FAN CAST: Doctor Strange

FAN CAST: Doctor Strange

FAN CAST: Doctor Strange

Here are my choices for the main characters of the rumoured upcoming Doctor Strange movie!

The characters that I've included here are those that I think are most likely to appear in a Doctor Strange movie...however you will notice that there is one character missing - The Ancient One! Though I was tempted to cast Stan "The Man" Lee in the part (jokingly of cours) I instead thought it would be far more interesting to see whether you guys have any suggestions because he is the one character that I could not cast, however hard I racked my brains!

Like with my X-Men 4 Fan Cast, I've not included any long winded explanations as to why I chose these particular actors but as I said on my previous cast if you have any questions please just ask me in the comments section below!

Anyway, enough talk - on with the fan cast!!! :)

Johnny Depp as Doctor Strange

Dr Strange

Ralph Fiennes as Dormammu


Christian Bale as Baron Mordo

Baron Mordo

Isla Fisher as Clea


Sarah Wayne Callies as Night Nurse

Night Nurse

Daniel Dae Kim as Wong


Thanks for reading guys! Let me know what you think in the usual place!

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