FAN CAST: The Flash

FAN CAST: The Flash

The third "part" to my DC Universe, following Batman and Green Lantern.

I wanted to mention two things before you see the characters and the actors portraying them in this "film", I reposted my Green Lantern fan cast because the first time around no one had commented on it and it was going down the page quickly. But LEEE says he had commented and others so I dont understand that... now this Flash fan cast is kind of its own thing. It takes certain things from different times of the Flash comic books.


JOSEPH KOSINSKI (TRON: Legacy): Joseph Kosinski is an incredible director who I think has that "spice" he can add to The Flash and make it more transitional to film.

NEIL PATRICK HARRIS (Justice League: The New Frontier) as BARRY ALLEN/THE FLASH: Neil Patrick Harris, to me, is the only guy that could play Barry Allen.

FELICIA DAY (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog) as IRIS WEST: I got the idea for Felicia Day playing Iris since she appeard alongside Neil Patrick Harris in Dr. Horrible. I thought Felicia would be perfect!

ANTON YELCHIN (Terminator Salvation) as WALLY WEST/KID FLASH: In this continuity Wally West is already Kid Flash from the begining. I felt that Yelchin was a fantastic actor to play Wally.

ERIC CHRISTIAN OLSEN (Fired Up) as GIOVANNI GIUSEPPE/THE TRICKSTER: The Trickster needs a pretty goofy actor in the role so I went with Eric Christian Olsen, who I think looks pretty identical to The Trickster.

LOCHLYN MUNRO (Freddy vs Jason) as SAM ZOLOMON/ZOOM: This might seem like a odd choice, but if you come across a picture of Sam Zolomon in the comics he actually looks quite a bit like Lochlyn Munro.

LOUISE SOREL (Days of our Lives) as CECILE HORTON: A rather small role, Cecile was Barry's lawyer at one point.

ADAM BEACH (Walker, Texas Ranger) as THOMAS KALMAKU: A small cameo just to tie Green Lantern and The Flash together in the same continuity.
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