In honor of Halloween, LEVITIKUZ states why there should be a sequel to the classic horror killers crossover. Come on it and check it out

I am a Freddy fan. Love Freddy. I've always thought that Freddy was a combination of Scarecrow and Joker. He has elements of Scarecrow that he brings your worst nightmare to life and Joker in that he is the worst this world has to bring. I loved he fact that if you notice Scarecrow's right hand in Batman: Arkham Asylum, it is modeled after Freddy's right hand. Even thought I love Freddy, I do give props and respect to Jason. Jason is completely different than Freddy. Jason is quiet and huge. Going up against Jason is like going up against a truck with how big and strong he is. When they both starred in the crossover Freddy Vs. Jason movie, it was a horror fans nightmare coming true. Seeing 2 juggernauts of horror going up against each other was a dream come true. While the reviews for the movie we're great, it made over 115 million dollars in total sales. With today being Halloween, I'm going to explain why this movie deserves a sequel.

The First Movie Was Awesome

If you went to see the movie and were hoping to see anything more other than Freddy and Jason to go at it, then you will be disappointed. The whole movie was Freddy and Jason going 12 rounds with each other and the movie turned out awesome. Freddy and Jason’s fights scenes were great, the story was ok. It was overall a good movie for both fans of the film series.

There Was No Clear Winner

As I said, I’m a Freddy fan. Jason didn’t win. We all saw the ending that had Jason coming up from the lake with Freddy’s head and Freddy wink. Freddy lived so there is no way Jason won As a Freddy fan, I would like to see what happens next mainly because Freddy is only a head. We he get a new body?

The Movie Made Almost More Money Than Any Other Freddy Or Jason Solo Films

Freddy vs. Jason was a box office success. Freddy vs. Jason is the biggest Friday the 13th movie yet. Compared to the reboot, Freddy vs Jason outsold Friday the 13th in the US by 87 million, in the foreign by 6 million, and worldwide by nearly 26 million. The only movie in terms of box office that could compete with Freddy vs Jason from both series would be the rebooted Nightmare On Elm Street. Compared to the reboot, Freddy vs. Jason made 20 more million dollars than Nightmare On Elm Street, Nightmare On Elm Street made 20 million more than Freddy vs. Jason in the foreign box office, and Nightmare On Elm Street only made 700,000 more worldwide than Freddy Vs. Jason. The movie business is all about money and I think these stats speak for it.

Just Say Forget The Reboots

Recently Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that he will reprise his role as Conan in a new movie. The thing is this Conan will follow the Conan Schwarzenegger played and not the reboot from a couple years ago. Since the reboot Conan failed, and both reboots of Friday The 13th and A Nightmare On Elm Street failed use the same method. The reboots of Jason and Freddy were horrible. I should have known better when I saw Michael Bay was producing them both. The reboots killed the Nightmare On Elm Street and Friday the 13th franchise. You need something to get people to want to see those films again. Just saw the reboots suck so we’re going back to the classic series.

So what are your thoughts and feelings about this? Would you like to see Jason and Freddy go at it one more time or for the first to remain a stand alone. Comment below. Peace.
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