FAN CAST: Marvel Knights

FAN CAST: Marvel Knights

FAN CAST: Marvel Knights

Here are my choices for the members of "Daredevil's Unnamed Super-Hero Team" known to comic book fans as the Marvel Knights...(UPDATED)

A loose-knit alliance of urban vigilantes, the "Marvel Knights" first assembled to investigate a mysterious masacre of Red Mafia members in Brooklyn. Allied with his ex-partner the Black Widow and the young heroes Cloak and Dagger, Daredevil, soon discovered that the Asgardian Rock Troll Ulik had caused the massacre in search of the mystical Ragnahorn. Aided by the Punisher and Shang-Chi, the Marvel Knights preoccupied the troll and his minions long enough for Daredevil to retrieve the Ragnahorn and deliver it to Ulik, thus averting further incident.

Wealthy adventurer Moon Knight offered to join and finance their new group and Daredevil reluctantly accepted. Moon Knight even provided the "team" with a headquarters, although Daredevil thought a central base of operations was a bad idea. Tensions between Daredevil and Moon Knight escalated once Moon Knight hired Luke Cage as a full-time member without consulting the rest of the team. Spider-Man also joint the team for a short while. In a battle with and assassin cult, Moon Knight's headquarters was destroyed and the team decided to disband.

joshw24: I've based these choices off of the current Marvel characters so some of my choices are a little different to what they've been in the past! For example, I would like to see Bret Harrsion as Spider-Man...however, I think that my alternative choice below is better suited to the Peter in the current comic books! Anyway, on with the cast!

Michael C. Hall as Daredevil


The radioactive waste that blinded Matt Murdock as a child increased his other senses to a super-human level. He now brings justice both as a succesful defense attorney, and as the crime fighting vigilante DareDevil, the Man Without Fear.

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow

Black Widow

Natasha Romanov, known as Black Widow, is one of the greatest espionage spies still alive today. She was member of the Avengers.

Edi Gathegi as Cloak


Cloak is the personification of Darkness itself. He is the Yin to his partner Dagger's Yang. A mutant superhero of the streets, he waged a war against drugs and drug related crimes. He and Dagger have since joined the world's mutants in their exodus.

Annalynne McCord as Dagger


Tandy Bowen is half of the vigilante duo known as Cloak & Dagger. After a drug-related experiment awakened her mutant powers, she became the personification of light, able to generate light and use it both offensively or defensively.

Terry Crews as Luke Cage

Luke Cage

Luke Cage, wrongly convicted and unjustly imprisoned, was altered in a failed prison experiment that gave him bullet-proof skin and super-human strength.

Casey Affleck as Moon Knight

Moon Knight

Moon Knight, Marc Spector, Steven Grant, Jake Lockley: different aspects of the same man. All serving Khonshu, the Egyptian Lunar God of Vengeance and Justice as his "Avatar"

John Cho as Shang-Chi


Shang-Chi is the Master of Kung-Fu.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Spider-Man


Peter Benjamin Parker is The Amazing Spider-Man. As a teenager, Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider that gave him super powers.

Ray Stevenson as The Punisher

The Punisher

After the murder of his family, Frank Castle was determined to punish crime by any means necessary. He became the deadliest vigilante who ever lived, The Punisher.

Charlize Theron as Elektra


Elektra is Daredevil's most fearsome enemy as well as his former lover. But she is most renowned as being the greatest assassin in the World.

Erik King as Blade


Eric Brooks was born a vampire possessing all their strengths but none of their weaknesses. He has dedicated his life to destroying the occult world of vampires.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

Johnny Blaze is Ghost Rider, former motorcycle stunt driver who now fights injustice as an undead vigilante. Ghost Rider is one of the most powerful beings on earth.

Johnny Depp as Doctor Strange

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Dr Strange, once a gifted but egotistic surgeon who sought the The Ancient One to heal his wounded hands. Instead he became Master of the Mystic Arts and the first Sorcerer Supreme.

So that's it, let me know what you think in the usual place! Thanks for reading!

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