Fan Cast- "Nolanverse" Batman Villains Part Two

Fan cast of Batman villains who would have been good in the "Nolanverse" movies. Part two.

Okay, let me start this up with a small disclaimer. I understand, my casting choices for Riddler and Deadshot were not best, but sh*t, it wasn't as bad as most of the cast choices of "The Last Airbender" (God, that kid playing Aang sucked), am i right? So i'm still sticking by my choices. All right, with that out of that way, let's get back to my fan cast of villains in the "Nolanverse" Batman films, let's do this sh*t.

Roman Sionis/Black Mask- Walton Goggins("Miracle at St. Anna.", "Predators", "The Shield") or Will Arnett ("Arrested Development". "Grindhouse" and "The Sopranos"): Born to wealthy and utterly self-absorbed parents who cared more about their social status than their own son, Roman Sionis grew up hating his parents (Who were so called 'friends' with the Waynes). After his parents forbid him from dating a girl he liked cause they thought "She's a working class sl*t.", he burned down the family's mansion, killing both parents. In return, he inherited the family fortune and business, Janus Cosmetics. But after some VERY poor business choices were made on his part, it ruined Janus Cosmetics. Then his girlfriend broke up with him. Though Wayne Industries, now headed by Bruce Wayne, tried to help out by bailing out the company, it drove Roman insane. Going to his family mausoleum, he broke his father's ebony coffin lid, and carved a mask becoming the crime lord "Black Mask". His black mask as known looks like a skull while Roman looks like a smug, but willing business man.

This one was a hard one, really, it was, i know there's the rumors of him in "TDKR". For the way i pictured pictured Roman sorta like the polar opposite of Bruce Wayne. While Bruce had parents who loved him, he loved them back and is a nice guy, Roman had very f*cking bad parents, dreaded them very much and is a prick. Both Walton (Who, as Warrior on here mentioned, would make a good Firefly.) and Will to me seem to fit the bill as Roman (If you don't take my word on Will, watch the "Law And Order: SVU" episode "Angels". It'll help.) Then for Black Mask, Walton works as he is known to be a huge method actor and would get deep into the role of Black Mask and change into Roman in a snap while Will can show his darker side, also he would do a different voice for Black Mask (As he's known for doing different voices). Go ahead, rag on Will, but i'm with him.

Dr. Hugo Strange- Robin Williams ("Aladdin", "Good Will Hunting", "One Hour Photo"): Hugo Strange is a psychiatrist running a rest hospital, trying to help people cue mental illness even know that's just a cover up. He uses the hospital to blackmail Gotham's elite with secrets he finds out with a through mental techniques he knows. Bruce Wayne goes to the hospital to recover against a battle, using the excuse of a "Skiing trip gone bad" to cover for him. There Dr. Strange uses the "treatment" on Wayne, allowing him to discover his secret identity. He then starts playing mind games with Bruce/Batman before planning to auction off this information to a trio of Gotham's top villains. Known to wear a business suit and dark sunglasses, bald and has gray sideburns and goatee.

Well who didn't see this one coming, really don't have much to say here. Robin (Once a forerunner for Joker in Tim Burton's "Batman" and as Riddler in "Batman Forever") as everyone knows would be perfect as Hugo Strange as it once again shows his VERY dark turns of acting, like in "One Hour Photo" and the "Authority" episode of "Law And Order: SUV", which he was wicked in.

Waylon Jones/Killer Croc- Javier Bardem ("No Country For Old Men", "The Dark Tower", "Biutiful"): Waylon Jones was born with a rare genetic disorder, a form of Harlequin-type ichthyosis, his skin produces too many cells and his eyelids are formed inside out, giving him a scaly appearance. Regarded as a freak, he lives down in the sewers of Gotham, killing and cannibalizing any poor bastard dumb enough to encounter him, gaining the name "Killer Croc". With his seer strength, speed and skill underwater, Killer Croc is one you need to watch out for, Batman starts checking out the murders, only for Killer Croc to target him. Known to be a huge imposing figure scaly appearance, yellow/red eyes, sharp misshapen teeth. Also known to carry a huge handmade machete, used to dismember victims.

This one i'm hope people will hopefully agree on. I pictured Killer Croc in the "Nolanverse" a mixture between him in "Joker" (Scaly appearance and being a cannibal) and Anton Chigurh, the character that Javier played in "No Country" and got a Oscar for playing. He wouldn't be flipping a coin to see if you live or not, but he'd be more of a smart killer, going in and out of shadows quickly, all while staying silent... Or saying a couple lines. Plus Javier is a great actor and one of the best in a long time. Would have loved to see him as Bane, but oh well.

Arnold Wesker/Scarface- Michael Emerson ("Lost", "Saw", "The Practice") as Wesker and Hank Azaria ("The Simpsons", "Spider-Man: The Animated Series", "Huff") as the voice of Scarface: A quiet and meek man, Arnold Wesker was always that guy in the office that was taken advantage of. After a barroom brawl in which he kills someone, due to him releasing all of his repressed anger in a violent release, Wesker is sent to Blackgate Penitentiary. There he makes a wooden dummy to pass the time he calls at first "Woody". But then, "Woody" starts to talk to Wesker (His mind now having two personality's) and convinces him to escape, killing a guard in a fight which scars the dummy, thus resulting in the birth of Scarface. Now Scarface are slowly growing their power as a crime boss, all while barking orders at Wesker and degrades him with verbal (and even physical) abuse. All while Wesker lets the Scarface personality do the dirty work, including robbery and murder.

Hey, figured i use Michael Emerson one way or another. As we all know, he was epic as Ben Linus in "Lost" and Zep in "Saw". He proved to be one of the best actors on TV thanks to "Lost" and seeing him as Wesker would be perfect as he could get into the role of Wesker. Now with Hank, who'd only provide his voice for Scarface, it's a plain "Duh" moment here as he's one of the best voice actors around, plus he's done comic book cartoon roles before, including being the voice of Eddie Brock/Venom on "Spider-Man". Both would be perfect for the roles. The Scarface puppet i picture being made by the boys at KNB Effects.
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