FAN CAST: Batman

FAN CAST: Batman

A fan cast for Batman based in a DC Film Universe...

I really have to admit that I love the idea of taking different superhero franchises and crossing them over just like what Marvel is currently doing with there films. I am going to start showing off my own ideal (at least for now) cast for a Batman movie set to help make the groundway for an eventual Justice League film, and beyond.


DAVID FINCHER (Fight Club, Se7en, Zodiac): David Fincher for me is ideal for Batman because of his directing credits. Fight Club, Se7en and Zodiac are all dark and feel exactly like the vein I would expect this Batman film to be in. Fincher just has the great qualities needed for Batman.

WES BENTLEY (The Last Word, The Four Feathers, P2) as BRUCE WAYNE/BATMAN: Figuring out a great actor to play Bruce Wayne took me a while, it really was daunting to cast the right actor for it. Fortunately, I would say Wes Bentley is a great Bruce Wayne/Batman. He is a tremendous actor and has a dark and cold look in his face that screams Batman to me. Wes also could not be considered a millionaire playboy.

ALICIA WITT (Vanilla Sky, 88 Minutes, Two Weeks Notice) as VICKI VALE: I thought that Witt could play a serious reporter and also have a soft side.

ANDY SERKIS (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Inkheart, The Prestige) as DR. JONATHAN CRANE/THE SCARECROW: Andy Serkis is a phenomenal actor that has serious chops to play the crazy Scarecrow. His looks also could suit the bill and I am hopeful that this casting choice is taken with ease among you guys...

CHRISTOPH WALTZ (Inglourious Basterds, The Green Hornet, Fire and Sword) as COMMISSIONER JIM GORDON: I was hoping to find an actor that could be both suitable as Gordon and also a fresh, original choice. Waltz is an incredible actor and really grew a massive fanbase from Inglourious Basterds, and ever since has rocketed to fame. I have no doubt that Waltz would own Gordon and he could make it a memorable performance.

IAN McSHANE (Death Race, We Are Marshall, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) as DR. HUGO STRANGE: Hugo Strange is a very dark character that would require an actor with intensity, the ability to come off as creepy and just being an incredible actor. McShane has those respects to him.

MARK WAHLBERG (The Departed, Planet of the Apes, Four Brothers) as HARVEY DENT: Wahlberg is a great actor and in the role of Harvey Dent I am sure he could be successful in the role.

JOHN CLEESE (The Day the Earth Stood Still, Die Another Day, Rat Race) as ALFRED PENNYWORTH: John Cleese has the look of Alfred better then most actors and I can just imagine him in the role flawlessly.

DOMINIC WEST (300, Hannibal Rising, Punisher: War Zone) as SALVATORE MARONI: The crime war in the film is very basic with just Maroni as a crime boss. In later sequels, the crime war will become larger.

LAURENCE FISHBURNE (21, The Matrix Trilogy, Predators) as LUCIUS FOX: I dont see how this would be a bad choice, it is undoubetly fine for Fishburne to play Lucius Fox.
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