Fan Cast: Guardians of the Galaxy

Fan Cast: Guardians of the Galaxy

My fan cast for Marvel Studios's Guardians of the Galaxy.

Nathan Fillion or John Barrowman - Star-Lord/Peter Quill

These 2 actors can nail Star-Lord perfectly! There funny, witty and can be badasses! If Fillion can't do it, I would love to see John Barrowman do it.

Adam Baldwin - Rocket Raccoon (voice)

I wanted to go with some who I haven't seen anyone suggest and Adam Baldwin, to me at least, has the voice Rocket Raccoon needs.

Vin Diesel - Drax the Destroyer

Vin Diesel is Drax in the flesh! And as shown in Riddick, he's good with knives.

Olivia Wilde - Gamora

Beautiful, gorgeous and badass, Olivia Wilde has everthing to play Gamora.

Steve Blum - Groot

Steve Blum is one of the greatest voice actors living today, he would do a phenomenal job voicing Groot!
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