FAN CAST: The Avengers by 789

FAN CAST: The Avengers by 789

Avengers films was one of the best comicbookmovies of 2012, and now I want show you my Avengers fan cast. I have worked on this too long and this is time to show it. I have inluded in fan cast characters which refer this category. I hope you will like it, because I made a lot effort.

The coming together of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes centred around the Asgardian God Loki using an illusion to trick The Hulk into destroying a railroad track in the hopes of luring his half brother Thor. Hearing of Hulk’s rampage Rick Jones and The Teen Brigade send a radio message to The Fantastic Four to help stop the Hulk but Loki diverts the message to Thor, whom he hopes will battle The Hulk. Unknown to Loki, the message was also picked up by Iron Man, Ant-Man and The Wasp. These heroes came together to stop the menace of The Hulk but they soon discovered Loki’s trickery and teamed up with Hulk to defeat the God of Mischief. Ant-Man stated that the five work well together and suggested they combined to form a team against threats that no lone hero can deal with. The Wasp proposes the name “Avengers” and thus Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were formed. The original members are known as the "founding members" based on an Avengers Charter, to manage the good name of the team. As a result, their wishes regarding the direction of the team are given additional weight and deference.

The founding members of Avengers. apart from Hulk, were already recognised and established superheroes before the team formed. The Hulk at this time greatly divided public opinion. Some thought he was a misunderstood creature who just wanted to be left alone. However thanks to the efforts of General “Thunderbolt” Ross, the majority of people viewed The Hulk as a rampaging menace. Almost from inception the Avengers team roster has been fluid, with the Hulk departing during their second adventure and Captain America joining soon after. The rotating roster has become a hallmark of the team although one theme has been constant - The Avengers fight the foes that no single superhero could defeat - hence their famous cry of "Avengers Assemble!"
The Avengers have always accepted a diverse range of members, regardless of their backgrounds, as long as they are ready to fight the good fight. To that end, the team has featured humans, robots, mutants, Gods, aliens, supernatural beings and even former villains, such as Hawkeye and Black Widow. Despite the diverse nature of the team, which often results in squabbling, the Avengers have always managed to unite into a cohesive unit to combat the deadliest threats in the universe.

Justin Hartley as Steve Rogers/Captain America

Too scrawny and frail to enlist during World War II, Steve Rogers bravely volunteered to receive the experimental Super-Soldier Serum. Enhanced to the pinnacle of human physical perfection, Captain America was born. Revered leader of the Avengers, Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Captain America is a living legend and embodiment of liberty.

I must say I’m really disappointed about of this character in film.Chris Evans is good actor, but this was not his role, after Human Torch who would think that he will become Captain America.Ok this is not so important , because it is fact now.Instead in my Avengers cast I choose Justin Hartley as Captain Aemrica.The guy is well-build, tall, his height is 6’3 agree that this is great, and has look which Cap needs for his solid face.Anyway I like him, he is brilliant.

Matt Bomer as Tony Stark/Iron Man

After being severely injured and kidnapped by terrorists, billionaire industrialist and brilliant engineer Tony Stark was pressured to create a weapon of mass destruction. Instead, he created a suit of power armor to escape from captivity. Vowing to protect a world he helped endanger, Stark became the Invincible Iron Man.

In my fan cast of Iron man I saw that Matt Bomer is excellent choice for new Tony Strak and when Robert Downey jr will leave role, he can be the next Iron Man, which must I think.

Johann Urb as Thor Odinson /Thor

Thor, the Asgardian God of Thunder, is heir to the throne of Asgard and one of the most powerful beings ever.The son of Odin, All-Father of Asgard and Gaea, the Elder Earth-Goddess, Thor is the mightiest warrior of Asgard and one of the most powerful beings on Earth.

I see that Chris Hemsworth will keep in role long, but I must say that none can be better choice for Thor like Johann Urb. I have seen him first in axelbratoski’s avengers cast and must say that is astonishing choice. Johann Urb is 6’4 tall and his look really solid and serious which Thor must have.Anyway Chris Hemsworth is Thor, but in his place can be guy which is better.

Matthew Gray Gubler as Bruce Banner/ Hulk

Bruce began studying nuclear physics at Desert State University and later at the California Institute of Technology. He gained employment with the military at Desert Base, New Mexico under the command of General “Thunderbolt” Ross, who was overseeing the test of Banner’s newly-created Gamma Bomb. It was here that he met Ross’s daughter, Betty and the two began a mutual attraction. On the day of the bomb’s scheduled detonation, Banner ran into the testing area in hopes of rescuing a young teenager named Rick Jones, who had snuck in on a dare. Rather than delay the countdown as instructed, Banner’s assistant Igor Starsky, (in reality, a secret agent named Igor Drenkov) allowed the countdown to continue, resulting in Banner being caught in the Gamma Bomb explosion and exposed to the radiation. Banner and Jones were taken back to Desert Base and isolated in a cell until sundown, where Banner transformed into a gray, monstrous and lumbering brute dubbed “the Hulk” by military personnel.

Matthew Gray Gubler is excellent choice for Bruce banner. He played similar character in “Criminal Minds”, he could be better than mark Ruffalo, but here is question Will he? Anyway I give him role Bruce Banner.

Lou Ferrigno as Hulk(voice)

Despite the fact that there have been many incarnations of the hulk, the one thing that almost never changes is that hatred hulk and banner have for each other. The banner/Hulk relationship is a lot like the Dr. Jekyll's/Mr. Hyde's. it revolves around The good vs bad, Order vs Chaos concept, however, banner and the hulk has a far more intriguing connection in comparison to Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. The main difference is that Hulk is not a bad guy, he is not the villain, he is misunderstood, and in fact, when given the chance, he has done the right thing many numerous occasions . Hulks hatred for banner was manifested when banners mother died at that hand of their father, Brain Banner. Hulk acknowledges the fact that he and banner are one and the same, hence he blames banner for being weak and not being able to defend their dear "mommy", and as any kid would traditionally do, Hulk blames a part of the incident on himself, and so he takes his anger out on Bruce, same way his father did to him out of Fear. Their relationship can also be considered ironic, seeing as how a small frail intelligent man gets turned into a green behemoths who is potentially on of he strongest beings on earth. But there are more to banner that meats the eye, banner represents will, because he is charge of controlling a very powerful being. despite no being physically weak , banner the strongest when it comes to inner Strength of the mind, because even though banner had taken hell as a child and still managed to turn out relatively normal. Hulk on the other hand is not banners dark side (that would be devil hulk), he represents many aspects of Bruce, the traditional Savage hulk represents banners angry child self who was abused by his father, he is very strong due to the fact that most kids view themselves sometime as an unstoppable force , while the grey hulk represents the wild teenager banner never got to be. Banner and hulk have cooperated before, but no matter how hard they try the still seem to hate each other. Over the years banner has learned to use hulk sometimes as a weapon, in fact most recently, banner has joined shield because he has some unknown plans of his own, so instead of a gamma bomb, Hulk will be more like a targeted UMD.

Lou Ferrigno always voice Hulk in all movies and this time his voice is needed again.

Lee Pace as Hank pym/Ant-Man/Giant-Man/Yellowjacket

Hank Pym is a genius, one of the founding members of the Avengers, the creator of Pym Particles, and a modern-day superhero. He has acted under many memorable identities such as Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket, the Wasp and also Earth's Scientist Supreme, as decreed by Eternity.

Lee pace is brilliant actor for Hank Pym, though that there are news that he can be Star-Lord.Maybe he is too tall for him, but enough nice and gentel.

Mary Elizabeth winstead as Janet Van Dyne/Wasp

With the power to shrink to insect size, fly, and fire bioelectric energy "stings," the Wasp is a founding member of the Avengers and the first female member of the team.

For most of fans she was Mary Jane, but in my fan cast she will be Wasp girlfriend of Hank Pym.Mary Elizabeth Winstead has potential for role and suits for it like none.My alternative choice was Sophia Bush, but she is too short for Lee Pace.

Nate Parker as T'Challa /Black Panther

T'Challa, wearing a mask, challenged the his uncle S'yan and beat him in fair combat. After that, T'Challa was required to take the rest of the Black Panther trials such as defeating the various champions of the 18 Wakandan tribes, being judged & found worthy by the Panther God Bast. Next, the heart-shaped herb Heart of Wakanda was applied to his body and ingested by him (the process would kill any person who was unworthy or not a member of the royal line) and that process also link him to Bast. The competition of Panther trials made him superhuman, granting him enhanced speed, agility, strength, endurance, healing, memory and senses (sight, hearing, smell, etc).

There is no words to say how this actor is perfect for this role.My first choice was Tyson beckford, but then I saw that he is old , then I wanted Lance Gross, but stiil wrong.But third one is perfect and I want that Nate Parker will be Black Panther in Avengers 2.

Dennis Quaid as Nick Fury

After the war, Nick and most of his team remained operatives for the U.S. Government. While with the CIA in the 1960's, he recruited Richard Parker and Mary Parker to rescue the so called Agent Ten. Fury also became the superhero liaison for the superhero family called the Fantastic Four. He was then recruited by Anthony Stark, who was secretly the Invincible Iron Man, to be the next director of the newly established S.H.I.E.L.D., an international anti-espionage agency under the aegis of the U.N. and the U.S. Government. Some of Fury's closest friends from the old days where also recruited into the organization and had top positions in the organization, mostly working with Fury himself, such as Dum Dum Dugon. Under his command, S.H.I.E.L.D. became the primary organization in dealings with superhuman activities and he forged alliances with many superhero teams, such as the Avengers and superheroes such as Captain America.

As I mentioned many times Dennis Quaid is the best choice for original Nick Fury., I can’t see someone else in this role.

Gabriel Macht as Agent Phil Coulson

Agent Phil Coulson first appeared in the Iron Man live action movie. He is an agent of SHIELD who helped to protect Pepper Potts and went on to lead the investigation surrounding Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. He has since made his first appearance in Marvel's 616 continuity.

I liked acting of Clark Gregg, after leaving I think that it must be given to Gabriel Macht.The guy is very talented actor. His acting in TV series “Suit” is brilliant.

Katie Holmes as Maria Hill

Maria Hill was the director of SHIELD after Nick Fury went AWOL. She now supervises the Avengers on behalf of Steve Rogers.

What about this one, I’m sure that I’m not wrong.Katie Holmes feat for role like Cobie Smulders, she could be second actress which could play role of Maria Hill.

Garrett Hedlund as Clint Barton/Hawkeye

Trained by criminals and inspired by heroes, Clint Barton has grown from a troubled youth into one of the greatest heroes on Earth. The world knows him best as Hawkeye: Earth's Mightiest Marksman.

I must say I Jeremy Renner played normal role, but I think that he is old now and someone must replace him.This must be Garrett Hedlund. He has all skills for role and will look excellent in role.

Evan Rachel Wood as Natasha Romanova /Black Widow

Former KGB agent Natasha Romanova, known as Black Widow, is one of the greatest spies ever to live and is one of the best agents S.H.I.E.L.D. has ever had. She's a longtime member of the Avengers and was a founding member of the short-lived Los Angeles-based superteam: The Champions.

Maybe Evan Rachel Wood is not the best, but better choice choice which can replace Scarlett Johanson in this role.Everything what she need is to practice on her body and everything will be OK.

Sammy Winward as Barbara Morse /Mockingbird

Barbara Morse graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Ph.D. in biology and passed her Civil Service examination so she could work with her biology professor, Dr. Wilma Calvin, on the government-sponsored project to rediscover the Super-Soldier formula that created Captain America. While in the government's employ, Morse's exemplary record came to the attention of SHIELD and she was invited to undertake training in her spare time. Mockingbird was a SHIELD agent and a founding member of the West Coast Avengers.

I haven’t seen her acting, but for mockingbird she seemed me fine, so Ichoose her for role.

Melissa Sagemiller as Silver Sablinova /Silver Sable

From the day of her mother's death in a German terrorist attack, Silver Sable devoted her life to preparing for the day she would take over the Wild Pack; a group founded by her father Ernst Sablinova to hunt down Nazi war criminals. Symkaria had suffered badly whist under German occupation during the second World War. She became a master of many forms of martial arts, a highly skilled marksman and swordsman. As leader of the Wild Pack, she continued the job of bringing former Nazis to justice, but in later years as there were less and less Nazis to capture, this expanded into The Silver Sable International company which provided security, recovered stolen property and apprehended felons for big companies and even countries.

Melissa Sagemiller is perect for role.She has characteristic skills and will be awesome in silver style, so I see her as Silver Sable.

Adam Baldwin as Timothy Dugan /Dum Dum Dugan

Nick Fury was assigned the task of assisting Samuel Sawyer, who was an American officer, in rescuing British scientists and agents that were captured by the Germans during their invasion of the Netherlands. Dugan assisted them both, and in the process was inspired to join the British armed forces. After the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, Dugan and Sawyer were both transferred to the United States Army Rangers.Later, Sawyer was forced to retire from active duty. However, it was also this moment that he formed an elite squad of American Rangers known as the Howling Commandos. Nick Fury and Dugan were both assigned to the team. Nick Fury became the head and Dugan became his right hand man.

Adam Baldwin is great actor, and I’m sure he has enough skills and humour talents to bring this character in screen.

Jaime King as Sharon Carter

Inspired by the tales of Captain America and her aunt Margaret, Sharon Carter decided to become an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Forced through mind control to kill Steve Rogers, Sharon decided to leave S.H.I.E.L.D. and instead assist the Avengers.

I like Amanda righetti as Sharon carter, but I think that her role must be higher than this one, for alternative I have Jaime King.She will manage this without problem.

Bridget Regan as Jessica Drew /Spider-Woman

Jessica Miriam Drew’s parents were Jonathan and Miriam Drew, two scientists whose life's work was dedicated to harnessing the environmental adaptive abilities of spiders by grafting elements of their DNA into the human genome. Prior to Jessica’s birth, the pair moved to Wundagore Mountain to conduct their research with funding from HYDRA, under the auspices of General Wyndham. While working on these experiments Jessica's mother was hit by a laser beam containing the DNA, and subsequent physical traits, of several species of spiders. The unborn Jessica, still in her mother's womb, took on these traits giving her a variety of spider powers. Jessica's parents disappeared under mysterious circumstances, leaving her to be raised on Mount Wundagore by a woman named Bova. Jessica was later recruited by HYDRA under the false pretense or HYDRA being a force for good in the world. There she was trained by Taskmaster in martial arts and the effective use of her powers to become a deadly assassin.

Bridget Regan is absolutely perfect for spider-woman.She is beautiful, hot and brilliant actress in anyway.

Lauren Cohan as Julia Carpenter /Arachne

Julia Carpenter is the second heroine to take up the mantle of Spider-Woman. She later changed her name to Arachne. After the events of the Grim Hunt she became the new Madame Web and is currently a watcher, and guardian of the Spyders.

Lauren Cohan is brilliant actress, she is great choice for this role, because her characteristic is similar th arachne, and I think that her skill are enough for performance, she just need a little retrain and everything will be all right.

Philip Winchester as Robert Reynolds/ Sentry

A drug user who mistook an experimental formula for narcotics, Robert Reynolds became the heroic Sentry to assuage the guilt over his sinful ways and became one of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe. With his memory reinstated, he joined with the Avengers and began fighting alongside them.

I know tha many of you want Philip Winchester as Captain America, but I have decided to give him role Sentry for making a new, and at the same time Philip Winchester is brilliant for role, so I don’t see for not to cast him.

Brian J.White as Sam Wilson /Falcon

Sam took part in the "Defender for a Day", in which Nighthawk was trying to recruit new members. Henry Gyrich recruited Falcon to the Avengers, so that the Avengers could be more "racially diverse", but Falcon didn't appreciate being the token minority and quit after a couple of missions.

Anthony Mackie is already chosen as falcon, but what about Brian J.White he is more attractive for role, that’s why I gave him role of falcon, I think he will manage it.

Mike Colter as Luke Cage

Luke Cage, wrongly convicted and unjustly imprisoned, was altered in a failed prison experiment that granted him bulletproof skin and super-human strength. Currently, he is the leader of the Thunderbolts. With his street smarts and unending determination to do right, he fights for the common man!

My first choice was Hnery simmons, but as you see he was used thousand times as Luke cage, so I think to bring new actor for role and this is Mike Colter.

Sarah Shahi as Jessica Jones

The recently un-retired superhero. Once retired after being abused by the Purple Man. When she recovered she started a private detective agency. Now married to Luke Cage and has a baby girl named Danielle.

Sarah Shahi is very nice and hot actress, she will manage the role like no one.

Chad Michael Murray as Danny Rand /Iron Fist

The latest in a long line of warriors who wielded against the wicked, a master of K'un L'un, Danny Rand is the Immortal Iron Fist. He channels his anger and energy into his fist, creating a mystical glow.

Chad Michael murray fit for role, just retrain him and he will become brilliabt Iron Fist.

Geoff Stults as Ben Grimm /Thing

Benjamin Jacob Grimm was born on Yancy Street in the heart of New York City into a poor Jewish family. When Ben was a young kid his older brother, Daniel Grimm, was the leader of the Yancy Street Gang, a group of young trouble makers from the area. When he was old enough Ben joined this gang as well. He was made a member of the gang by being ‘beaten in.’ Growing up poor along with his gang affiliation and related activities made Ben street-smart, tough and 'hard' very early in life. All of these personality characteristics have served him well throughout his lifetime of brawling and adventuring.

This guy was chosen twice as Ironclad, but I have decided to change him, because Sam Worthington is not really a good choice for Thin.Geoff Stults just nedd CGI help to become bigger and get thing form, after all this new and awesome thing will be ready.

Sam Witwer as James Howlett “Logan” /Wolverine

While on a mission in the Savage Land, Wolverine meets the New Avengers team, who have recently reformed. Iron Man asks for Wolverine's membership within the team because he is 'willing to cross the line to get the job done' and after the events of Avengers Disassembled, Iron Man realizes that the team needs someone who is prepared to kill, should anything like what happened with the Scarlet Witch occur again. Wolverine agrees to work within the team and serves alongside Captain America, Spider-Man and Luke Cage.

I know that you will say that Sam Witwer is tall for wolverine, but what will you say about Hugh jackman.His height is 6’2 ½, and Sam Witwer is 6’1, which is less than previous.Except height Sam Witwer’s look is really shark and solid with what portrait of new Wolverine will look awesome.

Minka Kelly as Greer Grant Nelson /Tigra

Greer Grant started out as a human who went through treatments that took her to peak human level, then she took up the mantle of The Cat. When she was dying, her mentor Dr. Tumolo offered to save her life by bonding her soul with one of Cat People. Greer accepted and was transformed into a furry woman.

What about this.I can say for sure this is one of the best choices in this cast. Only comibination and types of pictures show how Minka Kelly is suitable for Tigra.I think that you will agry that non one can replace her.

Stana Katic as Jennifer Walters /She-Hulk

After being shot by some mobsters, her cousin, Bruce Banner (a.k.a. The Hulk), saved her life by giving her a last minute blood transfusion of his own irradiated blood. From that point on Jennifer Walters was able to transform into the Sensational She-Hulk; a recurring member of the Avengers.

Stana Katic is brilliant for She-Hulk, you will agree if yousee “Castle” TV series, she just need CGI help, and then she will be a bomb girl.

Columbus Short as James Rhodes /War-Machine

War Machine is a heavier-armed version of Iron Man. The "Variable Threat Response Battle Suit" is often worn by James Rhodes.

Columbus Short will be very cool partner for Matt Bomer in new Iron man reboot, and he will be excellent James Rhodes with intusiasm.

Luke Evans as Dane Whitman /Black Knight

Physicist and master swordsman, Dane Whitman is the latest in the long line of heroes and villains known as the Black Knight. As the modern, heroic Black Knight Dane has been an Avenger, a Hero for Hire, a member of Excalibur and the Champion of Avalon.

After seeing actings of Luke evans especially in “Muketeers” I understood that he is the only actor for black knight.

Matthew Morrison as Scott Lang/Ant-Man

Scott Lang was the second man to take up the mantle of Ant-Man. He was a member of the Avengers and a member of the Fantastic Four. He was also the father of Cassie Lang from the Young Avengers.

Matthew Morrison is good actor, some of members wanted him as Mr.Fantastic, but I will cast him as second Ant-Man, I’m sure that this for him.

Victor Webster as Hercules

Hercules, one of six Olympian sons of Zeus, was born the demigod savior of the Gods and mankind. Known as the Prince of Power, Hercules is an Olympian God and modern superhero. Hercules is one of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe and a true champion of Earth.

For first look he can seem not so perfect, but I can see him as Hercules.If he keep beard and practice a little he will become fantastic and big Hercules.

Laura Prepon as Brunnhilde /Valkyrie

Brunnhilde is the leader of the Valkyries and is one of Asgard's strongest warriors as well as Odin's chooser of the slain. She has recently joined the ranks of Steve Roger's covert ops team the Secret Avengers.

Laura Prepon was first actress which came in my mind for role, I think she is enough solid and elite look actress to portrait a warrioir woman.

Paul Telfer as Beta Ray Bill

The cyborg champion of the Korbinites, Beta Ray Bill guarded his people as they fled attack by demons. When he encountered Thor and proved worthy to wield Mjolnir, Odin bestowed upon him the powers of Thor and created an equally powerful hammer for Bill, the Stormbreaker.

Paul telfer was my choice before Johann Urb, but after I gave Johann role role of Thor, I thought it would be interesting to give Paul telfer role similar Thor and this is beta Ray Bill.

Benjamin Walker as Balder

The Norse god of light, noble Asgardian warrior and son of Odin, as well as half-brother and good friend of Thor. He is one of the bravest warriors of Asgard.

Benjamin Walker was great in Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter, he proved tha action is for him and he really looks like Balder and has similar height.

Brandon Routh as Simon Williams /Wonder Man

Simon Williams grew up as a bit of a nerd, liking books, chess and jazz music. His father would beat him and his brother Eric if they got worse than straight A's. Eric drifted into crime, but Simon instead inherited the family business. He made some poor decisions since he was inexperienced and embezzled some money to invest in his brother's business (which turned out to be illegal activities with the criminal Maggia). Simon blamed Tony Stark and Stark Industries for his downfall. Before being sentenced, Baron Heinrich Zemo paid his bail in return for Simon helping the Masters of Evil. Zemo gave him some ionic rays which gave Simon super strength and invulnerability. However, Zemo tricked Simon so that he would be loyal, telling him that without a weekly antidote the rays would kill Simon. He was to infiltrate the Avengers to destroy the team from within. Simon followed through with the plan to a point, but when he realized that the Avengers were going to be killed he switched sides, and seemingly died just after saving the Avengers from the Masters of Evil.

Brandon Routh is brilliant actor, I still regret his role of Superman which he lost. Instead I want him to play role of Wonder Man which suits him in anyway and which will bring him fame of superhero actor.

Michelle Ryan as Wanda Maximoff /Scarlet Witch

The Probability Manipulating & Reality Warping Scarlet Witch is a Mutant, she is the daughter of Magneto, Mother of Wiccan & Speed and Sister to Quicksilver and Polaris. She is also the power behind the mutant catastrophe M-Day. Currently assisting Hope against the Phoenix Five alongside the Avengers.

Excellent actress for scarlet witch, that’s all what I can say.

Freddie Stroma as Pietro Maximoff Quicksilver

Pietro Maximoff is a mutant who's X-gene grants him the ability to travel at speeds far beyond the average human. He is the son of Magneto, and twin brother of the Scarlet Witch and half-brother of Polaris. He is a reformed X-Men villain and was once an Avenger.

This actor is as great as actress for scarlet witch, Stroma will look excellent brother with Michelle Ryan, and they both will make excellent avengers.

Tahmoh Penikett as Namor McKenzie /Namor

After the death of his wife. Namor for a time thought of a romance with his teammate Valkryie but his feelings for Dorma made this impossible. Despite this Namor once again found love in the form of Marrina. Marrina was alien member of the Plodex species. Arriving on earth and growing into adulthood, she became part of the Canadian super hero team Alpha Flight. Marrina was troubled with the discovery of her true savage alien form but she was able to become normal once again. She left her teammates at Alpha Flight to be with Namor even creating the new undersea kingdom of Deluvia. The Sub-Mariner even joined his long time ally Captain America in joining the Avengers with his wife. The alliance was pivotal in freeing Marrina from the clutches of Attuma. However their happiness soon came to an end when Marrina became aware of her pregnancy and her savage form the Leviathan was released. Namor had no choice but to euthanize his love with the Ebony Blade.

Tahmoh Penikett has the same look and excellent body-built for Namor. He will be amazing.

Maggie Grace as Namorita Prentiss /Namorita

Namorita is the cousin of Namor the Sub-Mariner. She was a prominent member of the New Warriors since their inception. However, some may say she was the cause for her and her teammates to die in the catalyst explosion of the Civil War. She recently returned displaced from time.

I had casted Maggie Grace as Alicia Masters, but I have changed my mind, because I thnk that she is more suitable for Namorita. Maggie is nice and enough slim to portrait a fish- girl.And she will be nice couple with Tahmoh Penikett.

Teddy Sears as Mar-Vell /Captain Marvel

A Kree Sentry is defeated on Earth by The Fantastic Four as is Ronan the Accuser. This led the Kree to send a starship to monitor Earth and gather information on its advancements in missile and space technology. On the way to Earth, Mar-Vell was ordered to take a small crew and make contact with the missing Grand General Devros on a Brood infested planet. Captain Mar-Vell and Una barely escaped a now Brood infected Devros and the Brood Queen. They were rescued by the Shiar guard led by Deathbird, and re-united with their ship bound for Earth.Mar-Vell was given orders to infiltrate Earth, by his commander, Colonel Yon-Rogg, who was jealous of both Mar-Vell’s reputation as a warrior and his relationship with the ship’s medic Una. One day while Mar-Vell was returning to the ship to renew his supply of breathing potions, Yon-Rogg tried to assassinate him by “accidentally” firing the ship’s laser beams at him. However a small private plane came between the beams and Mar-Vell and was destroyed instead. Mar-Vell went to the aid of the plane and found the only occupant to be the now deceased Dr. Walter Lawson. Lawson was an expert on missiles and robotics who had just been transferred to the nearby military base. Seeing this opportunity to infiltrate The Cape, Mar-Vell decided to steal Dr. Lawson's identity. Yon-Rogg would continue trying to assassinate Mar-Vell and activated a dormant Kree Sentry in hope to kill him. Mar-Vell defeated Sentry #459 in his Kree Uniform and during the battle, bystanders misunderstood the Kree soldier thinking he called himself Captain “Marvel", thus a new superhero was born.

My first choice for this role was Ewan Mcgregor, but he is not enough tall, young and action actor for this role. Teddy sears is enough charismatic actor, so I think that he won’t be bad choice.

Yvonne Strhaovski as Carol Danvers /Ms.Marvel

After encountering the Kree hero Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers was accidentally subjected to otherworldly radiation that transformed her into a superhuman warrior. She has since established herself as one of Marvel's most powerful and prominent heroes both as a solo heroine and a member of the Avengers.

Yvonne Strahovski was and will always be the best choice for Ms.Marvel, so I changed her role of Invisble Woman.

Mark Paul Gosselaar as Richard Rider /Nova

Steve Rogers asks Nova to join the Secret Avengers and he accepts. Nova's first job was to go to Mars and investigate recent mining activity by Roxxon. While there he runs into trouble and is attacked. He flees and tries to find safety but ends going through a cavern.

I choose Chris Carmack as Nova, but then this choice begin to seem me wrong, so I passed al ot of time and found better choice for character. I haven’t seen Mark’s actings, but for first look he seems enough compact for Nova.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Norrin Radd /Silver Surfer

When the Silver Surfer learned Galactus had traveled back to Earth he was instantly concerned. He met Galactus who was seemingly abducting Doctor Strange. He tried to stop him and Galactus pitted Nova against him. Doctor Strange stopped their battle and told the Surfer he was willing to help Galactus and that the Surfer should help as well. They were able to trace the source of energy fluctuations that Galactus was concerned about and traveled toward their origin. This is the beginning of the Infinity War.The Surfer and Nova succeeded in protecting the ship. After this, the Surfer played little part in defeating the Magus and fought with Earth's heroes against their evil counterparts, the doppelgangers. Magus was eventually defeated by Adam Warlock with the brilliant planning of Thanos.

Keanu reeves was too old choice for Silver Surfer, instead I think that all members must agree that Benedict Cumberbatch is perfect for this role, With his deep voice he will bring awesome Silver Surfer on screen.

Armie Hammer as Brian Braddock /Captain Britain

Chosen by Merlyn, Brian Braddock became Captain Britain: protector of Great Britain and the Omniverse. He is a founding member and leader of Excalibur, twin brother of the X-Man Psylocke, an agent of MI:13, and is currently serving as a member of the Captain Britain Corps and the Secret Avengers.

Though Armie Hammer is not British actor, but I can see him in role,because of his heoic look, height and acting skills.

Billy Crudup as Vision

While serving on the Avengers' west coast team, rogue US government agents, manipulated by the time traveling Immortus, abducted Vision and dismantled him. The Avengers recovered his parts and Hank Pym rebuilt him to the best of his abilities. However, Simon Williams refused to let his brain patterns once again be used to provide a matrix for Vision's emotions. Simon felt that the original process, done without his consent, had "ripped out his soul". Although Williams' own love for Wanda caused him to feel guilty, he tried to justify his actions by claiming Vision was never anything but a copy of him; a claim that a number of other Avengers accepted. This, along with the damage done to the Vision's synthetic skin during dismantlement, resulted in the synthezoid's resurrection as a colorless and emotionless artificial human.

Billy Crudup has plyed similar role in “Watchmen” and it would be nice to see him in Avengers films as Vision.

Connor Paolo as Peter Parker /Spider-Man

Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider as a teenager, granting him spider-like powers. After the death of his Uncle Ben, which he could have prevented, Peter learned that "with great power, comes great responsibility". Swearing to always protect the innocent from harm, Peter Parker became the Amazing Spider-Man!

I liked Andrew Garfield’s acting, but he is getting older for role and I would want replace him with Connor Paolo. He will be absolutely cool choice for spiderman.

Alex O’loughlin as Marc Spector /Moon Knight

Moon Knight, Marc Spector, Steven Grant, Jake Lockley: different aspects of the same man, who was resurrected by Khonshu, the Egyptian Lunar-God of Vengeance and Justice, to serve as his "avatar", and perform various acts of vengeance and justice on unjust mortals.

I have seen many times Alex O’loughlin casted as daredevil and Batman. In my fan cast he will be Moon Knight, I like this idea.

Christian Bale as Stephen Strange /Dr.Strange

After many years of training, Strange returned to New York. He became a mystical consultant and started having interactions with the superhero community. After the Fantastic Four formed and many superheroes began to surface, Doctor Strange found a friend in Spider-Man. Spider-Man helped him rescue a group of people from another dimension and suggested that Strange remove from their memory this traumatic experience, though this meant that they would forget his own heroism. Initially tricked into conflict with each other by Loki, Thor and Doctor Strange also formed an early alliance to combat the god of mischief.

I don’t know if we shall see Christian Bale in Marvel films, but if it happened I would want see him as Dr.Strange. His charismatic look and acting will bring awesome doctor.

Ian Somerhalder as Johnny Blaze /Ghost Rider

Johnny Blaze is the alter ego of the Ghost Rider. Johnny is the first Ghost Rider who became bound to the demon Zarathos after making a deal with Mephisto to spare his surrogate father.

I want see Ghost Rider with Avengers and as you know my choice is Ian Somerhalder, whose look and characteristics are the same with Johnny Blaze, what about ghost rider it can be made by CGI.

Jonathan rhys Meyers as Victor von Doom /Dr.Doom

During the Marvel Civil War, Dr. Doom had been abandoned in hell (Mobius Dimension) by the Fantastic Four. There, he conducted a valiant battle against innumerable demons. He escaped when Thor's hammer passed through that plane of existence, on its journey to Earth. When back on Earth, he found that his Prime Minister had taken over his country, after two years of Doom being absent. The Minister was about to make serious changes in the government, when Doom intervened. He then set about the task of retrieving the Mjolnir. After fighting SHIELD and the Fantastic Four, he arrived at the hammer only to find he could not lift it. He returned to Latveria, frustrated.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers was my choice in my fan cast of Fantatsic Four and now. His role in “Tudors” can’t be forgotten, that’s why he is Dr.Doom in my marvel casts.

James Purefoy as Kang the Conqueror

The foremost time traveler in the Marvel Universe and arguably the Avengers greatest foe, Kang has amassed an empire with a citizenry of millions, and cut a swath of terror through the ages.

As I see Kang has different personality in Marvel comics, but in my cast I he will be simple and played by James Purefoy. James Pureffoy has enough charisma in him to portrait this character, I’m sure.

Tony Todd as Thanos

Thanos is a mutant Eternal with the Deviant gene. This makes him unique and extremely powerful, even among his own kind. Thanos loves and worships Mistress Death above all else. Few can match his intelligence, strength or ambition. He is often deemed "The Nihilist Thanos."

Tony Todd is special actor for Thanos, his voice and CGI effects will bring really scary and huge alien lord.

Harry Lloyd as Loki

Loki is the Asgardian God of Mischief and Lies, the adopted son of Odin, and the archenemy of Thor. His cosmic meddling led to the formation of the original Avengers. Currently reincarnated as a child.

After Tom Hiddelstone Harry Lloyd is the second brilliant actor for Loki. I hve seen this choice twice, and must say this is really brilliant.

Zachary Quinto as Helmut Zemo /Baron Zemo

Baron Helmut Zemo is the Thirteenth in the Baron Zemo lineage. Much like his father before him, he is an enemy of Captain America and the Avengers and has led the Masters of Evil on several occasions.

Zachary Quinto has villainous look and type for this character. He doesn’t need even to practice hard on his body, he just need practice sword arts and wear a mask, after this he will be awesome Baron Zemo.

Colm Feore as Erik Magnus Lehnsherr /Magneto

The world has been reversed: mutants now subjugate and legislate against humans, waiting for them to die out over the natural course of their existence. When Wolverine and a mysterious girl named Layla Miller begin restoring the memories of the heroes, they staged a daring coup against Magneto’s headquarters where Wanda was kept. The revelation came out that it was actually Pietro, not Erik, who convinced Wanda to remake the world in this image. As the world crumbled around them and returned to normal reality, Wanda utters three simple words: No more mutants. When everything returns to normal, 99% of the world’s mutant population has been depowered, including Magneto. This day would be known as M-Day.

Though Colm Feore voiced King laufey in “Thor”, he can play other marvel character role too and this must be magneto, because Colm Feore has always played charismatic and villainous roles.

Clancy Brown as En Sabah Nur /Apocalypse

Apocalypse believes that only the strongest (whether mutant or superhuman) should survive. His body is a mix of organics and powerful celestial technology. Apocalypses body is a mix of organics and celestial technology, augmenting and amplifying all of his abilities. Firstly, Apocalypse has complete control over his atomic structure. Harnessing ambient energies, he can augment his physical form in a variety of ways including manipulating his size, giving himself virtually unlimited strength, hardening portions of his body into armor, reshaping his arms into a variety of melee weapons, working wings and booster jets, and much much more. The limits of his transmutation abilities, like many of his other abilities, are unknown and seem to adapt depending on his need and imagination. He possesses the ability to heal himself from most injuries, but larger ones will take longer to heal from.

Clancy brown has all skills for this role, he just need CGI changes, after what Apocalypse will be ready.

Liam Neeson as Eternity

Eternity is an abstract, relatively omnipotent entity representing all time and reality in the universe. Eternity has been around before the beginning of the universe. He is every living thing and every living thing is him.
I think that this mysterious character will suit for Liam Neeson like none.

Brian Thompson as Galen /Galactus

Galactus is the famed "Devourer of Worlds" in the Marvel Universe. His powers are nearly omnipotent. He has appointed a number of entities as his Heralds, imbuing them with the Power Cosmic. He uses energy from the core of planets and universal sources to sustain himself.
This actor has voiuce and chain for role, other effects will be made by CGI.

Wentworth Miller as Beyonder

The Beyonder was originally a being from an infinite realm beyond the Marvel Multiverse, called the Beyond-realm, and was the sum of everything outside the multiverse (our multiverse was a drop in the sea compared to the Beyond-realm). It became self aware and formed a being of immeasurable power. (He was originally described as millions of times more powerful than the entire multiverse.)

I always liked Wentwoth Miller for his charismatic acting and look. He is brilliant choice for beyonder.

Gotz Otto as Johann Schmidt /Red Skull

A long-time enemy of Captain America, Johann Schmidt is a proud Nazi general and the embodiment of evil, fear, and horror. He is known as the ruthless Red Skull.

Gotz Otto is the actor whom we need after Hugo Weaving for this role. He has two advantages, first he is german and second he has played similar roles from especially in “Iron Sky”

Mads Mikkelsen as Wolfgang Von Strucker /Baron Von Strucker

Ever since WWII, Baron Strucker has been causing misery and destruction, first as the Red Skull's second-in-command, later as ruler of the terrorist group HYDRA. It might be due to losing his position as a prince in the Prussian dynasty, or maybe he's just a real jerk. He wants total chaos and anarchy, and absolute control of the world. He also wants Nick Fury dead and all forms of democracy crushed.

For this I decided to go with Mads Mikkelsen. This actor is great on playing cruel roles.

Rupert Evans as James Barnes /Winter Soldier

Believed dead near the end of World War II only to have been found and brainwashed by the Soviets for the next 50 years, Captain America's former sidekick now continues to defend his country from the shadows against those who would threaten it as legendary spy and assassin Winter Soldier.

Rupert Evans is enough solid and cold look actor for Bubky barnes and has similar body-built, so I think none mind.

Terry O’Quinn as King Laufey

Laufey's origin is surrounded in mystery. Being a Frost Giant, he is a descendant of Ymir, the first Frost Giant. Laufey was later killed in a battle against Odin.

Well Terry O’Quinn was first who came on my mind for this role and I think that if Colm Feore could play role, Terry O’Quinn can play it too.

Christopher Meloni as Paul Pierre Duval /Grey Gargoyle

Paul Duval was a young chemist from France whose experiment went awry after he noticed the solution he was working on turned blue instead of red. A strange foreign substance had affected the mixture and Duval accidentally spilled the potion on his right hand. The chemical felt like liquid fire as it started to transform his hand into stone. Duval's left hand turned into stone after he touched his right hand. Duval accidentally touched his face and realized he has become a man of living stone. Duval started to test his stone spell in public and transform strangers into stone statues. Duval discovered that the people he turned into stone would revert back to human form after one hour and would use his new found power to become a great thief.

This is one of special villaines which need actor with the same look and this must be Christopher Meloni.

Sam Hazeldine as Malekith

Malekith the Accursed, ruler of the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim is a powerful practitioner of Dark Faerie Magic.

Sam Hazeldine has played very scary role in film “Raven”, his character is similar to Malekith’s mortal variant, so I think that except Christopher
Ecclestone there is other which suits better than he.

Brooklyn Decker as Amora /Enchantress

Enchantress is an Asgardian goddess who is extremely experienced in the use of magic and is also skilled at seduction through supernatural means. She has been both an ally and an enemy to Thor, although she often chooses the latter.

My first choice was Amy Smart, but Brooklyn Decker has changed all my plans, about it. She is very gorgeous and hot actress, which I need for enchantress.

Mark Callaway as Skurge /Executioner

An Asgardian Warrior and former enemy of Thor, who realized he was being used by the Enchantress. He sacrificed himself to save countless souls from Niflheim.

Mark Callaway is pefect for role and there is no need to look for other wrestlers.

Jude Law as Samuel Sterns /Leader

Samuel Sterns was a worker in a chemical plant in a menial capacity until an accident working with radioactive material bombarded him with gamma radiation, turning his skin green and making his head grow, filling it with extreme knowledge. He became the one who men call The Leader.

This is one of my lovely choices, because Jude Law is really brilliant actor and Leade portraited by him will be ideal. I hope that Tim Blake Nelson won’t back and Jude Law will act in this role.

Neil Jackson as Emil Blonsky /Abomination

Craving for the power of a Hulk, Emil Blonsky purposely had himself infected with triple the amount of gamma that the Hulk originally had. However, it turned him into a monstrous amphibious reptoid with twice the strength of the Hulk, at the cost of never being human again.

I approve this choice once again, because Neil Jackson is will be brilliant Emil Blonsky. His look and actings in “Push” and “Upstairs Downstair” made me choose him for Russian spy, which become horrible mosnter.

Randy Couture as Carl Creel /Absorbing Man

An ultra-violent boxer turned criminal, Loki bestowed powers upon him, and he was transformed into the Absorbing Man, given powers to absorb any material and take on its properties. He is an on-again-off-again husband to Titania, and an enemy of Thor and Hulk.

Absorbing man need to be portraited by some boxer or wrestler which has some participations in movies too. And this is Rendy Couture.

Michael Ironside as Attuma

Attuma is a barbarian chief and citizen of Skarka. He believes he is destined to conquer Atlantis. Attuma faced even a greater defeat when facing his army who looked upon him with disregard, also the beliefs of Attuma being the one who would one day rule Atlantis being false were starting to rise, also causing his massive army to diminish. This led Attuma into leading a way to rule the surface as a way to regain his respect from his own army and later setting his sights on ruling Atlantis once more. But Attuma was facing a setback when lacking any knowledge of the surface world or any of the human population, which led Attuma into setting up a base near the surface with the goals of capturing a human so that he and his army would study and analyze the surface world and it’s inhabitants. However this attempt found itself backfiring when Attuma captured an airliner that held Janet Van Dyne, also known as the Wasp and partner of her lover Hank Pym. Selecting Janet to be the human for Attuma’s studies, Attuma and his small army found themselves facing an enraged Giant Man who managed to rescue Janet from Attuma’s clutches. With Attuma believing that all humans held the same growing abilities as with Pym and Janet, he successfully escaped both heroes to rethink his goals for ruling the surface world. Yet the fact humans are incapable of breathing water, Attuma and his small army managed to gather enough materials to design a machine that would alter the oxygen levels to where humans would be incapable of breathing and possibly giving Attuma a greater chance of ruling the surface. But an encounter with Iron Man who was currently testing a submarine found Attuma’s plans foiled when the armored avenger destroyed Attuma’s machine.

Michael Ironside’s voice can be used for this character, because he voiced Darksdide in “Justice League” animated series.

Kevin Durand as Todd Arliss /Tiger Shark

Todd Arliss was once a professional swimmer, until he injured his back while rescuing a man who had fallen overboard from a pirate craft. Todd Arlis was told by the medic he could no longer swim. Dr. Lemuel Dorcas promised Arliss he could help. Dorcas would use the "morphotron" to imprint the genetic pattern of an animal onto a human. He would use tiger sharks on Arlis, but when he tried it, Dorcas also captured Namor's genetic pattern as well as the tiger shark's, transforming Todd into a super human. Dorcas then gave Tiger Shark the costume and the name, who then tried to use him for his own ambitious ideas. However, the Shark escaped to the open sea, and accompanied Lady Dorma down to Atlantis. Shark bullied himself to the throne, until Namor arrived and took it back, sending Tiger Shark to prison. But Tiger Shark escaped when Atlantis fell victim to the Serpent Crown, he swam to Sargasso Sea.

Kevin Durand’s role was a little poor in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” , so I decide that he can go with Tiger Shark, and even by picture you will agree that he fits role.

Bruce Locke as Mandarin

After attacking Iron Man and SHIELD with dozens of extremist splinter groups under his manipulation, and equipped by him with hyper-advanced biological weapons, Mandarin eventually resurfaces as Tem Borjigin (an alias of Genghis Khan). The Mandarin has also infiltrated the U.S. government through his role as CEO of Prometheus Gentech, a corporation specializing in bio-engineered weaponry. He appears to be using Extremis creator and Tony Stark's former love interest Maya Hansen to produce an army of Extremis enhanced soldiers as well as financing and arming terrorists around the globe. The Mandarin also appears to plan unleashing the Extremis virus in aerosol form on the general public, which would kill most of the world's population except for a select few (roughly 3% of the human population) who have the genetic potential to withstand the Extremis effect. The Mandarin admits to Hansen that even he will die in the outbreak but that she and those with the genetic aptitude to survive will become free from disease, and effectively immortal. In this way, the Mandarin believes he will rid the world of its evils, allowing civilization to begin renewed.
Some fans are agree that ben Kingsley is awesome choice for Mandarin. I will say that history of Iron Man film begun go wrong from first movie, I mean terrorist which stole Tony Stark they must be Chinese and not Arabians.

In this case Ben Kingsley is fine for role, but in my cast I will go with true story, and Mandarin will be played by Bruce Locke, though that today he is not as famous as before.

Patrick Wilson as Abner Jenkins /Beetle

The Beetle's original battlesuit was trashed after an encounter with Iron Man. Shortly afterward he designed a more sophisticated suit. He hired the Ringer so that he could analyze Spider-Man's fighting style and strategies and program them into his battle computer. Unfortunately for him, he put a vital system right on his helmet and Spider-Man snapped it off causing the suit to shut down.

Patrick Wilson is enough famous and good actor. Some members cast him as ant-man or mr.fantastic, but in my cast I gave him role of villain, because he can portrait characters both good and bad. I think that role bad genius will suit him like none.

Scott Grimes as Dmitri Bukharin /Crimson Dynamo

Bukharin is perhaps the most infamous of the Dynamos. He is a former KGB operative who was assigned the task of assisting the Soviet Super Soldiers in apprehending Magneto after a chunk of Asteroid M crashed to Earth. He provoked a fight with the X-Men and Avengers (the Avengers wanted to arrest Magneto, while the X-Men wanted to protect him). The Dynamo destroyed a cargo ship that Magneto had taken refuge on; he would have been convicted of the murder of the entire crew had the Soviet Super Soldiers, X-Men and Avengers not been present to save them. Afterwards, he was removed from the Soviet Super Soldiers.

Scott Grimes has played role of doctors and criminals, so I think that by this fact he will be awesome choice for Dmitri Bukharin, because he can be seen as Russian too.

Dougray Scott as Norman Osborn /Iron Patriot

Known for many years as the Green Goblin and Spider-Man's arch-enemy, Osborn fooled the world into thinking he's a hero under the guise of the Iron Patriot and outed many heroes as cowards. His downfall was caused by his own insanity when he led a Siege on Asgard.

I think that all must show their thumbs up for this choice, because Dougray scott is really brilliabt in playing villains like Nroman Osborn, you can be sure if you watched “Mission Impossible 2”.

Robert Patrick as Ultron

Ultron was created by Dr. Henry Pym, based upon his own thought and memory engrams. It was a foray into Artificial Intelligence that no scientist had ever taken before, even Reed Richards. It started out as simply a box on treads with what appeared to be to be a head at the top. Dubbing the A.I. Ultron-1, he hoped this represented a new era in scientific discovery. However something went horribly wrong and Ultron became more than sentient and rebelled against his programming. He also defeated, and then brainwashed Dr. Pym into forgetting he’d ever created him in the first place.

Well I think that Robert Patrick is not too old for not to voice Ultron. Ultron’s body will be made by CGI and there we just need voice from perfect actor like Robert Patrick.

Iain Glen as Mephisto

The evil, demonic Hell-Lord Mephisto comes from eons ago. The Elder Gods, immensely powerful, ruled Earth ages before The First Celestial Host stepped foot on Earth. The monster Atum drove them off, but their mystical energies remained and became the Hell-Lords. Mephisto was the first and is one of the most powerful. Mephisto is a massive demon, an evil lord who steals people's souls and tortures, kills, and attacks the other world. He is obviously modeled after the devil in Christianity, which fits, as he rules over his own Hell-like dimension and steals souls. He steals souls using contracts with mortals, which are often misleading or unfair. He particularly enjoys stealing souls of powerful or very good people. Legend has it however that Mephisto was actually the first Deviant to have been created by The Celestials on Earth during The First Host and was never a demon to begin with.

Iain Glen fit for this role and there is no one who could could play so evil like him. His best actings can be seen in”Lara Croft: Tomb raider” and in “Resident Evil 3.

Mark Pellegrino as Dormammu

Dormammu is a being of immense mystical power and is the Ruler of the Dark Dimension. He uses his vast powers to take over other universes, and is often at odds with Doctor Strange.

Mark Pellegrino was Lucifer in “Supernatural” TV series and his voice needed to portrait villian like Dormammu.

Jason Patric as Karl Amadeus Mordo /Baron Mordo

Baron Mordo is an accomplished Magic-user who was trained by the Ancient One. He was a long time foe of Dr. Strange.

Jason Patric was awesome in “Loosers” that just made me to choose him as baron mordo.

Rufus Sewell as Ulysses Klaw/Klaw

Ulysses Klaw is a Dutch scientist and arch enemy to Black Panther. He has a gun on his arm that turns sound into images. His body was converted into pure sound when he jumped into his sound converter machine.

Rufus Sewell is already the best actor which portraits villains. In my cast he will portrait a dutch villain of black Panther.

Timothy Spall as Mad Thinker

The Mad Thinker has spent his life discerning the future by calculating all of the known variables he can possibly think of. Using these calculations, he can predict where lightning will strike, where a person will step, or where a bullet will hit. Not wanting to battle superpowered foes personally, he employs robots and traps to deal with those he has calculated would interfere with his plans.

What can I say it is that this actor is just born to bring Mad Thinker on screen.

That’s all, I hope that you will be enough, because I was working in this fan cast a few months.And please check up following casts too:

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