. Like Bale, Hammer’s only movies that people know him form is The Social Network and J. Edgar. He’s an underdog like so many great superhero actors. Just because he hasn’t been in the blockbuster films doesn’t mean he can’t be a good Batman.

Milford Sound in New Zealand

He Has Sort of Lived In Bruce Wayne’s Shoes Minus The Dead Parents

Armie Hammer grew up with bank. He was loaded and I mean loaded. His father is chairman and CEO of the Armand Hammer Foundation and his mother is a board member of the foundation. His parents also serve together as board members of the Los Angeles Dream Center and Knoedler & Hammer Galleries in New York. In addition, his father is a member of the board of trustees for Oral Roberts University. His mother was a former bank loan officer and teaches Bible study in Los Angeles. His family moved to Dallas, Texas, when he was approaching school age. They moved to the Cayman Islands in 1993, where they stayed for 5 years. While here, Armie attended the Grace Christian Academy, a school that his father set up. They returned to Los Angeles when Armie was age 13. He attended L.A. Baptist High School and Calvary Junior High School. I mean this is Bruce Wayne living right here. Maybe the fact that he can relate to Bruce could help him. Also people have said he is good looking and because Bruce Wayne is a billion dollar playboy, it helps to be good looking.

Whenever A Casting Comes Out And Fanboys Hate It, Fanboys Are Proven Wrong

I'm going to ramble off a few castings fanboys have strongly disagreed with that have become successful. Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, Heath Ledger as the Joker, Michael Keaton as Batman, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, Chris Evens as Captain American, Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, and so many more but I don't want to continue. My point is most roles fanboys hate on at first, they love once they see the role on the big screen.

Look I’m not saying start campaigns for the guy that say “HOPE” or “BELIEVE”, I’m asking just to give him a shot. The only thing I dislike is it has been said that when he got in the Batusit for Justice League: Mortal, it has been said he was 7 feet tall. I don’t want Batman being as tall as Shaq. That’s the only negative about Hammer but directors can fix stuff like that. What do you think? Should Hammer get a shot and play Batman or should he not be anywhere close to this film. Sound off below. Peace.
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