EDITORIAL: Why Darth Maul Needs To Be The One To Kill Ahsoka In STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS

EDITORIAL: Why Darth Maul Needs To Be The One To Kill Ahsoka In STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS

LEVITIKUZ explains why when the time comes for Ahsoka to die in The Clone Wars, Darth Maul needs to be the one to do it. I will explain who should be involved in the scene of her death, why it should be Maul over other characters, and 5 things that need to be included in the scene of Ahsoka's death including Anakin to face off against Maul.

In the season finale of season 4 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the biggest event in the whole series happened. The resurrection and return of Darth Maul. Darth Maul is without a doubt one of the most popular and well-known characters in the Star Wars universe. His return to the land of the living was huge. We all thought Maul met his maker in Episode 1. Well he’s back. Of course with Maul’s return it raises the question; is he the one who will kill Ahsoka? What will be Ahsoka’s fate is a question that has been discussed about since she was introduced. The fact she isn’t in Episode 3 means she will likely die in the Clone Wars. Since Maul has returned, I feel he should be the one to kill Ahsoka and here is why.


Darth Maul

Darth Maul needs a legacy on this show. He needs to do something that will be remembered by everyone. They brought an iconic character in the Star Wars universe back from the dead. You need Maul to do something memorable on the show or bringing back was for nothing. Maul has a bone to pick with Obi-Wan. Whenever Obi-Wan need help, Anakin and Ahsoka are always there to help. Darth Maul is the most destructive force to enter the show. As soon as he came back, he made his presences felt. He needs to be the one to kill Ahsoka. Maul is different from all of them. Darth Maul is evil incarnated. Out of all Siths in the movies, Maul was really the one you felt who loved being evil and wouldn't change it.

Ahsoka Tano

Speaking about Ahsoka, let's talk about her. Ahsoka is one of the main characters on the show. She shares the light with Anakin and Obi-Wan. Because of Ahsoka’s popularity, her death needs to be memorable and done right. Ahsoka needs to go out a hero. Maybe defending some as Maul attacks or taking the hit to save someone. While I wasn't sure of Ahsoka when I first saw her, I feel she needs to go out with respect. Ahsoka’s death and final stand against Maul would do that.

Anakin Skywalker

Now let’s focus on Anakin. Ahsoka’s death would show off some of Anakin's dark side. We have seen how Anakin has dealt when people close to him die. In Anakin’s life, all the women around Anakin have died. He lost his mother to Tuskin Raiders & he lost Padme which is why he joined the dark side. He mainly joined to save her but he was already too far down and into the dark side that there was no going back. Anakin needs to be the one who avenges Ahsoka’s death.


Asajj Ventress

When the show started, I could see maybe Ventress could kill Ahsoka. Now, I don’t think so. So much as changed with Ventress plus she helped Obi-Wan against Maul. I don’t think she is on the bad side anymore. Plus Ahsoka has beaten her before.


Out of everyone on this list, Cad Bane is really the only one besides Maul has a chance to kill Ahsoka. Bane and Ahsoka has met from time to time. Cad Bane has proven that he is well trained enough to kill a Jedi. The only thing that I don’t like about Cad Bane is the fact Cad Bane is really the “Bane” of the The Clone Wars. What I mean is his first appearance we saw from him was so epic but nothing he has done has been as great just like Bane in Batman. Cad Bane’s first appearance was the season finale of season one and he hasn’t left a mark since then. Cad Bane has beaten Anakin and Ahsoka before.

Count Dooku

Dooku hasn’t really done anything in The Clone Wars show. He has mainly just been watching from the background as the war unfolds. I don’t see Dooku just all the sudden come out of nowhere and kill Ahsoka.

General Grievous

While Grievous has been in the battlefield more so than other Sith, I don’t see him killing Ahsoka. My biggest reason is in the episode “Duel of the Droids”, Ahsoka beat Grievous and that was in season one. The fact we are now enter season 5, I don’t see Grievous beating Ahsoka.


I don’t see Palpatine as Darth Sidious killing Ahsoka mainly because Sidious hasn’t done anything in the whole show. Palpatine wouldn’t kill Ahsoka.


1. Ahsoka Needs To Die Heroically

When Ahsoka dies she needs to go out a hero. That is the first thing. Ahsoka is one of the main characters in the show. Some people have suggested “What if Ahsoka goes to the dark side” in the show. That would be a screw you to the fans. She really doesn’t have any dark side in her plus we have seen her grow as a Jedi. Some other people suggested that “Why not just not kill her and have her live on and leave.” That is basically another screw you to the facts for the same reasons as the first. To do Ahsoka justice, it is best to kill her in a way that she is a hero.

2. Anakin Feel Helpless

Anakin has lost every woman in his life not only tragically but in way and situations he couldn’t control. Anakin tied to save her mother from the Tuskin Raiders but failed. Anakin mainly joined the Sith because to save Padme from the childbirth deaths he was seeing in his dreams but failed to save Padme. Ahsoka needs to die in a way where there is nothing Anakin couldn’t do to save her. It doesn’t matter if there wasn’t anything could have done to save Ahsoka, he will still blame himself for her death as he has done with deaths before.

3. Anakin’s Battle With Darth Maul Needs To Be The Most Epic Lightsaber Duel In THE CLONE WARS

If you really think about it, there hasn’t really been that many epic lightsaber duels in The Clone Wars series. The only duel I could think that would be the most epic would be the Kit Fisto vs General Grievous battle I posted. Anakin will battle Darth Maul once Anakin knows Darth Maul was the one who killed Ahsoka. In the prequels, the most epic duel was Anakin vs Obi-Wan. In the original, the most epic duel was Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker’s first duel. This duel between Anakin and Maul needs to be one that people will debate on that this is the most epic duel in all of Star Wars.

4. A Similar Scene From Anakin As Seen In The Video At 5:29

Damn I miss that show. Before this Clone Wars show, there was one from the animation team that brought us Samurai Jack. In it, Ventress was trained by Dooku to kill Anakin leading to this epic battle. In the final moments of the battle, Ventress gained the upper hand by knocking Anakin’s lightsaber. After Anakin didn’t have a lightsaber, he just went from putting in 100% to 110%. You can really sense the dark side was surrounding Anakin during that fight. You can also sense that, Ventress became afraid of Anakin and one point. When a point comes in Anakin and Maul’s fight that Anakin just takes it to the next level, you need Maul to kind of get worried and be afraid of Anakin. Just look at Maul. He looks like someone who doesn’t fear anything. Have Anakin give Maul fear.

5. For Darth Maul To Stay Dead

However Darth Maul came back from the dead, I can’t explain. In this battle, Anakin has to not only kill Maul but to make sure Maul doesn’t hurt anyone else. I'm not talking just a stab. We saw Obi-Wan cut Maul in half and yet Maul lived. Anakin, consumed with the dark side, would need to repeatedly kill Maul so he doesn't come back once Anakin has beaten him. Really push that TV-PG rating. Maul’s death shouldn’t be sad, it shouldn’t make you cry; it should be like if someone just did the world a favor and killed a monster.

That is my thoughts, what are yours. Do you agree that Ahsoka dies it should be at the hands of Darth Maul or do you prefer some other way. Voice your opinion below. Peace.
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