Here are my picks for who I would like to play the characters of Asgard in 'Thor'!

I know that some of these are the same that were in my fan cast of 205 Marvel Character ( but I thought it would be a good idea to include them all here together (as well as a few new additions) to see what you guys think! Enjoy!

Chris Hemswoth as Thor


Well, theres not a lot to say here as he's already been cast but in my opinion after seeing his brilliant but brief part in 'Star Trek', I think he'll do a good job!

Patrick Wilson as Donald Blake


If Blake is going to be included in 'Thor' (I personally hope so!) I think that Wilson would be perfect. He was great in Watchmen and based on that performance I think that this part would be ideal for playing the doctor who is also secretly Thor..!

Jessica Biel as Sif


As Beil has been previously rumoured to be involved with 'Thor', I think that Biel would be ideal for the role of Sif as she not only looks the part but is a great actress who I think would work well alonside Hemsworth's Thor.

Natalie Portman as Jane Foster

000Jane Foster

Again, like with Hemsworth she has already been cast but once again in my opinion, I think she's a good choice to play Donald Blake's love interest and would work well with my choice for Blake, Patrick Wilon.

Kiefer Sutherland as Balder


Sutherland is a brilliant actor (as seen in '24') and if his performance as the super tough Jack Bauer is anything to go by then he would be great as the bravest warrior in Asgard.

Aaron Eckhart as Heimdall


Like with Sutherland, Eckhart is an experienced actor who would be great as the strong but silent Heimdall. He definitely looks the part and I find it pretty easy to imagine him in the role.

Sienna Miller as Valkyrie


Though its unlikely that we will see Valkyrie in 'Thor' if she does appear in the movie or a sequel,then I think that Sienna Miller would be just right for the part. She's a great actress who has shown that she can just as easily do action (G.I. Joe) as acting!


My own view of The Warriors Three is that they are perhaps the 'comic relief' of the Thor comic books as well as being pretty tough warriors to go with that. That is why I've chosen three actors who are best known for comedic parts but are also great actors.

Paul Rudd as Fandrall


Jason Segel as Hogun


Kevin James as Volstagg


Brian Blessed as Odin


What is there to say!? He is PERFECT for the role of Odin!!! 'nuff said!

Tom Hiddleston as Loki


Again, Hiddleston has already been cast then there isnt much to say! I've never seen him act but from all accounts he is a great actor so with luck he'll do a great job!

Mircea Monroe as The Enchantress


A great actress/model who I saw in an episode of 'Scrubs'. Although her role wasnt a huge one, what I saw of her was really good. As for playing The Enchantress, she is obvioulsy nice looking enough for the part and bother her voice and mannerisms make her right for this type of character in my opinion.

Jeffery Dean Morgan as Hercules


I know he's not strictly a Thor character but I though that i would include him! Anyway, Morgan is a fantastic actor (Supernatural, Watchmen) and I think that he would make a brilliant Hercules.

So, thats it! I look forward to hearing what you guys think!
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