FAN CAST: Catherine

FAN CAST: <em>Catherine</em>

A fan cast of a live action adaptation of the acclaimed video game.

Catherine is a 2011 puzzle-platformer adventure video game. Upon its release, the game received critical acclaim from gamers and critics alike. It was also a bestseller, actually outselling Marvel vs Capcom 3: fate of Two Worlds which was released at around the same time. It even won several awards:

IGN gave it their "Best PS3 Story" as well as the "Best Story" award. GameZone gave it their "Best Original IP" award. The A.V. Club gave it third place in their list of best games of 2011.

I believe that Catherine is one of the few video games that could work as a film. So, I thought I'd do what I do best: fan cast.

PLOT: Just a quick little summary for those of you who haven't played the game.

Catherine Catherine begins with a framing device: Trisha, the "Midnight Venus," hosts a program called Golden Playhouse which will relate the tale of Vincent Brooks.

The story begins with a string of bizarre incidents where people die in their sleep with looks of anguish on their faces; stranger still, all of the dead have been young men.

One night, Vincent Brooks, the protagonist, is contemplating marriage to his lover of five years, Katherine McBride. That night, he meets a beautiful and mysterious woman named Catherine. Catherine turns out to be exactly Vincent's type and the two begin an affair.

Shortly after meeting Catherine, Vincent begins having strange nightmares where he and other men, who appear to each other as sheep, must climb a tower to escape from various horrors. A la Nightmare on Elm Street, if Vincent or any of the other men die in their dreams, they die in reality.

As dreams and reality start to blend together, Vincent must fight to survive, as well as choose between Katherine or Catherine.

Cast: The characters in Catherine. For those of you who haven't played it, I will include a short description of each character.

Vincent Brooks: Vincent is the 32 year-old protagonist of the game. Carefree, he's under pressure to marry his girlfriend, Catherine. His life changes drastically when he meets the mysterious Catherine one night.

Chris Evans: Evans is a good actor best known for his roles as Johnny Storm/Human Torch and Steve Rogers/Captain America. Evans can, in my opinion, pull off that combination of comedy, drama, maturity, and childishness needed for Vincent.

Catherine: Catherine is a beautiful and mysterious young woman who seduces Vincent and begins to disturb his life. After meeting Catherine, Vincent begins to have strange nightmares. In the game's climax, it is revealed that Catherine is a succubus who takes the form of a man's ideal fantasy in order to test their fidelity.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: Probably best known as a scream queen and for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Winstead is a talented young actress. The difficult part of casting Catherine was casting someone who is supposed to be so hot. I think I hit it right on the mark with Winstead, who is both a good actress and really really hot eye candy.

Katherine McBride: Katherine is Vincent's lover and girlfriend of five years. At the beginning of the game, Katherine is pressuring Vincent to propose to her, something which he isn't ready for.

Olivia Wilde: Another bombshell and a talented actress. I like Wilde in whatever she's in, even when the work itself isn't good. You get the sense that she's taking material that doesn't work, and that she tries to make it work. That's dedication.

Orlando Haddick: Orlando is one of Vincent's friends. Like Vincent and the rest of his friends, Orlando frequents the Stray Sheep Bar. Though happy and carefree, he has grown disenchanted with the idea of marriage.

Chris Pine: Pine is another actor I like. There was something about this role that made me think of Pine specifically. I think it was his carefree manor.

Jonathan "Jonny" Ariga: Another of Vincent's friends. Jonny has high ideals regarding marriage, but refuses to marry his girlfriend because of his long-time, unrequited, feelings for Katherine.

Ian Somerhalder: This choice gave me some difficulty. I ultimately choose Somerhalder because he call pull off the dark brooding manor that Jonny has.

Tobias "Toby" Nebbins: The last of Vincent's friends, Toby is the only one not to have nightmares because of his naivete regarding love.

Dave Franco: I like Franco in the few things I've seen him in. Just looking at him, I think he has the naivete that Toby has.

Erica Anderson: Erica is Vincent's childhood friend the the Stray Sheep Bar's waitress. Toby has a crush on her.

Kate Mara: Another actress who I really like. Mara has had a really versatile career. I tend to like her in anything she's in.

Thomas "Boss" Mutton/Dumuzid the Shepperd: Thomas Mutton is the Stray Sheep's owner, bartender, and Erica's boss. It is revealed in the climax that he is actually an ancient deity; Dumuzid the Shepperd. Dumuzid uses the succubus (Catherine) to lure men out, and then he takes the tempted men to the nightmare world.

Stacy Keach: Keach is a PHENOMENAL actor. He's had a long versatile career. Comedy. Drama. Hero. Villain. He's done it all. He also has this very distinct voice which would be perfect for Dumuzid.

Trisha: The "Midnight Venus," Trisha is the host of Golden Playhouse, which relates the tale of Vincent to the audience. In one of the game's 8 endings (which would be used in the movie along with the "True Katherine" ending), Trisha is revealed to be the goddess Ishtar who built the tower in the nightmare world.

Scarlett Johansson: You know, Johansson was actually my first choice for Katherine. However, after some thought, I decided she'd be better suited for Trisha.

What do you think? As with all my articles, I appreciate all our comments.
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