FAN CAST: The Ultimates

FAN CAST: The Ultimates

FAN CAST: The Ultimates

My choices for the actors who should play 'The Ultimates' if that was being made instead of 'The Avengers'!

Like you, I cannot wait until 2012 when 'The Avengers' movie is finally released! I think with the right blend of the original and Ultimate comic books (the emphasis being on the classics of course) that the movie will be a huge success to both us the comic book fans and to the general movie going public!

However, what if they made an Ultimates movie? These are my choices for the cast of that film! If you have any questions as to why I've made the choices I have then feel free to ask! Remember, these choices are based on tne personalities of the Ultimate characters! Enjoy!

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury


Ryan McPartlin as Captain America


Josh Brolin as Iron Man


Alexander SkarsgÄrd as Thor


Michael Rapaport as Giant Man


Naoko Mori as Wasp


Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye


Olga Kurylenko as Black Widow


Zachary Quinto as Quicksilver


Serinda Swan as Scarlet Witch


Cillain Murphy as Bruce Banner


David Suchet as Jarvis


So thats it, let me know what you think in the usual place! Thanks for reading!!!

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