FAN CAST: Ms. Marvel

FAN CAST: Ms. Marvel

Here are my choices for who I think should star in a solo movie for one of Marvel's greatest female superheroes...


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Carol Danvers had always loved the idea of flying, and after she graduated from high school she joined the United States Air Force. She became a skilled jet pilot and distinguished herself enough that she was recruited into the CIA. Carol often teamed up with fellow agent Michael Rossi, and the two became romantically involved.

Carol's later became NASA's head of security. While on the job she suddenly found herself witness to an epic battle between the Kree super-hero Mar-Vell (aka Captain Marvel) and his arch-enemy Yon-Rogg. During the conflict Carol was accidentally knocked into an otherworldly device called the Kree psyche-magnitron, which had the power to turn thoughts into reality. Carol's dreams of flight and her envy of Mar-Vell's powers caused her DNA to be transformed into that of a superhuman member of the Kree race.

Three actresses who could play Ms. Marvel

Katherine Heigl


Yvonne Strahovski


Ali Larter


Jake Gyllenhaal as Michael Rossi


Leonardo DiCaprio as Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)


Kenneth Branagh as Yon-Rogg


Ms. Marvel vs Rogue

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One of the character's greatest battles would be against Mystique. She later plotted to destroy Ms. Marvel which eventually led to Mystique's adopted mutant daughter, Rogue, entering a fateful battle with Carol that would emotionally scar both women forever...

Rachel Nichols as Rogue


Charlize Theron as Mystique


Later Allies

David Boreanez as Wonder Man


Bret Harrison as Spider-Man


So that's it, let me know what you think in the usual place! Thanks for reading!

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