FAN ART: 12TH Doctor Design & Black Ops: Avenger

FAN ART: 12TH Doctor Design & Black Ops: Avenger

A design for the outfit of a The 12th Doctor, and some fan art/fan-fic ideas for a Call Of Duty: Black Ops Map Pack…SuperDude style!

Hello everybody!!


So first here is my design for the twelve incarnation of the wacky Timelord. I should say I love the current 11th Doctor (Matt Smith), I just wanted to attempt at my own design.

Just so that you could get a better idea of the outfits I’ve done a colour version of one with ‘Photo Impact 10’ software.

Also I realise the outift design is similar to the 10th and 11th Doctor, but I actually based it on my own dress sense (for example I've loved boe ties since I was 5 years old).
The face of the 12th was based on a mix between John Krasinski and James McAvoy.

I also did a colour version detail (well sort of) drawing of this Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver. I always imagined the screwdriver as a scientific magic wand so I wanted that look to be shown through the designs.
By the parts coloured orange would actually be gold/brass, I just didn’t have the right colouring pencil.


This is more of just a fan-fic and ideas rather than fan art.
Anyhow ever since ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ was announced the idea of a Captain America themed Call Of Duty has been growing in my mind. So before going on with the rest I should say this is all set in an alternate movieverse.

Firstly I imagine there would be a zombie’s mode set in WW2. It would consist of 4 players; Captain America/Steve Rogers, Bucky, Dum Dum Dugan, and Union Jack/Montgomery Falsworth.
A zombified Red Skull would appear every 12 rounds and attack the group (similar to the Pentagon Thief or George Romero).
Captain America’s circular shield would be a mystery box weapon that would only appear once. It can be used in a similar fashion to a knife by punching the enemy and is always a one hit kill (except Red Skull). If the player tries to ‘punch’ the enemy while pressing the R2 (PS3 version) to throw a grenade the shield will be thrown and attack a chain of zombies (also similar to the Wunderwaffe).

The rest of the map pack wouldn’t be new multiplayer maps but instead another zombie mode. However this one would be in a modern setting and more similar to the campaign, as in following a story and route rather than having to continually killing zombies.

The mode would consist of players like Captain America/Steve Rogers, Nick Fury, Thor (with not powers or hammer, using a building hammer instead of a knife), and Iron Man/Tony Stark (with a damaged suit). Unlike normal COD campaign the four players are all playable (where as before it was at most two). Other characters would be referenced to, for example Bruce Banner would have mysteriously broken out of his ‘prison’ as The Hulk just before the zombie invasion, and Hawkeye/Clint Barton would be found of the journey eventually becoming an optional playable character.

The zombie campaign would start of with the four waking up in the SHIELD Helicarrier which has crashed in the middle of New York, after the zombie invasion increased incredibly fast. The narrative would lead them to the Avengers/Stark Tower.

As in most of the zombies mode in COD, the characters all have lines they say outloud and this is my idea of what they might say:
Introduction cutscene- NICK FURY (narrating): And there came a day... a day unlike any other... when Earth's mightiest heroes found themselves united against a common threat... to fight the foes no single superhero could withstand... on that day, The Avengers were born... MOTHER[FRICK]ER!
Character Quotes:
Nick Fury: "Nick Fury. Director of SHIELD. International Badass."
Captain America: "I could do this all day"
Iron Man: "I am Iron Man! You are dead!"
Thor: "This weapon! I like it...ANOTHER!" and (drinking perk) "This drink. I like it...ANOTHER!"

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So that’s all folks!! I hope you all liked this.
Honestly I didn’t work incredibly hard on the COD section, I just loved the idea.
Please comment and thanks for reading!
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