An MCott62094 fan cast for the popular 80s series, Thundercats which spawned a comic series and a 2011 remake. This is my fan cast for a potential live action movie..

Hello all. I’m bringing you guys another of my fan casts. This time, the popular series Thundercats.

I liked the 2011 remake series. While I enjoyed the original, I thought the remake improved upon it greatly. So a lot of the concepts are from the remake series. So is the looks and costumes.

The Thundercats: The defenders of Third Earth. They are (supposedly) the last cats after Mumm-Ra’s attack on the cat kingdom. They travel the world, fighting Mumm-Ra and looking for any other cats that might be out there.

Aaron Tveit as Lion-O

Notable in Les Miserables

Aaron is notable for his work on the Broadway stage as well as his recurring role as Tripp in Gossip Girl and starred as Enjolras in the Christmas blockbuster adaptation of the musical Les Miserables. I first saw Aaron in a guest spot on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit where he played a drug addict who accuses his former high school coach of molesting him, and then gets murdered. It’s just my opinion, but I think your acting has to be pretty damn good to guest star on Law and Order. Tveit gives his roles strength and complexity and I think he would be nothing short of amazing in this role.

Candice Accola as Cheetara

Notable in The Vampire Diaries

First off, I think Cheetara is far hotter in the remake than the original! I bet you’re probably going to stop reading this or hate me for using a Vamp Diaries star. But 1, I like the show and 2, Candice is hot and a great actress…at least I think she is but everyone has their own opinion. I think Candice would pull off Cheetara amazingly. Originally, I wanted to go with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, but I use her way too much!

Alexander Skarsgard as Tygra

Notable in True Blood

It’s Alexander Skarsgard, your argument is invalid. I haven’t seen him in much, but what I have seen him in…well: watching him act is like living poetry. He gives it his all. I like the idea in the remake that Lion-O’s father adopted Tygra. So while Lion-O is destined for the throne, everyone feels Tygra deserves it. I would keep this sibling rivalry in the movie.

Joe Manganiello OR Shemar Moore as Panthro

(Joe)Notable in True Blood

(Shemar)Notable in Criminal Minds

It was really tough to decide who I liked more. So, ultimately you my readers can decide. Both actors had large muscular physiques and deep voices so they both had the physical look and sound for Panthro. They’re also both terrific actors. I take pride on my originality so I didn’t go with Vin Diesel as he’s been considered and used in fan trailers before…plus it seems really obvious.

Jimmy Bennet and Chloe Grace Moretz as Wilykat and Wilykit

(Jimmy)Notable in No Ordinary Family

(Chloe)Notable in Dark Shadows

So I decided to advance Wilykit and Wilykat to teens. There is really no reason other than I am terrible with deciding Child actors, so I reached into the teen pool.
I selected Jimmy because of his role in the short lived series No Ordinary Family and as Flash in Daddy Day Care. I selected Chloe because of the Tim Burton comedy Dark Shadows. The twins are less serious than the grown-ups so they’re slightly more comedic.


This is probably my favorite part of the remake. In the original, I was so annoyed by Snarf. In the remake, Snarf was cute and silent (thank god SNARRRF). Snarf would be all CG and serve as comedic relief (with the twins).

The Forces of Mumm-Ra: The evil Mumm-Ra brought down the cat kingdom in revenge for being imprisoned by them within their tree of life for centuries. Weilding the power of the ancient spirits of evil, Mumm-Ra vows to destroy the Thundercats, the last surviving species of his hated enemy.

Bill Goldberg as Grune

Notable in Santa’s Slay

Not many people like wrestlers turned actors. I think some of them are great (like Dwayne Johnson and John Cena) and others not so much (Kane). Goldberg is one of the ones who can act. His hulking fram makes him intimidating, perfect for the traitorous Grune, former ally to both King Claudus and Panthro. The only thing that worries me is most of Goldberg’s credits are comedies…so an action blockbuster? Maybe.

Andy Serkis as General Slythe

Notable in The Lord of the Rings

Andy Serkis is great at playing villains. Enough said. He is also good at changing his voice to suit his role. Have you noticed that Serkis is amazingly fit? I mean with his roles like Gollum and Ceasar (Rise of the Planet of the Apes)? While not as physical as either of those rolls, nonetheless, Serkis would be great as the lizard general.

Guy Pearce as Mumm-Ra

Notable in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

This choice gave me a lot of hell! Hopefully, I settled on a good choice. Pearce is phenomenal! He can play really terrifying villains. And after seeing Prometheus I knew he could physically alter himself to play Mumm-Ra in his original form as well as his ever-living form. This guy gives it his all when he performs.


Pierce Brosnan as King Claudus

Notable in Die Another Day

Brosnan is another great, but I like all these actors so I’m gonna say that a lot. He has that noble air to him, that screams royal. Also, if you look, Brosnan sort of looks like Aaron Tveit which is great for the believability that Lion-O is Claudus' son.

Sylvester McCoy as Jaga

Notable in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Yes, TVs 7th doctor (for all you Doctor Who fans). as the sorcerer who mentored both Cheetara and Lion-O. I really like this choice (it's my personal favorite). I first saw McCoy when i saw The Hobbit. There were other choices I considered but Ian McKellen seemed way too obvious and Sean Connery has retired. When I saw The Hobbit, McCoy's character, Radagast, had this amazing energy and spring in his step that I thought would be great for Jaga.
Reviews and thumbs are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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