Emerald Avengers

Emerald Avengers

Green Lantern and Green Arrow team up in this short story to take down the oil barren, The Duke of Oil. After Oliver Queen escapes from Super Max, will he accept the offer to join the Justice League? Read to find out.

This story is connected in my universe as an introduction to more members of the Justice League movie. I decided to make it a short story so more people would read and because I was going to write a Super Max story and decided not to, and this is what would happen after Super Max.

Over a desert plain Green Arrow speeds on his motorcycle, next to him flies Green Lantern. We zoom in on the Green Arrow and we see a memory of him in prison garbs breaking out of prison. Guards chase him and a group of other criminals as they run away. Sirens whale and guards shoot at him as he jumps over the wall. We zoom in on Green Lantern and he remembers covering Oliver Queen as he jumps down and the guards throw tear gas and grenades at him. He remembers an explosion and taking off into the air holding Green Arrow.

“Hey Hal we’re coming up on the bar,” says Green Arrow into an earpiece. Green Lantern looks off into the distance and notices the small shack in the middle of nowhere. “Alright I see it, how bout you let me do the talking this time,” says Hal. “We could do that, but you know it won’t end up that way,” smiles Green Arrow. Hal chuckles as they continue forward.

They get to the bar and as Hal removes his ring his clothes turn into a blue jean jacket with blue jeans. He looks at Green Arrow who parks his bike. “You gonna change,” asks Hal. “No, I was planning on walking in like this,” replies Green Arrow sarcastically. As he gets off his bike he presses a button. The seat raises and under it it holds a black jacket and blue jeans. He takes off his top piece and stuffs it into his bike. Then he struggles to put on his jeans over his leather pants. Hal chuckles at him and Oliver puts on his jacket. “Not all of us have disappearing clothes Hal,” says Oliver walking to the bar. “I didn’t say anything,” replies Hal following him.

Oliver slams open the door and the large biker men turn to face them. “Looks like we’re overdressed,” says Oliver. They walk to the bar and sit down. Oliver orders a beer but Hal doesn’t ask for anything. “I quit,” says Hal. “Pussy,” replies Oliver. The bartender hands Oliver his beer and he takes a sip. “You know anyone named Earl Dukeston,” asks Hal to the bartender. The bartender looks at him unnerved as he cleans a glass. Oliver notices more people turning to look at them. “Also known as the Duke of Oil. They say he has a secret oil reserve around here,” says Hal. “I think you should leave,” says the bartender slamming the glass on the bar. “Come on big guy let’s talk,” says Hal. “You guys need to leave,” says a biker getting up and walking to them. Oliver reaches into the back of his pants and pulls out a mechanism that transforms into a handheld crossbow. The biker steps back and the others in the bar get up from their seats. Some take out pistols and others take out knives. “Oliver put it away,” says Hal. Oliver stays fixed on the biker as the other ten men aim their weapons. “Wait a second,” laughs the biker showing his yellow teeth, “you’re Oliver Queen. The Green Arrow...How was prison?” Oliver shoots the man in the chest sending him to the floor. The others begin shooting as Oliver dives behind the bar. Hal puts on his ring and transforms into Green Lantern. He puts an orb around himself as the bikers begin to shoot him. Then he creates a wall and pushes it into the men. Oliver gets up and steps behind Green Lantern. Then he breaks a glass drags the bartender over the bar and slams him on the floor. “DUKE OF OIL NOW,” demands Oliver enraged. Green Lantern looks at him as he keeps the bikers behind the wall construct. “Alright…ALRIGHT,” cries the bartender, “he used to come here but he don’t anymore. He used to have a reserve underground about 5 miles from here. But he moved it a couple days ago. THAT’S ALL I KNOW.” Oliver pushes the glass into the man’s stomach and then storms out. Hal pushes the bikers into the wall and then follows him out.

Oliver gets on his bike and revs up the engine. “Well that was a little over the top,” says Green Lantern. “We tried it your way and it failed, so it was time for plan B/my plan,” says Oliver. “You could have killed that man Oliver,” says Green Lantern as Oliver begins walking his bike forward. “If I wanted to kill him, he would be dead,” says Oliver. He speeds off and Green Lantern follows him.

A man dressed like a cowboy sits in a room surrounded by barrels of oil. He counts a stack of money as he whistles a song. Suddenly a biker from the bar storms in bleeding. The cowboy stops whistling but continues counting the money. “Duke, Green Arrow and Green Lantern are looking for you,” says the biker. Duke continues counting the money. The biker slams his fist on the desk and Duke puts down the money calmly. “Damn it Duke listen to me,” says the biker, “I think they’re headed to your old hideout. Larry told him about it.” “As long as they don’t come here, we’ll be fine,” says Duke. “What should we do boss,” asks the biker. “First of all calm the fuck down, then have a beer and just wait,” says Duke, “they’ll come soon enough.” The biker begins walking out and Duke resumes counting the money and whistling.

Green Lantern flies next to Oliver using his ring to see through the ground. “We’re exactly five miles from the bar, it should be here,” says Green Lantern. “Maybe he was lien to us,” says Oliver, “we can go back and ask him again if you want.” Green Lantern disregards this and continues looking through the ground. He finally finds a medal hatch buried underground and drops down.

“It’s here,” says Green Lantern. He creates a shovel construct and moves the dirt from the hatch. “Wow, your life must be really hard,” says Oliver. Green Lantern carefully tries opening the hatch until Oliver shoots an explosive arrow at it sending Green Lantern back. “Whoopsy,” says Oliver. Green Lantern walks back to it and jumps down the hatch. Its pitch black and Green Lantern uses his ring as a flash light. “Stay up there and tell me if you see anyone,” says Green Lantern. “Sure sounds fun,” mocks Oliver. He goes to his bike and begins putting on his Green Arrow suit.

Green Lantern walks around the cellar and all he finds are empty barrels of oil and rats. He looks at the labels on the barrels and finds that they are from different countries. He looks down and finds a map with a place in the desert circled. Then he walks to the back of the room but finds nothing.

Green Arrow stands outside spinning an arrow in one hand as he looks around. He begins walking back and forth and he notices that the ground below him is medal. He follows the medal ground and he notices that it goes opposite to the roof of the cellar.

Green Lantern does a final look around and notices a small latch hidden within the creases of the wall. He pulls the latch and the wall moves over revealing dynamite lining barrels of oil. “Holy shit,” says Green Lantern.

Oliver continues moving on the medal until he notices the end of it. He bends down and moves the dirt aside and notices a pump going into the ground. Connected to the pump is a rope. Green Arrow follows the rope and finds that it is on fire running beneath the sand in a see through tube connected to the door.

Green Lantern bends down and notices the end of the rope going into a barrel of oil.

“HAL GET OUT OF THERE,” barks Green Arrow. Hal tries to break the tube but finds that he can’t. He quickly runs out of the cellar as the burning rope goes into the explosive room. Arrow quickly pulls him out as the cellar explodes. The explosion stays underground.

Green Arrow and Lantern look at the burning cellar and Oliver shows him the rope. “You see it was connected to the door. Apparently the door way rigged to explode if it was tampered with,” says Green Arrow. Hal creates a fist construct and hurls Oliver into his bike. “You almost got me killed,” says Green Lantern. “Oh don’t be so mad you could have easily made some box around yourself to protect you,” says Green Arrow, “You’re really tough with that ring. What about without it.” Green Lantern takes off his ring and throws it to the floor. Oliver puts down his bow as Hal charges him. Oliver puts out his fist and punches Hal as he approaches. Then he grabs him by his waist and flips him over. Hal kicks out his feet and as Oliver falls he punches him in the chest. Hal kicks him in the side, but Oliver grabs his foot and throws him down. Oliver gets on Hal and punches him in the cheek. He goes for another punch but Hal grabs it and head buts Oliver in the head. Oliver gets off and lies on the ground next to Hal. Hal is exhausted and punches Oliver in the chest with little force as they both lay on the floor.

“Tell me Hal,” says Green Arrow letting out heavy breathes, “Why did you save me when I broke out of Super Max. I’m a criminal; you should have left me there.” “You’re not a criminal Oliver. You were set-up. We’re heroes Oliver, we know our own,” says Hal. “I’m not a hero. I never wanted to be anyways. I just wanted…I don’t even know what I wanted anymore. Maybe that’s what 5 days in a desert will do to you.” “He wants you on the team Oliver,” says Green Lantern. “You don’t need me. I can’t fly, I can’t create fists with my mind, I can’t run super fast, and I sure as hell can’t save humanity from invading aliens. My duty is to my city, no more, no less,” says Oliver. Oliver gets up and grabs his bow. “What if we could find a way to give you your life back? Make people forget that Oliver Queen and Green Arrow are the same person,” says Green Lantern. Green Arrow puts his bow into his bike and then closes the hatch and gets on his bike. “Don’t we have an oil barren to catch,” says Green Arrow. “Yeah,” says Hal getting up. He picks up his ring and puts it on, “I found a map with a location marked. I think we should check there next. It’s not far from here, maybe an hour. Green Arrow nods and takes off.

Duke sits in a room with large henchmen. He looks at a map on the wall and thinks. “Sir, there’s a shipment we’re going to try to intercept from Venezuela. It should be out on the water tomorrow. She we get it,” asks one of the henchmen? A man runs in and looks to Duke. “Sir, our old base was destroyed, there’s no sign of Green Lantern or Green Arrow,” says the man, “but they don’t know where we are, so we should be good.” Duke gets up and moves to the map. “No, they know where we are. They knew that was a trap. They’re smart, they’ll be here,” says Duke. A man walks into the room. He wears a black leather v-neck with black leather pants, and a red bandana that covers his eyes. “Oh, hello David, great to see you,” says Duke shaking David’s hand. “You said Green Lantern and Green Arrow would be here,” says David. “Oh they will be David, they will be,” says Duke with a smile. “Alright Duke, by the way, the name’s Slingshot.”

Green Arrow and Green Lantern continue through the desert. They see a wooden shed and slow down as they get closer. “You think this is it,” asks Green Arrow. “It better be,” replies Green Lantern. He jumps down and walks into the shed. Inside are broken pieces of furniture and broken floor boards. “This a cover-up,” asks Green Arrow. “You bet.” Green Lantern creates a large hammer and smashes the floor. Under they find a steel door and he breaks that as well. “What happened with caution,” asks Green Arrow. “Well if he’s hiding here I doubt it’s rigged to explode.”

They jump down the door and its pitch black. Green Arrow creates a light and they walk forward. They find that they are in an underground sewer that’s filtering oil. “Smells like shit,” says Green Arrow. They turn a corner and find a large group of men with their guns ready. They begin shooting and Green Lantern creates a wall to take the bullets. Green Arrow takes out his long bow and begins shooting explosive arrows over the wall. They subdue the men and continue forward. As they continue they find a medal door and walk in to find multiple barrels and tubs of oil. “And the government says we don’t have enough,” says Green Lantern. As they walk forward Green Arrow suddenly receives a knife to the arm. He looks at his arm and yanks it out and lets out a grunt. “What the hell was that,” asks Green Arrow angry. They look around when Slingshot jumps down and kicks Green Lantern in the chest sending him back. Then Slingshot takes out a knife and begins swinging at Green Arrow. Arrow blocks the swings and then delivers a punch to Slingshot’s chest. As he falls back Green Arrow spins and kicks him in the chest sending him into a barrel of oil.

As Green Lantern gets up he’s grabbed by the neck and thrown into a large container of oil. He looks up to see The Duke of Oil standing in front of him. Green Lantern creates a bat and swings at Duke but he takes the hit and only moves a step. Then he charges Green Lantern and bashes him in the face. Green Lantern struggles to get up and grabs Duke by his jacket. As he yanks the jacket it rips off and Duke is revealed to have a metal body. Duke looks at Green Lantern and fires his hand at Green Lantern and it wraps around his neck. The hand is connected to a metal wire that he uses to throw Green Lantern into another oil filter.

Arrow takes out a sword and slashes Slingshot across the chest. Slingshot does a back flip and kicks Arrow in the chin. Then he pulls out a knife and stabs Arrow in the stomach. Arrow stumbles back and takes out a small crossbow from his quiver and shoots Slingshot. Slingshot evades the arrows and then kicks the knife deeper into Green Arrow’s stomach. Slingshot takes out a ninja sword from his back and swings it in his hand. “Oh, you’re cool,” says Arrow in a quiet voice. Slingshot raises the sword over his head. Green Arrow quickly puts an arrow into his crossbow and fires it into a barrel that explodes sending Slingshot into the wall. Green Arrow stumbles up and loads another flaming arrow into his crossbow and shoots at Slingshot pinning him to the wall as it begins to light on fire.

Green Lantern is thrown across the room and hits the wall. He gets up and looks at Duke and then raises his ring hand. Duke raises his arms into the air and the mechanical container explodes with oil. Then he waves his hand at a forklift and drives it into Hal. Duke raises his hand again and two more oil mixers explode. From behind him Green Arrow wraps a cord and drags him to the ground. Then he takes out an explosive arrow and shoves it into Duke’s mouth. As it explodes Oliver throws Duke onto Slingshot. Arrow helps an oil soaked Green Lantern up and Lantern puts the Duke and Slingshot into an orb. Duke is barely running while Slingshot is unconscious. “I guess we win,” says Green Arrow. “I guess so,” replies Green Lantern.

Arrow climbs out of the cellar followed by Green Lantern carrying Duke and Slingshot. “What now,” asks Green Arrow? “Well,” Hal drops the bodies and claps the sand from his hands, “I take these guys to prison, then I’ll take the oil to the base, and then I have to find a way to wash oil out of my suit.” “Looks like you got it under control,” says Green Arrow. “Yeah,” says Green Lantern picking up the bodies as Green Arrow gets on his bike. “You know the offer is still on the table. Believe it or not we could use people like you,” says Green Lantern. “Yeah, what kind of people is that,” smiles Green Arrow. “The hero type, the risk it all for nothing type. The type that recognizes that it has no powers, no upper hand, no secret weapon, but they risk it all so that for maybe a day, hell maybe just for a second…the world is a better place. You could have escaped from prison without my help, but I did it so I could see what Superman saw in you. And I don’t know if I see it yet, but I will,” says Green Lantern. “Well believe it or not I’m flattered. But like I said before, my duty is to my city. I’ve been away from my city for too long, now I have to go back and restore it, but if you ever need my help, and you’re in dire straits. Give me a call, the world knows my number,” says Green Arrow.

Green Lantern nods and Green Arrow looks off into the desert. He revs up his bike and speeds off. Green Lantern looks to him and then blasts off into the air with Duke and Slingshot in the orb.

He flies towards the sun and the screen turns green.

Credits Role.


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