FAN CAST: The Inhumans

FAN CAST: The Inhumans

FAN CAST: The Inhumans

Here are my choices for who should play The Inhumans in a movie based on the characters!

I know that The Inhumans arent exactly the most popular of Marvel's characters but I think that their adventures could very easily make one hell of a movie! If we're ever lucky enough to see Marvel Studios get the rights back from Fox for the Fantastic Four characters, just imagine how brilliant it would be to see an FF movie cross over into an Inhumans one! If you're not that familiar with the characters just click HERE!

Wentworth Miller as Black Bolt

Black Bolt

Leader of the Inhumans, Black Bolt joined the Illuminati to stop major problems. He has a super sonic scream that can destroy almost anything, even if he whispers..

Christina Hendricks as Medusa


Medusa is the queen of Inhumans and is also married to Black Bolt, the king of Inhumans. Medusa is best known for her long, thick head of hair, which she can use to her aid.

Alyson Hannigan as Crystal


Crystal is a member of the Inhumans and the younger sister of Medusa, Queen of the Inhumans. She has the power to manipulate the four basic elements due to being exposed to Terrigen Mist.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Gorgon


Exposed to Terrigen Mist when he was an infant, he has developed strong goat-like hooves which pack a punch when needed.

Jake Gyllenhall as Karnak


Martial Arts trained member of the Royal Family of the Inhumans.

Brendan Fehr as Triton


A member of the Inhuman Royal Family, Triton was exposed to the Terrigen Mist when he was a year old and emerged with a number of aquatic mutations.

Gerard Butler as Maximus the Mad


Maximus gained his powers through exposure to Terrigen Mist when he was a child, like his cousin, Medusa. However he plots against the Inhumans rather than help.

Oh, and lets not forget Lockjaw!!! I think that CGI would be the best option for this particular Inhuman!


An Inhuman transformed into the shape of a dog by the Terrigen Mists which also gave abilities of incredible teleportaton feats.

So thats it, let me know what you think in the usual place and if you have any questions about why I chose these actors feel free to ask! Thanks for reading!!!

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