FAN ART: "We're Back" - The STAR WARS Characters Return For EPISODE VII

FAN ART: "We're Back" - The STAR WARS Characters Return For EPISODE VII

Deviant-artist RhymesSyndicate has created this impressive piece which depicts the older versions of Han (Harrison Ford), Lando (Billy Dee Williams), Luke (Mark Hamill), Leia (Carrie Fisher) and Chewbacca as they reunite for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII..

Don't they look happy? Seeing this has actually reaffirmed my belief that having at least some of these guys pop up in the new trilogy - even just as a series of cameos - is the right thing to do. Granted a few of em may not have aged quite so well as they are depicted here, but hey, nothing bit of Hollywood magic can't sort out.

Says the artist..

"As a long-time fan of Star Wars I was overjoyed to hear that there are finally plans for more feature films now that George Lucas has sold the franchise to Disney. I know not everyone agrees – but I’ve been waiting for this since 1983 and I think it’s great news!

The momentous event prompted me to dust off my digital pen and draw this picture to show how I imagine the lead characters might look now. I have no idea if the plan is to use the same actors in the new movie – although I really hope they do.

I also gave them new costumes – nothing radical – just variations on what we saw them wear in the original trilogy. I’d love to design new characters and costumes for the new movies – but for this piece the main thing was to get the actors’ likenesses right and I’m pleased with the result."

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