Fan Cast "Titans"Army!

Fan Cast "Titans"Army!

Welcome to Farenheit's 10th Fan Cast of "Teen Titans""Titans",legacy! Cont. Titans Tommorrow,"Titans Army"! In the alternate future Lex Lutor has formed a new force of justice! One that uses deadly force and brute ways to control society of their ill ways!

"Titans Army" a glympse of what the "Teen Titans" thought they would never turn into! Here we see relationships develope, and characters take positions and alliances with people they never imagine! Look as the "Teen Titans" see what they can possibly become! Guided by Lex Luthor, lead by Tim Drake here's the army!
Titans East...
Lead by Cyborge 2.0/Victor Stone...Cyborg has upgraded his part to becomes Cyborg 2.0. Cyborg 2.0 has blue cybernetic parts and a more futuristic look. Cyborg rallied together Titans East as a resistance force to oppose the tyrannical Titans.

Casted as actor Richard T.Jones from Why Did I Get Maried movies,and Event Horizan.

#2 Bumblebee.. Karen Beecher is a Cybernetic Insect Queen - with cyber-insects at her control. She leads Titans East with Cyborg 2.0.

Casted as Joy Bryant from Spiderman,Get Rich Or Die Tryin, adn London.

#3 Terra..Terra is part of Cyborg 2.0's Titans East team. Terra claims Gar "refused to have anything to do with her."

Casted as Amanda Seyfried from Chole,and Red Hood.

#4 Terra III... When the future timeline was altered with the death of Terra
II, Terra I supplanted her as a member of Cyborg 2.0's resistance force.

casted AnnaLynn Mcord The curly-haired blonde has appeared on hit TV shows like Ugly Betty, Greek and Nip/Tuck, but it’s on the revamped 90210 where she has created a name for herself as the scandalous
and spoiled Naomi Clark.

#5 Ravager...Rose broke Slade's control and became a Titan as part of Cyborg 2.0's Titans East. She is also romantically involved with Bart – who freed Rose from Slade’s control. Rose never reconciled with her father - who is still a gun-for-hire in the future.

Casted as before Deborah Ann Woll from HBO series True Blood.

#6 Captain Marvel Jr.Captain Marvel, Jr. becomes Captain Marvel in the future. He romantically vied for Wonder Girl's attentions but lost out to Superboy. Like the first Captain Marvel, Freddy has a childlike-mind in a powerhouse adult body [and reverts to a teenager when not Cap]. Freddy joined Cyborg's Titans East team to challenge the Titans. Robin uses a tape recording of Freddy against him – a recording that sounds like Freddy joining Robin’s Titans team.

Casted as Taylor Lautner from Twilight..

#7 Batwoman/FlameBird/Bette Kane.. Seemingly killed by Duela Dent, Bette Kane was restored to life using the Lazarus Pit - in a deal Tim-Batman made with Ras Al Ghul. Now reborn, Bette assumed the mantle of Batwoman. Bette was also romantically linked with Tim-Batman - but later joined Titans East when Tim's team became darker.

Casted as Winter Ave Zoli from Sons Of Anarchy,HellBoy,and The Pagan Queen.

#8 Batwoman..Batwoman II: When the future timeline was altered, Cassandra Cain supplanted Bette Kane as Batwoman in the future.

Casted as Davon Aoki..from Sin City.

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