Fan cast for the rest of the Marvel Universe (part 1)

Fan cast for the rest of the Marvel Universe (part 1)

A multitude of castings that I feel would be perfect for their respective roles. Included are characters from Marvel. (Stay tuned for DC)

For the sake of randomness, I put them in alphabetical order.


Absorbing Man/Carl "Crusher" Creel - Joseph Gatt

Gatt seems pretty well known in the online geek community, even for being a stuntman. I based this pic mostly on his appearance, but it appears that he has some acting ability as well. (see wonder woman pilot)

Angel/Warren Worthington III - Justin Hartley

Originally i had Alex Pettyfer, but decided to go with Hartley after my wife made we watch passions. The dude has a certain quality about him to make girlies swoon in addition to having that regal air about him. And as you may know from smallville, he makes a pretty believable rich playboy-type.

Baron Mordo/Karl Amadeus Mordo - Arnold Vosloo

Having changed my pick from Oded Fehr, I cant say much other than he was awesome in the Mummy, but it was his voicing of Black Adam in the Superman/Shazam short that sold me on him.

Beast/Henry "Hank" McCoy - Ewan McGregor

I struggled finding a good enough actor for this choice, but think I have finally found the perfect person. I chose him because he's no stranger to action, the right age(40), and he definately sounds very intelligent every time he speaks.

Blade/Eric Brooks - Michael Jai White

Holding seven black belts(Shotokan, Tae Kwon Do, Kobudo, Goju Ryu, Tang Soo Do, Wushu, and Kyokushin, with a specific focus in Kyokushin, although his style incorporates aspects of many different martial arts forms), his voice, and overall presence is why he's a fan favorite for this role.

Black Bolt/Blackagar Boltagon - Sam Witwer

Starkiller has very unique talent of showing more emotion with his face than his voice, plus his friends and co-stars likening him to having an "action figure" build is what ultimately led me to him.

Black Panther/T'Chaka - Peter Mensah (60s flashback, before the birth of T'Challa and the adoption of Hunter)

If you've watched the show Spartacus, you know why I've chosen him as T'Chaka, former king of Wakanda, and father to the current Black Panther, t'challa

Bob, Agent of HYDRA - James Roday

come on, you really need to know why?

Bullseye/Lester - Scott Adkins

This is a character I had a hard time settling on, but ultimately went with Scott because of his physicality, and if you ignore his crap accent, he's actually a pretty decent actor in the Undisputed films(parts 2 & 3)

Captain Marvel/Mar-Vell - Aaron Eckhart

I had Eckhart in mind for a lot of people, but none really felt as perfect as this one.

Cloak/Tyrone Johnson - Aldis Hodge & Dagger/Tandy Bowen - Kristen Stewart

Now here's where I lost some of you. Hodge is perfect for this role. Stewart I settled on, as originally I had Dakota Fanning, but changed it due to the drastic age difference. Ignoring the utter crap that is Twilight, Stewart is a good actress.

Cyclops/Scott Summers - Josh Duhamel

Having decided to ignore the age difference, as he looks much younger, I settled on Josh as Cyke because he much more closely resembles the character in both appearance and attitude.

Havok/Alex Summers - Garrett Hedlund

Garrett is a favorite for the role, and with good reason. He looks like the character, has the talent to pull him off, and is the right age (about 5 or 6 years younger than the rest of my first class choices).

Hulkling/Teddy Altman - Kellan Lutz

I chose him mostly for his appearance(tall blonde muscular guy), but think he even has a slight resemblance to my Captain Marvel choice.

The Human Torch/The Synthetic Man/Jim Hammond & Vision/Victor Shade - Wentworth Miller

I might lose some of you here, but that's only because you haven't seen Prison Break. I wanted someone who felt cold, intelligent, has a leadership quality about him, but not too famous of an actor to overshadow the rest of the Avengers.

The Human Torch/Johnny Storm - Ryan McPartlin

If you have seen Chuck, then you know why "Captain Awesome" was chosen for the ulimate lady killing hot shot.

Iceman/Robert Francis Drake - Mike Vogel

I chose Mike as iceman because he's no stranger to comedy, and stood out pretty well in Cloverfield (even if he was the first to die).

Legion/David Charles Haller - Dominic Monaghan

Dominic is an under-rated actor, and it was his morally ambiguous character in Flashforward, as well as my personal opinion that he could portray a young Xavier, that led me to this decision.

Magneto/Max Eisenhardt/Erik Magnus Lensherr - Liam Neeson

He is a fan favorite for the role, but i'm not entirely sold that he's the only choice, so I'm open for suggestions.

Marvel Girl/Jean Grey/Phoenix - Kate Winslett

This was the hardest member of the "First Class" for me to cast. I wanted someone who was beautiful, red haired, and had enough talent to balance out the rest of my x men cast, as well as fit in with the age group. I think i'll let Kate's multiple Oscar, Ammy, Golden Globe, and BAFTA awards and nominations speak for themselves on this one.

Nathaniel Richards/Iron Lad/Kang the Conqueror - Shia Labeouf & Kevin Spacey

Kevin spacey is Kang, hands down, but portraying his younger self was a differnt tune altogether. Ultimately, I went with Shia as he looks like Spacey a bit, plus he seems to be the guy that everybody just loves to hate.

Patriot/Elijah Bradley - Lee Thompson Young

Lee is a scene stealer in any and everything he has ever appeared in.

Quicksilver/Pietro Django Maximoff - Bradley Cooper

Come on, you know this is a good fit. He looks like Pietro, can play the asshole, and can deliver some hilarious one-liners with relative ease.

Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff - Claire Forlani

I had a little trouble casting Wanda, as I mostly based my choices around someone the same age as my Pietro pick, but decided on Claire as she not only looks like the character, but is a damn good and highly under-rated actress.

Stature/Cassandra Lang - Hayden Panettiere

I cast Hayden mostly on appearance, as I though of how funny it would be that the smallest person on my YA team had the power to become the largest.

Storm/Ororo Munroe - Kerry Washington

I chose her mostly on her age, but she is a decent actress, and i wanted a different choice who fit in age wise with my x men.

Union Jack/Lord James Montgommery Falsworth - Jeremy Irons

I wanted a brit with battle scars, a good voice, a commanding presence, and a leadership quality to him. I think you will agree that I've found him.

Union Jack/Brian Falsworth - Jamie Bamber

A bit of an unknown, Bamber has appeared in Battlestar Galatica and Law & Order UK. Ultimately I decided on him becuase he resembles Irons in my opinion.

Vulcan/Gabriel Summers - Brandon Routh

I don't recall who, but some had him as Cyclops. all due respect to his fans, but the guy's not the best of actors. I expect this role to be much like he played Superman, programmed and emotionless.

Wiccan/William Kaplan & Speed/Thomas Shepherd - Zac Efron

Zac is an amazing actor. some may not like this choice, But I think he's perfect. He could go all Charlie St. Cloud for Billy, and 17 again for Tommy.
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