Fan Cast: GARGOYLES, The Complete Cast!!!

Fan Cast: GARGOYLES, The Complete Cast!!!

My entire Gargoyles cast, all in one place for your enjoyment!

The thing is, I don't want them to ever make a Gargoyles movie. I think the show was as perfect as it can be, and aside from more violence and drawn-out action, there's not much that could be improved by translating the material to live action. I would much rather see some kind of continuation of the show (I've checked out some of the new comics) rather than starting all over again in a new format.

That being said, the opening five-parter would make an excellent live action movie. On that we can all agree. But after the first five, the show goes into full-on episodic TV series mode, and to my eyes compressing those complex characters and those long-form storylines into subsequent two-hour sequels would be a logistical nightmare. But of course, that hasn't stopped me from going all the way with this.

So here it is. Every castable role from the greatest toon of the 90s, GARGOYLES!!!!! I knew I got in way over my head with this, but I'm still glad I put in the time.

For the minor roles and guest spots, I tried to only cast characters who appeared on more than one episode (so no Mace Malone or Anansi).

In order of appearance:

Rosario Dawson (Sin City, Death Proof) as ELISA MAZA

After careful consideration, I've concluded that Dawson is the best choice for Elisa. Not only does she embody all the qualities that the character requires, but she would definitely bring something unexpected to the performance as well. Plus, she's a self-professed geek.

James Preston Rogers (Outlander) as HAKON

John Rhys-Davies as CAPT. OF THE GUARD

Since he's worked on the show (as the voice of MacBeth) it would be a cool callback to have him appear in the film; but not as a gargoyle. He's said he's so done with makeup/prosthetics roles, so better to have him play a pivotal human character.

Roger Cross ("Continuum," "24") as GOLIATH

We all love Keith David's dulcet vocals, but for the live performance (or mo-capped, if you will) few actors have the voice, the size, and the commanding presence required to bring Goliath to live action.

Brian Cox (X2, The Bourne Identity) as HUDSON

Garrett Hedlund (Tron Legacy, Four Brothers) as BROOKLYN

Anton Yelchin (Star Trek) as LEXINGTON

Seth Rogen as BROADWAY

Anna Torv ("Fringe") as DEMONA

There are lots of actresses who could play an interesting Demona, but Torv would bring an intensity to the role that few could match. Plus, she's a mo-cap vet from the game Heavenly Sword.

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers ("The Tudors") as MAGUS

Sarah Bolger (The Spiderwick Chronicles, "The Tudors") as PRINCESS KATHARINE

Whichever boy I choose to play TOM (YOUNG) will likely be too old for the role by the time you finish reading this sentence. That said, I think Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Road, Let Me In) would be excellent

Esther Hall ("Rome", "Waking the Dead") as MARY

Jon Hamm ("Mad Men") as DAVID XANATOS

David Anders ("Alias," "Once Upon a Time") as OWEN BURNETT

Annie Wersching ("24") as FOX

After the last couple seasons of '24', I thought of Wersching for Fox, and then I couldn't think of anyone better.

Ray Stevenson (G.I.Joe: Retaliation, "Rome") as WOLF

Ryan O'Nan ("The Unusuals", The Dry Land) as JACKAL

Riki Lindhome (Last House on the Left) as HYENA

Lawrence Makoare (Lord of the Rings) as DINGO

This one was very tricky. Eventually I figured that since Dingo is so physically similar to Wolf, and since Dingo is a shade darker than the rest of the pack anyway, it wouldn't be such a bad idea to just make Dingo Samoan or Aboriginal. Plus, it would be cool to see Makoare play a major character without the twenty pounds of makeup and prosthetics we usually see on him.

Taylor Kitsch ("Friday Night Lights") as TONY DRACON

Aldis Hodge ("Leverage") as GLASSES

Lourdes Benedicto ("V") as LT. MARIA CHAVEZ

Anybody else think it's weird that Chavez doesn't look latina on the show? Probably to differentiate her from Elisa. Anyway, that would be less of an issue in live-action.

Michael Ealy (Miracle at St. Anna, Underworld: Awakening) as DEREK MAZA

Michael Horse as PETER MAZA (he also played the voice on the show)

I don't normally go for casting the voice actors in the live-action roles, but Horse is still the perfect guy for the job.

L. Scott Caldwell ("Lost") as DIANE MAZA

Jasika Nicole ("Fringe") as BETH MAZA

Kenneth Mitchell ("Jericho") as MATT BLUESTONE

There are many young, tall, handsome white guys that could portray this character, but Mitchell really looks like Matt Bluestone brought to life.

Liam Neeson as MACBETH

Ten years ago I would've said Sean Connery. Today, Neeson is The Man.

John Noble ("Fringe", Lord of the Rings) as THE ARCHMAGE

I would love to see Noble play an all-out bad guy, like Walternate only moreso.

Idris Elba ("Luther", Prometheus) as OTHELLO/COLDSTONE

Elba would easily be my second choice for Goliath, which I suppose would be true of whoever is cast as Othello.

Sophie Okonedo ('Hotel Rwanda') as DESDEMONA

Lance Reddick ("Fringe", "The Wire") as IAGO

As far as the character is concerned, I wouldn't really call this one spot-on casting, but I know Reddick would make an excellent gargoyle.

John Terry ("Lost") as PETROS XANATOS

Enrico Colantoni ("Flashpoint", "Veronica Mars") as MARTIN HACKER

Julian Sands as DR. SEVARIUS

Now, I love and adore Tim Curry as much as anyone, but I just can't picture Curry playing Sevarius in live-action without it feeling like a parody of itself. Julian Sands easily fits the mad geneticist mold these days (plus, he's about the same age now as Curry was when he voiced the character, so there's that.)

Michael Ealy also as TALON

Jayma Mays ("Glee", "Heroes") as MAGGIE

Adam Baldwin ("Chuck", "Firefly") as FANG

Since Jim Belushi voiced Fang, it makes sense to get a beefy Chicagoan for the live-action version

Brian Steele (Hellboy, Underworld) as CLAW

Ron Glass ("Firefly") as JEFFREY ROBBINS

Neil Patrick Harris as PUCK

Henry Ian Cusick ("Lost") as MACBETH (young)

They could probably pull off Neeson playing his youthful self (and jack up the film's budget) with some 'Benjamin Button'-type special effects, but it would be so much simpler to just cast another actor, and Cusick is always awesome on "LOST".

David Murray (Batman Begins, King Arthur, GI Joe) as GILLECOMGAIN

It was down to either him or Iain Glen, so I saved Glen for later.

Kelly Reilly (Sherlock Holmes) as GRUOCH

Brendan Gleeson (Harry Potter, In Bruges) as BODHE

James Cosmo ("Game of Thrones") as KING FINDLAECH

Richard Armitage ("Robin Hood", Captain America) as DUNCAN

Tom Wisdom (300) as CANMORE

For the WEIRD SISTERS, I’d say this calls for a Tim Burton alum, like Jayne Wisener (Sweeney Todd)

Plus, for the WEIRD SISTERS as creepy little schoolgirls, I'll take Adair Tishler (“Heroes,” “Dollhouse: Epitaph One & Two”)

Stephen McHattie (Watchmen, Pontypool) as HALCYON RENARD

Sean Maher ("Firefly") as PRESTON VOGEL

Vogel is supposed to look suspiciously like Owen (not to mention a total square), and Maher can be made to look similar to David Anders.

Fun fact: Neil Patrick Harris auditioned for the role of Simon on "Firefly". Weird.

Iain Glen ("Game of Thrones", "Downton Abbey") as TOM (adult)

Ciaran Hinds ("Rome", "Game of Thrones") as KING KENNETH

Anabelle Wallis ("The Tudors") as FINELLA

Stephen Moyer ("True Blood") as LORD CONSTANTINE

Jack Huston ("Boardwalk Empire") as LORD CHALVIM

Casting ANGELA was surprisingly difficult, not because she is a poorly defined character (she's not at all), but because there are tons of young actresses who fit the bill. Given my choices for Goliath and Demona, I think Jessica Szohr ("Gossip Girl") would make an interesting choice.

Gaius Charles ("Friday Night Lights") as GABRIEL

Deborah Ann Woll ("True Blood") as OPHELIA

Lindsay Duncan ("Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars," "Rome") as PRINCESS KATHARINE (old)

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (still) as THE MAGUS (old)

Kevin McKidd ("Grey's Anatomy", "Rome") as KING ARTHUR

I think would be particularly awesome

Tilda Swinton as UNA

Vincent Regan (300) as LEO

Jonas Armstrong ("Robin Hood") as GRIFF

Karen Gillen ("Doctor Who") as BANSHEE

Stellan Skarsgård as ODIN

Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men, Skyfall) as ZAFIRO

Alice Braga (Predators, I Am Legend) as OBSIDIANA

Sofia Vergara ("Modern Family") as TURQUESA

Edgar Ramirez (The Bourne Ultimatum, "Carlos") as JADE

Hiroyuki Sanada (The Last Samurai, "Lost") as KAI

Yusuke Iseya (Sukiyaki Western Django, Casshern) as YAMA

Aya Ueto (Azumi) as SORA

Shido Nakamura (Letters from Iwo Jima, Fearless) as TARO

Alex Meraz (The Twilight Saga) as COYOTE

Vincent Cassel (Black Swan, Eastern Promises) as OBERON

Monica Bellucci, aka Mrs. Vincent Cassel (Sorcerer's Apprentice, The Matrix Reloaded) as TITANIA

Adam Ferrara ("Rescue Me") as VINNIE

Henry Cavill ("The Tudors") as JASON CANMORE

Alona Tal ("Veronica Mars", "Supernatural") as ROBYN CANMORE

William Moseley (Chronicles of Narnia) as JON CANMORE

Gerard Butler as CHARLES CANMORE

WHEW! That's it for Gargoyles and me.

Next time: HE-MAN!!
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