FAN CAST: Devil May Cry

FAN CAST: Devil May Cry

My opinion on a live action of Devil May Cry movie.

If you never see my fancast I want to tell that you will find many grammar problems. Also it took me a month to find these choices.

Originally intended to be a sequel in Capcom's Resident Evil series, Devil May Cry was such a radical departure from the series' style that it was developed into a new property entirely. This was the first(good atleast) hack and slash 3D game.

In chronological order Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening is first and it's one of the best origin stories, surprising if you consider that it's a video game. It has great characters, great plot, great cutscenes and great gameplay. Then it's Devil May Cry which is not as good as the third game, but in the time that it was release it was as good as the third. Then Devil May Cry 4 the best graphics, gameplay and bosses fights, but the worst plot, cutscenes and dialogue. Then Devil May Cry 2 the worst game in the series in every way.

Cam Gigandet(Twilight) - Dante & Vergil

Josh Holloway(Lost) - Dante & Vergil

Dante is the main protagonist of the Devil May Cry series. He is the second son of the demon Sparda and the human Eva, and the younger twin brother of Vergil. As such, he is a half-demon, half-human hybrid. Dante is a mercenary dedicated to exterminating demons; a mission he follows in pursuit of those that killed his mother and corrupted his brother.

Vergil is the older of the twin sons of Sparda and Eva. Unlike Dante, his younger brother, he embraces his demonic heritage and despises his human one. His personality is a complete opposite to Dante's; whereas Dante is hot-headed and sarcastic, Vergil is cold blooded and sardonic. He has a lust for power and is willing to disregard anything to obtain the power of his father, Sparda. He uses Yamato, a keepsake from his father, and possesses a sense of style which rivals Dante's.

I choose two different actors because they both have something of Dante. A young Dante who is immature and careless. These were my thoughts. Cam Gigandet even though hasn't play in any good film he was good in twilight, as good as can be in that movie, and in a bigger more important role of a guy who just starting to take life more seriously will be good and Josh Holloway has the character that I look for a mature Dante. I prefer Gigandet.

Brad Pitt(voice) - The Dark Knight Sparda CGI

Sparda was once one of Mundus's loyal generals. At some point he saw the tyranny and injustice of his master and rebelled, fighting to save humanity. Before his rebellion, he made a pact with his students to live true to their aspirations and to carry them out. He alone defeated the hellish host, before moving on to the Emperor of Darkness himself. Sparda defeated Mundus, sealing him into a marble vault, and what was left of Mundus's armies retreated back into the demon world. Sparda's activities over the next two thousand years are shrouded in legend, though it is understood that for a time after defeating Mundus, he ruled over the humans before eventually vanishing. Sparda later appeared in the twentieth century where he met and fell in love with a human woman named Eva, who bore him twin sons.

I'm not sure for this choice. I though that Pitt can give a believable father warrior figure.

January Jones(X-Men First Class) - Trish

Trish comes to Devil May Cry one night to meet Dante. There she electrocutes him, but with his demon powers he fights back. Trish is defeated, but tells Dante that she needs his help. She takes him to Mallet Island, where Mundus is planning to open the gate to the Underworld to cross over to the Human World. It is eventually revealed that Trish was actually created by Mundus as a lure to kill Dante in the island. At the end of Devil May Cry, Trish sympathizes with Dante after having tried to kill him. After being held hostage by Mundus, the demon king then tries to kill Dante by using a very powerful beam from his third eye. However, Trish sacrifices herself by pushing Dante out of the beam's range and seems to be killed because of the beam. Dante leaves her with the Sparda as a headstone. Later cornered by a heavily mutated Mundus, Dante hears his mother's voice, and Trish bursts through the wall in rays of energy to aid him. She lends him her power and Mundus is defeated. It is implied that she works with Dante.

Maybe not so good actress, but she has the looks and Emma Frost character is close to Trish.

January Jones - Eva

Little is known about Eva. She herself appears only as a photo on Dante's desk and as a voice in a flashback in the first Devil May Cry game. What is known is that some time before their 8th birthday, she gave each of the boys half of Sparda's amulet and that she was killed in a demon attack, implied to have been ordered by Mundus. While the exact details of that terrible event were never revealed, it seems that she gave her life for her sons. Eva's death is most likely the event that shaped the paths Dante and Vergil took, causing Dante to fight demons and Vergil to search for Force Edge.

Trish created by Mundus as a perfect replica of Eva.

Ashley Greene(Twilight) - Lady

Lady makes her first appearance in Devil May Cry 3 where she displays hostility towards any demon as she believes that they are nothing, but dangerous and disgusting creatures. Before the beginning of the game, her father, Arkham, killed her mother for mysterious reasons. Because of this, she goes into the Temen-ni-Gru to avenge her mother's death by killing Arkham. Due to these series of events, she stops associating herself with her given name, Mary. At the end she becomes friends with Dante and he finally opens the shop named after Lady seeing Dante shedding tears for his brother, 'Devil May Cry' .

Don't jugde because of one movie. I think the actors in twilight are underated(exept Pattison). I wanted an actress who looks good in short hair.

Chris Zylka(My Super Psycho Sweet 16) - Nero

Nero is one of the main protagonists (alongside Dante) in the fourth installment of the Devil May Cry series. Little about him is known, but apparently, he was raised in the city of Fortuna as an orphan and taken in by Kyrie and Credo since childhood, growing into young adulthood together. Nero's actual origin still remains unknown but Sanctus makes multiple references to Nero being "a descendant with Sparda's blood". One of the Capcom employees who worked on the game has revealed that Nero is actually the son of Vergil, Dante's twin brother.Nero is a sardonic character and doesn't like to be messed with. Nero is a Holy Knight in the Order of the Sword, a religious order that worships Sparda and fights to protect the world from demons. He performs "special jobs" for the Order. Nero's rebellious nature leads to the Order making him work alone. Nero actually prefers to act as a lone wolf. Kyrie is the childhood friend of Nero as well as a singer during the Order's ceremonies. He and Kyrie both fall in love some point prior to the beginning of the game. This love plays a major part during the events of Devil May Cry 4.

I choose him because I've seen him in another DMC fancast and I though it's a pretty good idea. He ain't good actor, but in the video game the character was so bad peform that I just wanted an actor who looks like Nero.

Scott Speedman(Underworld) - Credo

Credo is a character from Devil May Cry 4. He is the well-respected Supreme General of the Holy Knights of Fortuna, a position he gained through his incredible skill with a blade and his unwavering loyalty to the Order of the Sword and its ideals, not to mention his same loyalty to Sanctus and his teachings. As the Supreme General, he has hundreds of knights under his command. Coincidentally, he is also the older brother of Kyrie. He treats Nero as part of his family, yet does not have confidence with Nero's behavior and skills.

In Underworld: Evolution he played the protective guy pretty good. Also he has the looks of a big brother.

Dianna Agron(Glee) - Kyrie

Kyrie is a supporting character in Devil May Cry 4. She was born and raised in Fortuna, is the younger sister of the leader of the Order of the Sword's Holy Knights, Credo, and songstress for the Festival of the Sword. Kyrie is the childhood friend of Nero, as well as his lover. She carries a necklace that was given to her by Nero at the beginning of the game as a present during the festival. The love between Kyrie and Nero seems to have started before the events of Devil May Cry 4, but their love is used as a major plot point on several occasions during the game.

She was too bad peform, so I choose a cute girl who I think her looks match Zylka. Also Agron can sing and so do Kyrie.

Mila Kunis(Black Swan) - Lucia

Lucia is one of the protagonists and playable characters of Devil May Cry 2, alongside Dante. Lucia is a quick and agile fighter, she uses two ornately crafted curved daggers. Like Dante, she can also Devil Trigger transforming into an angel-like demon. Lucia is a member of the Vie de Marli, a clan of guardians which have the blood of devils and protects her homeland of Dumary Island.

Kunis has become quite the actress. Should I have another reason?

Meagan Good(D.E.B.S.) - Gloria

Gloria is actually Trish who spy the Order, but I think the character is good enough to not be just a costume.

Gloria must be played by a hot black girl. The choice is pretty obvious.

Brian Cox(X2)(voice) - Mundus the Dark Emperor CGI

Two millennia ago, the Devil Prince Mundus was born into the depths of the Demon World as it snowed in the Human World, and quickly rose to power. He planned to lead an assault on the Human World, as he wished to conquer it and rule both realms, but Sparda, one of his chief generals, "awoke to justice", leading him to single-handedly defeat both Mundus and his armies, and seal the main gate within the Demon World. In response, Mundus planned revenge against Sparda's family. His demons attacked and killed Eva, Sparda's wife and Dante and Vergil's mother. Mundus isn't just a bad guy, he is pure evil. When Dante ask him why his mother Mundus says 'That useless being? If you need a mother I can create it as many as you want. Just like I created Trish'.

Cox always plays the villain who see everyone else as insects.

Paul Bettany(The Da Vinci Code) - Arkham

A mysterious and shady individual, marked with burns on his own face (that seem to pulsate at some points, possibly because of his half-demon traits) and also suffers from Heterochromia (one eye is blue, the other is brown). Arkham was once human but has since become a devil, sacrificing his own wife to do so. A cruel man, he wants to possess the power of The Dark Knight Sparda, and in order to do so, he has to unseal the tunnel between worlds, a tower known as Temen-ni-gru. Statements from Lady and Arkham suggest that Arkham may have never had these cruel intentions until he tapped into demonic powers.

Bettany is a good actor who can play the scary guy, as you can see in the picture.

Crispin Glover(Charlie's Angels) - Jester

Jester is Arkham's alter ego. In this persona, Jester frequently taunts Dante, but occasionally provides helpful hints and tips to him.

Glover is a fun favorite choice for Joker and Jester was made after Joker.

James Purefoy(Solomon Kane) - Arius

Arius is a wealthy businessman who serves as the primary antagonist of Devil May Cry 2. Although he is the president of an international public corporation "Uroboros", he focuses his research into the black arts as a modern-day sorcerer, in an effort to raise the devil Argosax the Chaos from the demon world and use its power to become "an all-powerful immortal". He came to Dumary Island in search of the legendary Arcana, the four mystical artifacts which would allow him to unseal Argosax.

I choose him because he has that evil look which tell you I'll kill you.

Jason Isaacs(Harry Potter)(voice) - Bolverk CGI

He is a skeletal demon warrior who once fought and lost to Sparda, driving him to seek revenge against Sparda's heir, Dante.

Issaacs is a good villain and I wanted to be the voice of a bad ass.

Ian McKellen(X-Men) - Sanctus

Sanctus is the leader of the Order of the Sword, the Vicar of Sparda, a previous Supreme General of the Holy Knights and the main antagonist of Devil May Cry 4. As the leader of Fortuna, he is behind all of the actions of the Order, and is the mastermind of their plot to conquer the world using the Savior. He is considered one of the greatest leaders of the Order, and has the total loyalty of the populace.

He is a great actor.

Christopher Eccleston(G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra) - Agnus

Agnus is a supporting character in Devil May Cry 4, a stuttering scientist and high-ranking official in the Order of the Sword. Agnus serves as the chief technology researcher and alchemist of the Holy Knights. Only few people of the Order know about him and his scientific research with demonic powers.

He always plays the villain in movies and, to be honest, he has Agnus nose lol.

Oliver Platt(X-Men: First Class)(voice) - Griffon CGI

Griffon is a demonic bird with the power to control lightning. It is oversized and can defeat the strongest of warriors. It has the added advantages of flying and shooting red lightning, which travels at insanely fast speeds. He also has a razor sharp beak and always dives towards Dante during battle. He is one of Mundus's generals.

Platt has an evil voice.

Victor Garber(Green Lantern: First Flight)(voice) - Phantom CGI

The Phantom (or simply Phantom) is a boss character that appears in Devil May Cry. He is a massive demon resembling a fiery tarantula/scorpion hybrid. Phantom is one of Mundus' Generals (seemingly of equal rank with a devil knight) and is considered his right hand "man".

He is pretty good in voicing villains.

Rose McGowan(Planet Terror) - Nevan the Lightning Witch

One of the gatekeepers of Temen-ni-gru sealed away by Sparda, Nevan is a Leanashe who seduces men down the path to hell.

She is pretty hot and has some acting abilities.

Michael Clarke Duncan(Green Lantern)(voice) - Beowulf the Lightbeast CGI

One of the gatekeepers of Temen-ni-gru, half-blinded and sealed away for 2000 years by Sparda, Beowulf is a winged beast who anxiously awaits his chance at revenge. He possesses overwhelming strength and a variety of light attacks.

Duncan has the deep voice that Beowulf has.

John C. McGinley(Superman/Batman: Public Enemies)(voice) - Cerberus the Ice Guardian CGI

he Gatekeeper of the entrance to the Temen-ni-gru, chained up and sealed away by Sparda, Cerberus is a three-headed hellhound willing to grant power to the worthy. He has the power to control ice, which he uses to encase himself in ice armor, summon showers of icicles, and belch small icebergs. Each of his heads uses different techniques.

I choose him because he has voice a character.

Wade Williams & John DiMaggio(Batman: Under the Red Hood)(voices) - Agni & Rudra the Firestorm CGI

Twin Demon gatekeepers of Temen-ni-gru sealed away by Sparda, Agni and Rudra are a pair of living swords, swung by demon hosts, searching for an owner worthy of their power. Agni is the red sword with power to control fire, while Rudra is the blue sword with power to control wind. They are adept at fighting together, though they can be tricked into hurting each other. However, once one host is defeated, the other will go for the fallen sword, allowing him to become more powerful.

Agni & Rudra are preety comedic characters and Wade Williams & John DiMaggio are comedic voice actors.

Michael Madsen(Kill Bill)(voice) - Berial the Conqueror of the Fire Hell CGI

Berial attacks Nero in the Ferrum Hills, a deserted mining camp, which is destroyed in the ensuing battle. He claims to have visited the human world two-thousand years ago during the time of Sparda, and never met any human like Nero except for "him" (who may be Sparda).

Madsen has a tough guy voice that Berial should.

Christina Hendricks(Mad Men)(voice and face) - Echidna the She-Viper CGI

Echidna is a giant, flying, snake-dragon demoness that both Nero and Dante fight. In snake form, she resembles a giant snake with a few feathery frills around the neck and multiple eyes on the head being the only difference between its and a regular snake's appearance. However, the head "unzips" in four places down the head and this reveals Echidna as a humanoid female with glowing eyes and no lower body (or it is at least inside the snake portion) with a pair of red plumes on her head that combine to form the tongue of the snake, and can also be used as makeshift whips at close range. She can lay egg-seeds and scatters them all over the forest to act as hosts for further demons, with this she aims to create a world where demons would prosper.

Hendricks has squeaky voice that Echidna has.

CGI demons who don't talk:
I choose only the demons who I thuink are cool enough.
The Savior

The Savior is a demonic statue built in the image of Sparda which appears in Devil May Cry 4. Though it is a demon, it is often seen as a god, and its exterior holds several azure jewels composed of a millennium's worth of demonic matter and spiritual essence melded together. It was brought forth by the Order of the Sword in order for it to be used to conquer the world and purge it of demons, and was housed in the Advent Chamber until it was awakened.

Leviathan the Evil God-Beast

The great beast Leviathan is a flying biological weapon created by the Devil-king. Sparda sealed it away with Temen-ni-gru, but it was released by Vergil and Arkham. It's body is a gateway to the Hell of Envy, and the Ignis Fatuus, composed of the souls of those sent to Hell, is Leviathan's power source.

Alto Angelo

The Alto Angelo is a knight of the Order of the Sword who has become a demon through the Ascension Ceremony, and has donned the armor of the Bianco Angelo in order to lead them in battle.

Bianco Angelo

The Bianco Angelo is an artificial demon developed by Agnus. Wearing armor bearing the crest of the Order of the Sword and made from fragments of Nelo Angelo, this hollow shell is animated by the souls of humans and demons that have been captured by Agnus.


Frosts are a higher order of Blades and are elite demon soldiers appearing in Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 4 which manifest through ice. They were created by Mundus as shock troops, and resemble Blades and Assaults. If given enough time, they are able to regenerate lost body parts by encasing themselves in ice, and are impervious to all fire weaker than Ifrit's hellfire.


Assaults are elite demons sired by the emperor of demon-kind appearing in Devil May Cry 4. They are able to burrow through the ground with their sharp claws, and are versatile enemies. Assaults have shields which they use to defend themselves, but destroying the shields will render them defenseless.


The Blitz is an elite demon which appears in Devil May Cry 4. Like the Assault and Frost, it was sired by Mundus as a foot-soldier. It is blind, so it relies on its other senses to viciously attack its foes. However, it will sometimes mistakenly attack other demons. It shields itself within electricity that damages any opponent who attempts to use melee attacks on it, and it can also become electricity to teleport around the battlefield. It will attack with a combination of lightning strikes, electrically-amplified claw swipes, and a beam of electricity which it fires from its claws.


The Cutlass is an artificial demon created by Agnus through magically cross-breeding a sword and a fish. Its dorsal fin, an incredibly sharp blade, allows it to cut through earth, stone, and metal, effectively allowing it to swim through solid land. They attack by diving out of the ceiling or floor, but if damaged they will remain knocked out on the floor.


The Gladius is an artificial demon created by Agnus through magically cross-breeding a sword with a reptile. It is capable of flight, and can transform its entire body into a bladed weapon able to be wielded by others. If damaged, it will drop to the ground in its weapon form, where it can be picked up and thrown at a locked-on enemy using Nero's Buster. Agnus wields Gladii both in his human and Angelo Agnus forms, and his own Buster moment involves being impaled with the demons.


The Basilisk is an artificial demon created by Agnus by magically cross-breeding a gun and a dog. It is able to fire its fiery skull from its body like a bullet, and then regenerate a new one.


The Blood-Goyle is a lesser demon that appears in Devil May Cry 3, and is created when blood touches certain enchanted statues. The Blood-Goyle also has the ability to split in half when hit with melee weapons, but modern-day weapons such as guns will actually cause it to temporarily revert back into an immobile statue, rendering it vulnerable.[1] Blood-goyles can be found in both a regular and a "giant" size, which splits into regular Blood-Goyles and is slightly slower.


The Mephisto is a lower-level demon that appears in Devil May Cry 4. It covers itself with a cape of black mist composed of a special gas that allows it to pass through solid objects and float through the air. However, if the cape is removed through use of fire arms or the Devil Bringer, the Mephisto is revealed to simply be a red scorpion-like demon, unable to defend itself and a coward. The Mephisto is also able to extend its spear-like fingers, allowing it to impale a victim before they can react.

Sin Scissors

Sin Scissors use a pair of rusted scissors to tear and clip at their foes. They are capable of flying, as well as phasing in and out of walls. Their haunting laughter echoes as these demons approach, and will also be heard when they are defeated.

Death Scythe

More powerful versions of the Sins, they wear a large skull mask, adorned with horns. Their bodies are similar to the Sins, but their aura is a fiery crimson. Their laughter, more terrifying and imposing than that of the Sins, echoes when they approach, and echoes again when they die.

Seven Hells the Demon Army:
The Seven Hells are the basic enemies of Devil May Cry 3, and are based around the Seven Deadly Sins. They are Netherworld jailors who govern those sent to hell for their respective sins, though they have been called to the Human World to hunt down all humans, guilty or innocent.

1st Hell: Pride

The Hell Pride is the weakest of the seven Hells, and its giant sickle is quite weak. However, the Hell Pride makes up for its weakness with numbers. It governs those who committed the sin of pride.

2nd Hell: Envy

The Hell Envy is similar to a Hell Pride, manifests through a mysterious green liquid similar to stomach acid, which limits their movement while preventing them from being knocked into the air. It governs those who committed the sin of envy. It seems to only wear a few bandages and a form of torture mask, and can only be found within the body of Leviathan.

3rd Hell: Wrath

The Hell Wrath is the most miserable of the seven Hells, as it is forced to carry a massive organic sack that explodes when dropped or damaged enough, taking out anything close to it, and often shrieks in pain when it does. It governs those who committed the sin of wrath. Hell Wraths only wear a few bandages.

4th Hell: Sloth

The Hell Sloth is the tallest of the Hells, and is able to teleport around rooms to ambush its victims. It governs those who committed the sin of sloth. It moans before teleporting, and does not seem to ever actually walk.

5th Hell: Greed

The Hell Greed cannot directly attack its victims, so instead it uses its beloved coffin to summon Hell Prides, Sloths, and Lusts to fight for it. However, it can injure its victim if he gets in the way of the coffin while it is summoning others. It governs those who committed the sin of greed. Like Hell Envy's and Wrath's, it seems to only wear a few bandages.

6th Hell: Gluttony

The Hell Gluttony is similar to a Hell Pride, but is slightly stronger and able to fire a blast of sand from its mouths that can injure its victims. It governs those who committed the sin of Gluttony. Unlike Hell Prides, it wields a sharp double-bladed staff.

7th Hell: Lust

The Hell Lust is similar to a Hell Pride, but is much faster and able to not only dodge and weave to avoid attacks, but is able to perform an extremely fast dash attack. However, it lacks the numbers of the Hell Pride. It governs those who committed the sin of lust. It wears a distinctive jester-like outfit, rather than bandages or a cloak.


The Abyss is a high-ranking demon from the deepest levels of the netherworld that behaves similarly to the Hells, but manifests through blood, allowing it to materialize and liquify at will. It acts mostly like the Hell Lust. It is also able to throw a ball of fire when swinging its magic-imbued scythe, which it has used to murder many heroes.

Hell Vanguard

The Hell Vanguard is known as the god of death, and is responsible for managing the souls of the dead. He is feared by other demons for its wicked nature and fighting prowess, including the abilities to teleport and fly. Unlike other Hells, it does not seem to manifest through the same kind of sand, but rather by a mysterious blue dust.

Nelo Angelo is Vergil, If you wonder where's Nelo Angelo. Also lets hope for no Uwe Boll and Paul W. S. Anderson. I want your opinion.
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