Hit the jump to check out two fan-made posters I recently created, featuring The Amazing Spider-Man which pays homage to a classic cover, as well as a Marvel Comics property that may be adapted into a big screen in the future, Doctor Strange!

Made using Adobe Photoshop CS5; comments, feedback and critics are greatly appreciated. Head over to my Deviant Art page to check out a few more pieces of my art.

Doctor Strange (TBA): Fan-Made Poster

Doctor Strange is never my favorite hero of all time; however, I'm really liking the idea of Benedict Cumberbatch - of the Sherlock fame, and also one of my favorite actors working today - in the role. And well, that's really the main reason of why I created this poster in the first place; I wanted to showcase how the actor may look like in the role. I think it's safe to fairly call this product a success, as it looks pretty nice overall. The manipulated image of Doctor Strange was made by combining the body of Paul Bettany as Priest (from 2011's Priest), and the face of Benedict Cumberbatch (taken from a random press screening image of the actor), with the colors of the costume - as well as the classic "symbol" on it, which I styled after the Punisher's from Punisher: War Zone - and Strange's trademark hair applied to the image with custom adjustments. (Hue/saturation for the former, and brushes for the latter.) And, although the poster as a whole clearly has numerous rough spots if you look at it in detail, I'm satisfied enough with it, especially with the pretty smooth-looking manipulated image of the central character; quite a difficult feat to achieve, if you ask me. There are also the tagline - actually taken from the title of the comic where Thor first appeared in, as far as I remember (I couldn't think of anything more suitable) - and the title, which treatment I had to revise from my last attempt, since it doesn't go well with the poster. (Look closely, and you'll notice the word "Doctor" between the letters that form the word "Strange.") Yeah, I also typed the credit block by myself, but apart of Benedict Cumberbatch as the main lead, Alfonso CuarĂ³n as the director, and Brian K. Vaughan as the writer (I think it could work, much like how J. Michael Stracynzski wrote Thor), the names of the actors and crews were randomly thrown in to it.

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012): Homage Poster

The project began with my attraction to the Spider-Man image (which I used in the poster above), as I couldn't help but notice the resemblance of such pose with the one seen in the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #50, which features the storyline "Spider-Man, No More!" (inset) - this was not my first attempt as a while back, I've tried to create the same homage poster only to fail miserably due to my lack of skills, but lately I decided to redo it, and...well, this is the result, which I think is pretty satisfying. The weakness of the poster I think is the positioning of Peter Parker and especially his shadow, which looks pretty bland on such a clean surface. But I think overall it looks pretty good, given the fact that the process was pretty tricky - especially the orange light streaks, which to my surprise look good in the final product.
I hope you all can enjoy these latest creations of mine, and stay tuned for a new project that I've been working on: A Justice League movie Fan Fic, Fan Cast, and series of Fan-Made Concept Art!
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