FAN ART: <font color=Black><b>GOTHAM</b></font> Fan Posters

Posters for the DC comics and FOX TV show that is now in development. Hit the jump ot check them out!

James Gordon

Gotham (TV Series) - James Gordon by ~RedHood2913 on deviantART

Yes I know that in the TV show it will be about a YOUNG James Gordon, but Mr. Cranston is still the best choice for James Gordon. He did great as a voice actor for him and would do great in a live action TV show/Movie as him.

Harvey Bullock

Gotham (TV Series) - Harvey Bullock by ~RedHood2913 on deviantART

Michael Chiklis would be an awesome Harvey Bullock. He has the look, build and attitude!

Renee Montoya

Gotham (TV Series) - Renee Montoya by ~RedHood2913 on deviantART

Yes, I know that Renee Montoya is latina, but so is Zoe Saldana. Her mother is Puerto Rican and her father is Dominican. She would be an awesome Renee Montoya.

Crispus Allen

Gotham (TV Series) - Crispus Allen by ~RedHood2913 on deviantART

I honestly think he would be awesome as Crispus Allen. He's a great and underrated actor that deserves this role.

Well tell me if you like them in the comment section below! DEUCES!!!!!
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