EDITORIAL: Will AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Will Be Filled With Time Travel, An Ultron Army, And The Mandarin?

EDITORIAL: Will AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Will Be Filled With Time Travel, An Ultron Army, And The Mandarin?

While recently having a discussion in the CBM comment section about the events of the MCU, JasonBourneCBM has been inspired to share info on why he thinks the MCU plans are easy to reveal! Hit the jump to check it out! Warning Possible Spoilers!

There are believers, non-believers and sadly beliebers. But today I am speaking to those who believe. I am speaking to those who are curious about what the MCU is doing what their movies and "Phases". Well allow me to try and tell you what’s going on with the plots and stories of the upcoming Marvel movies. (Marvel is this news is correct, don't be mad at me)! And in case you didn’t see it the first time: Warning Possible Spoilers!

About a year ago, a man by the name of Roger Wardell was known as a Marvel “Insider” who was leaking information about the plots and stories of upcoming MCU films. After an article on UnleashTheFanboy which bashed Wardell for being a “fraud” and getting his info wrong, when most people hear the name Roger Wardell they automatically say that “All of his info is wrong!” or “What has he gotten right?!?” I can tell you that I have followed Wardell since he first started posting and the info that he has told has been correct. But his twitter activity has been very little sense the UnleashTheFanboy article. This is until another mysterious twitter account emerged taking the name Roger Wardell 2. This is not the original Wardell but this account has been highly active and has gotten his info right. While some info we have to wait and see about. Let’s look into what could possibly be the future of the MCU.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron will be filled with Time Travel, an Ultron Army, and The Mandarin?

These are the tweets that Wardell revealed things about Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Ant-Man and more! :

~The Mandarin in the MCU is an elevated past physical being, as it sort of is a technodemon, a biological AI…

~Extremis has more to it then just being like a super soldier serum. The technological part in Extremis is the brain..

~The AI (Mandarin) controls the Extremis soldiers in order to try and mold one of them into the actual Mandarin…

~While doing this the power of the AI (Mandarin) can become too much for some (Aldrich Killian)…

~Killian’s superego really was starting to convince himself that he was the master of the mandarin persona…

~While Trevor was embracing it and becoming it…

~In the end The Mandarin will stay an AI, but Trevor’s mind and body will become the technodemon mandarin persona.

~The one shot that Kingsley is referring to will reveal that the Mandarin is an AI.

~It is also a GREAT possibility that Kingsley will show up in Captain America: The Winter Soldier…

~Speaking of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it will be revealed there that AIM is secretly working under Hydra.

~Although The Mandarin is an AI he cannot control Tech. This is where Ultron comes in…

~The Mandarin uses Ultron to control the Tech that he needs. Some can almost say that Ultron will be The Mandarin’s JARVIS for now…

~“You don’t need a Pym to create an Ultron.” See the play on words?

~Pym creates the software (Ultron). Pym’s software gets sold to hydra, etc.

~While Ultron evolves and learns to control time, he aligns himself with Mandarin, and once he gains free will, he’s timeless… and then starts to travel through time.

~The Mandarin will essentially take over the world with the help of Ultron who then over throws Mandarin and creates his age.

~At some point Ultron gets the time gem and Avengers 2 is sort of like a big timeloop that would keep repeating.

~We find out its Pym who breaks that timeloop in the Ant-Man movie.

~Some parts of Ant-Man will take place DURING Age of Ultron.

~Ultron uses Pym’s tech and traps Pym in a timeloop BEFORE he ever creates the Ultron software.

~Ultron create’s a timeloop of him getting vibranium and Stark building him his body.

~Since there is a timeloop of that, he has unlimited vibranium/bodies and uses those to take over the world.

~As long as those timeloops remain, the world will be his, as he can keep experiencing it.

~In Ant-Man, Yellow Jacket/Pym stops him. It’s different though. It’s not the original Pym.

~Since he was trapped in a time loop. This Pym was rescued by The Collector.

~Yellow Jacket doesn’t know who he is, or who ultron is, because this Pym never created him.

~But he ends up finding out about Thanos, and what Ultron has done and eventually…

~He is able to end the timeloops that was supplying Ultron the vibranium, thus giving our heroes in Avengers 2 a chance to defeat him.

~It may appear that The Vision/Stark/Avengers stopped him, but it was really Pym who gave the opportunity.

~The Ant-Man movie will tell Ultron’s origin and the villains will be Whirlwind and Equinox.

It’s crazy right? He also shared info on the Plot points for Baron Von Strucker, The Maximoff twins, and MCU timeline for Marvel Phase 2. But as usual take this with a HUGE grain of salt! And sound off in the usual place below.

Source: The Cultured Nerd and Roger Wardell 2
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