FAN CAST: Blade by JoshW

FAN CAST: <font color= blue>Blade</font> by JoshW

Here are my choices for who I'd like to see in either a sequel or reboot of Blade! Included in the cast are my picks for Quincy Harker's Vampire-Hunters, The Nightstalkers and some of the character's greatest enemies like Dracula and Morbius!


Eric Brooks was born a vampire possessing all their strengths but none of their weaknesses. He has dedicated his life to destroying the occult world of vampires.

Wesley Snipes

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Yes, I know he’s getting on a bit now but he made such an excellent Blade (even in the crappy third movie!) I’d be more than happy to see him return! I really don’t think he looks his age and he has recently said he’s still interested in the character so bring him back!

Erik King

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At just under six foot, King is perhaps a little short for Blade. However, he has the right look, build and personality while his performance in Dexter was very similar to Blade and I really think he’d give an excellent performance as the character!

Michael Jai White

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I’m not a fan of the thought of him playing Luke Cage because I think he’s much better suited in both looks and personality to play Blade. Plus, with his acting background I don’t think that he’d have any problems with the action side of things!


Bill Cobbs as Jamal Afari

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Although Jamal Afari is a vampire, he actually went on to become a Vampire-Hunter. He trained the young Blade in combat.

Quincy Harker's Vampire-Hunters

In Paris, Blade first encountered the vampire hunters Quincy Harker, Rachel van Helsing, Taj Nital, and Frank Drake. Because of his mercurial temperament, Blade had a strained but steady relationship with the group, allying himself with them on several occasions.

Sean Connery as Quincy Harker

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Quincy was trained as a vampire hunter by Van Helsing, and became his successor. Quincy quickly became Dracula's nemesis.

Ali Larter as Rachel Van Helsing

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The great-granddaughter to the legendary vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing. She was trained to be a vampire hunter by Quincy Harker after her parents were killed by Dracula.

Kiefer Sutherland as Frank Drake

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Frank Drake is a direct descendant of Count Dracula. He joined Quincy Harker's band of vampire hunters under the close tutelage of Rachel van Helsing and Harker.

Anil Kapoor as Taj Nital

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Taj Nital is a vampire of the Marvel Universe, and has worked both alongside and against the likes of Blade, Abby, King, and Drake.

The Nightstalkers

The team was composed of the vampire-hunters Blade, Frank Drake and, private detective Hannibal King. They were gathered by Doctor Strange in Nightstalkers #1 to battle an immediate threat, but under his larger, hidden agenda.

Johnny Depp as Doctor Strange

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Dr Strange, once a gifted but egotistic surgeon sought the Ancient One to heal his wounded hands. Instead he became Master of the Mystic Arts and the Sorcerer Supreme.

Thomas Jane as Hannibal King

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Hannibal King was an ordinary Private investigator until Deacon Frost killed him and turned him into a vampire.


Ron Glass as Deacon Frost

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Deacon Frost is the man responsible for Blade's vampirism. He is a one of a kind vampire with the ability to control his victims.

Joseph Fiennes as Dracula

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Dracula is the most powerful vampire in the Marvel Universe. Though not the first of his kind, he is considered lord of all Earth's vampires.

Benicio Del Toro as Morbius

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Morbius was born with a rare blood disorder. In an attempt to treat himself he was transformed into a living vampire. He has been both a force of good and evil in his time.

So that's a wrap! Please feel free to let me know what you think in the usual place and as always, thanks for reading! :)

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