FAN CAST: 2012's The Avengers

FAN CAST: 2012's The Avengers

FAN CAST: 2012's The Avengers

I've only included characters that are likely to be in 'The Avengers' rather than others like Spider-Man or Wolverine who are the property of other studios, let me know what you think!!!

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Wentworth Miller

A great actor capable of both dramatic and action scenes as seen in Prison Break

IRON MAN: Robert Downey Jr

The guy IS Iron Man, 'Nuff said!

THOR: Alexander SkarsgÄrd

Seems to look the part but I've never seen him act...

HULK: Edward Norton

He was a good Bruce Banner and it seems after the teaser at the end of 'The Incredible Hulk' that he will definitely be in the film


Great at playing crazy (My Name is Earl) and great at playing serious (Prison Break) he seems the perfect choice for Henry Pym!

THE WASP: Eva Longoria Parker

Has apparently shown interest in the role and is sexy as hell...seems a very good choice and looks similar to the character anyway

HAWKEYE: Jensen Ackles

As seen in Supernatural he is a funny and skilled actor and would be a great choice for playing Hawkeye

QUICKSILVER: James Marsters

Has both the look and also as seen when he played Brainiac in Smallville, would easily deliver Quicksilvers arrogance


Fits the role and looks very similar to the Ultimate version of Wanda and is a pretty good actress

LOKI: Josh Hartnett

Rumoured to be Loki and could be quite good

LOKI (Female): Natalie Portman

Also rumoured to be in 'Thor' she could be Loki if they make the character female as in recent comic books

RED SKULL: Jackie Earl Haley

Looks strangley simalar and as seen in Watchmen, he is a great actor

KANG: Kevin Spacey

Hated Superman Returns but Spacey plays a good villain

Would you like to see these actors portray these characters...or would you like to see some other Avengers?
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