FAN ART: Some of CBM's Most Prolific Members...Cartoonized!

FAN ART: Some of CBM's Most Prolific Members...Cartoonized!

I've enjoyed this site for nearly three years, and now it's time to give something back.

While it is true that I come here for Comic Book Movie news, I always enjoy myself more reading the comments. Some of you guys are funny, and I mean FUNNY. It's funnier reading your comments than watching a TV show sometimes. But there are some of you who have more personality, and you always have something interesting to say, whether or not I agree with it or not. These people have the most comedic value and always reel me into the comment section. It's almost like watching an animated cartoon. And that got me thinking: What if? These guys have given us enough personality that we should have a funny glimpse of what we'd imagine they'd look like! So, that's what I did. I drew four of you guys, and maybe even more if you like what you see.

Forgive my artistic abilities, I'm better at writing, but I think these turned out pretty swell.

So let's start!

Trudy himself, INTRUDER! -

TEABAG! (I'll admit this one isn't my favorite, I messed up on the arms, sorry Tea) -


And, of course, our fallen comrade, GUSTO! -

God bless his Zombie Bones.

I hope you guys liked these, and I can't wait to hear your responses! Sound off below!
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