FAN-CAST: Nemesis

FAN-CAST: Nemesis

Here are my picks for a big screen adaption to Mark Millar's Nemesis...

Liam Neeson as Blake Morrow

Other Work:
Batman Begins
Clash Of The Titans

The police commissioner of Washington D.C., religious man, and new secretary of homeland security.

Lennie James as Sergeant Lee

Other Work:
The Walking Dead

A sergeant in the Washington Police Force working under Chief Morrow, who later revealed to be working for Nemesis.

Liv Tyler as Peggy Morrow

Other Work:
The Incredible Hulk
The Lord Of The Rings

The wife of commissioner Morrow.

Josh Hutcherson & Alexandra Daddario as Morrow's Children

Other Work Josh:
Cirque du Freak The Vampire's Assistant
The Hunger Games
The Kids Are All Right

Other Work Alexandra:
Percy Jackson & The Olympians The Lightning Thief
Hall Pass

The children of Blake and Peggy Morrow who are used a distractions for Nemesis big plan.

Ed Harris as The President

Other Work:
Apollo 13
The Truman Show
Game Change

The President of The United States kidnapped by Nemesis for his master plan.

Albert Finney as Howard Anderson

Other Work:
Erin Brockovich
Big Fish
The Bourne Ultimatum

The uncle of Matthew Anderson, Suspected of aiding Nemesis.

Sam Witwer, Til Schweiger, & Norman Reedus as Nemesis henchmen Gas-pipe, Johnny, & Gentle Joe

Other Work Sam:
Being Human
Star Wars The Force Unleashed

Other Work Til:
Inglourious Basterds
The Three Musketeers
Far Cry

Other Work Norman:
The Boondock Saints
Blade II
The Walking dead

The Henchmen of Nemesis, who each have there own area of expertise from technology crime to burglary.

Ray Park as Alex Kirby/Jackie Shoes

Other Work:
Star Wars Episode I
G.I. Joe The Rise Of Cobra

The best undercover cop on the force, secretly working for Nemesis as a henchman under the name Jackie Shoes.

Logan Marshall-Green as Nemesis

Other Work:
Dark Blue

The most intelligent man in the world as well as the only super villian, Nemesis has one simple goal; Make the lives of the best cops a hellish nightmare. He also poses as Matthew Anderson to throw off Blake.

Bruce Willis as The Guy

Other Work:
Sin City
Pulp Fiction

A mysterious man who is the head of a company that arranges for rich people to become supervillains
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