FAN ART: Wonder Woman Drawing by the Freak!

FAN ART: Wonder Woman Drawing by the Freak!

Due to the insufficient amount of fan art here in CBM's fan fic section, I've decided to help out and get fan fic back in it's rightful place, and to help cut down the amount of redundancies of which is that of Fan Casts.

As aforementioned, there has been an incredibly high count of dreadful fan casts (Not that those are cool, there's just a billion of them a week) and so I've finally given in and am here to restore fan art back to its rightful homeland.

A little girl next door has this aggravating obsession over Wonder Woman (Though it gives me a sense of serenity that the younger generations are still indulged by superheroes) So every Wednesday, when I make my weekly trip to the local comic shop for my pull list, I'll usually get her a few issues of the Amazon Princess's adventures. Now recently, I got a set of Prismacolor pencils, having no prior encounter much less usage of Prismacolor, I figured I'd experiment with them and so, well here.

Wonder Woman fan art

And to give you an estimated size of the canvas, Here's a pic of it next to a trade paperback and my hand.



I will be giving this to her, but I thought I might as well post it here before I do so.

So, to end this oh-so wonderfully crafted article, tell me, who should I do next? Answer the poll or leave a comment down in the comments below!

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