FAN CAST: Black Panther - Part 1 - Nubian Prince

FAN CAST: Black Panther  - Part 1 - Nubian Prince

There's been a whole lot of talk lately about who should get the lead in Marvel's Black Panther movie. I present to you some of the best movie casting and plotting you'll ever see on this site! Check it out and leave a comment... I guarantee you won't be dissapointed!

I think we're all in agreement that a Black Panther movie needs to be made! Well I think I found the perfect cast and plot for it. Here is part one of my Black Panther trilogy!


Prince T'Challa is a selfish, stubborn but brilliant young man. Unlike his father, T'Challa is a man of science. He doesn't care about being king and everyone in the kingdom knows it. When King T'Chaka suddenly dies, T'Challa becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth for even though he and his father often butt heads, T'Chaka is the greatest man he has ever known.

Why Aldis Hodge? Aldis is an extremely talented actor! I've watched every season of Leverage and more than once has pulled of a very decent african accent. give him some time in the homeland and he'll be even more convincing! Other than that he has martial arts training and is very athletic and handsome. A role like this could really give a stage to prove himself and get the recognition he deserves...

Hunter is King T'Chaka's adopted son and was once the only heir to the throne. He deeply loves his father because even though he didn't look like everyone else T'Chaka took him in and made a prince of an orphan. He really wants to believe that his brother has what it takes to reclaim the throne but he has his doubts.

Why Guy Pearce? Well hunter is a crafty and layered character. Guy Pearce might be a little old but a little cinema magic and he would be perfect in this role but my second choice would have been Dustin Clare who plays Gannicus in Spartacus...

T'Shan is spoiled and free spirited. All he cares about is having fun and flirting with women. He doesn't get along with his father Syan and blames him for not being the next heir to the throne. He isn't known for being smart or strong which is why he mainly manipulates others to get what he wants.

Why David Oyelowo? Because he's a star! He's landed some great supporting roles in a number of films because of his talent. This character would be very similar to the one he played in "Red Tails"...

Storm is nothing like the girls in Wakanda. All she knows is survival and isn't very good at making first impressions. She's strong because her circumstances have made her such but doesn't like to be pitied.

Why Zoe Saldana? Truth is although she's had many great roles in sci-fi and action films, she still hasn't played a superhero. She would make an amazing Ororo Munroe and my God is she sexy!

Nakia was born and raised to one day be queen and acts like it. She's very protective of her master and future king. She needs him and is convinced that he needs her.

Why Tracey Heggins? Honestly because she's beautiful! Don't get me wrong lol she can act... see "Medicine for Melancoly" or I might get killed for this but look out for her in the next Twilight. The Chosen Ones represent the finest Africa has to offer and in my opinion Tracey can portraay that!

Okoye is the perfect Dora Milaje. She doesn't question orders and she doesn't fail. She's strong , beautiful and dangerous just like her mother Aneka.

Why Yaya Dacosta? Yaya is definitely a rising star not to mention that she too is gorgeous. She one of the best young black actress america has to offer. She would be a great addition to the cast and specifically in this role.


Zuri is the leader of the resistance and the greatest street fighter in Wakanda. He was once just a regular country man until Man-Ape became king and began enslaving the people of his tribe. Now he leads an army of rebels who fight for the freedom and future of all Wakandans.

Why Steve Toussaint? We needed someone huge for this part but having a huge guy that can't act is useless. Steve has played in many action flicks. I remember him most for his part in Prince of Persia...

Princess Shuri is a stubborn and angry young woman. Having lost her father and step brothers, her mother is all she has left. She's willing to do anything to see her enemies suffer and be punished for their crimes.

Why Tika Sumpter? Tika is most known for her recurring role as Raina Thorpe on Gossip Girl and as Jenna Rice in the The CW/BET sitcom, The Game. She was also in Think Like a Man as Dominic's gilfriend. She could do an amazing Shuri.


King T'Chaka was very close to being known as the realms greatest king until his reign was cut short. He is mostly known as being a very spiritual man and for banning the public use and weponizing of vibranium after the people of a small town began to devolop mutations due to too much exposure.

Why Adewale Akinnuoye? He was one of the first to publicly declare his interest in the role. I want to see a young Black Panther so he's not my choice for T'Challa but he would be great as T'Chaka. His only appearances would be in flashbacks.

Queen Mother was a woman from South Africa who won the heart of T'Chaka King of Wakanda after his previous wife N'Yami died giving birth to T'Challa. She was surrogate mother to Hunter and T'Challa and with T'Chaka produced a daughter named Shuri.

Why Alfre Woodard? Clearly she's much older than Adewale but I think it could still be believable if her husband had died ten years prior. Personally I can't imagine anyone else playing this role!

Syan is King T'Chaka's brother. When his brother dies, Syan takes on the weight of the crown and steps up as the king regent. Syan has always connected more with T'Challa because they have similar minds unfortunately this would drive a wedge in his relationship with his own son T'Shan.

Why Djimon Hounsou? Another favorite for the lead but too old! If he played Syan he would still be in some decent action scenes and get the chance to be the Black Panther.

Aneka was King T'Chaka's last Dora Milaje. Once he chose T'Challa's birth mother to be his queen, all the other Dora Milaje left. Aneka stayed behind and dedicated herself to raising up and training the next generation.

Why Angela Bassett? If it's an american made film why pretend like we're gonna get a full african cast? As long as we have a stellar cast we're good enough. Angela Bassett wouldn't have the biggest role in this film but she's a incredle actress and would definitely contribute to the films overall success...

Ngassi is an elderly man who acted as functionary and close colleague to King T'Chaka. He is one of the King's most trusted advisors and has the duty of selecting a dutiful replacement to carry on the Black Panther title.

Why Morgan Freeman? Morgan freeman is another veteran of the industry that would definitely contribute to the films overall success...

Achebe is a man who's real identity is still unknown. He is the guardian of the sacred garden in which the heart shaped herbs are found. He appears not to age and is a prophet, socerer and priest of the highest order.

Why Leonard Roberts? I haven't seen him in too many movies but we already know how talented an actor he is...


Man-Ape is one of Wakanda's greatest warriors and of noble blood. King T'Chaka intrusted him to watch over the vibranium mound and to monitor it's effect on the vegetation and wildlife but M'Baku broke the law by worshipping and sacrificing White Gorillas in a sacred ritual that would give him apelike strength, agility and stamina. The two men clashed and have been enemies ever since.

Ulysses Klaw is a Dutch scientist that traveled to Wakanda to acquire and do experiments on vibranium. King T'Chaka refused him access and fought with him. He eventually blasted off Klaw's right hand with one of Klaw's sound weapons but not before Klaw made T'Chaka swallow a poison that would slowly kill him. After the king's death, Ulysses returned to Wakanda and manipulated Man-Ape into taking the throne in order to avenge his forfathers and finish his work.


The movie begins with T’Challa being interviewed… "So tell us about your father, how did he die? We know you were only 11 at the time but you figured it out didn't you? I mean he was only in his fifties when he suddenly fell sick right?" T’Challa flashes back to T'Chaka's last fight with Klaw... "I’m sure your father would be very proud of you. You’re not the same man you were a few months ago!"

Rewind to several months before… Regent Syan is having his regular meeting with the heads of the numerous clans but only Hunter shows up. Before he starts he asks “Where is the prince?” Hunter replies “here I am uncle”, “Not you” sighs Syan “Hunter go find your brother” … Hunter leaves the board room frustrated: ”Yes uncle”.

T’Shan slept in because he was out partying all night and T’Challa is with his younger sister Shuri locked up in his room investigating his father’s murder who died under mysterious circumstances ten years earlier.

Man-Ape attempts to convince the board to allow the mining and weaponizing of vibranium but Syan dismisses the idea. T’Chaka believed that the vibranium was cursed (Killmonger and his crew of mutates) and that it should be left alone. Man-Ape believes that Wakanda is and was always meant to become an empire and that the use of vibranium to make weapons is a must.

Unfortunately he did not know how to do it himself so he made a deal with Professor Ulysses Klaw. In exchange for a limited amount and the chance to research the vibranium, Klaw agreed to help Man-Ape defeat Syan in a one on one battle.

When the annual battle for the crown arrived Man-Ape was the first to challenge the king regent. Syan fought long and hard, never tiring but once Klaw activated his beacon from his facility in the jungle, Man-Ape gained the upper hand and shortly after put an end to Syan’s resistance.

All who witnessed, were horrified as a pool of blood surrounded Syan's body. In less than a 20 minutes Man-Ape had become ruler of the country.

Man-Ape became a ruthless king, he made slaves of the rebels and surrounding nations so they could mine the vibranium. He also kept princess Shuri to be his bride.

N’Gassi took T’Challa away before he had a chance to challenge his uncle’s killer and convices him to leave and come back when he’s more prepared. Aneka assigns Nakia and her daughter Okoye as his Dora Milaje and orders them to stay at his side and protect him with their lives as he represents the future of the nation.

Once exiled T’Challa, T’Shan, Hunter, Okoye and Nakia ran into Storm who tried to steal from them. When she got caught, her and T’Challa spend some time together. She showed him the poverty in the world around them and the selfishness of the rich.

T’Challa’s heart was touched so he devised a plan to take down Man-Ape’s slavery operation. But before they begun it, T’Challa left on a secret mission from N’Gassi to retrieve an item (heart shaped herb) that would help him defeat Man-Ape. When he got to his destination somewhere deep in the forbidden jungle he meets Achebe the guardian of the garden in which the herbs are found.

When he gets back they locate the largest slave camp and attack it but they get captured. Storm refuses to rebecome a slave and leaves before she gets caught. All the slaves get smuggled into Wakanda and shipped to the Vibranium mound to work the mines. This is where the band meets Zuri the rebel leader. During this time T’Shan shares his disapproval of T’Challa’s actions with Hunter. Having been left out of the loop they blame him for their capture. They thought that he was lowering himself and showing weakness by having fell for Storm who eventually betrayed them and for becoming so friendly with the other slaves. Together they agreed that whatever should happen, it would be best that one of them became the next black panther. T’Challa shares his plans to free the slaves and reclaim the throne with Zuri who arranges through his connections to get a message to Shuri. Zuri helps T’Challa understand his people and connect with them. Before long they begin to refer to him as the Nubian Prince.

Then one day Man-Ape comes to visit the mine and brings Shuri with him. Shuri pretends to be impressed and while Man-Ape and the supervisor are speaking she sneaks into the control room and unlocks all the cells… Everyone breaks free and the rebellion begins. In the midst of all the chaos Hunter tracks down T’Shan now seeing him as competition for the throne and kills him.

When the people take control of the mine, T’Challa steps up and challenges Man-Ape for the throne. Forced to accept challenges from anyone of royal blood, they fight but even without Klaw to interfere T’Challa is losing. T’Challa flashes back to his time with Achebe “the Black Panther is more than a title but the embodiment of the nation’s ideals. When that is what you’re fighting for, then the power will be yours”. T’challa looks around at his countrymen’s disappointment as he gets humiliated by Man-Ape. ”Bast Panther God of life, like my forfathers before I vow to be your avatar but If I do not win our people will die and suffer. Please give me the strength to be all that they need me to be!” and all of a sudden T’Challa’s senses and abilities become enhanced and he takes over the fight.

As T’Challa is about to finish his opponent Man-Ape pleas for his life and reveals that Klaw is actually the mastermind behind T’Chaka’s death. Knowing he has missed his chance to become king, Hunter arrives just in time to see T’Challa spare Man-Ape’s life and exile his whole clan.

T’Challa manages to track down Klaw and after an epicly choreographed fight he'll manage to turn his own weapon on himself and kill him.

T’Challa is crowned king and the new black panther

The after credits scene is of Man-Ape getting taken into shield custody and questioned about Wakanda.

SO WHAT DO YOU THINK? Wouldn't it be awesome if it was directed by Neil Blomkamp and done in all hand-held and/or documentary style?
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