FAN CAST: Ultimate Avengers by JoshW

FAN CAST: Ultimate Avengers by JoshW

FAN CAST: <font color= blue>Ultimate Avengers</font> by JoshW

Here are my choices for who I'd like to see star in an adaptation of Mark Millar's Ultimate Comics: Avengers! Included in the cast are characters like Captain America, Gregory Stark, Red Wasp, Hawkeye, Nerd Hulk and many more!

JoshW: In this cast, I’ve based my choices on the Ultimate versions of the characters and gone with the actors I think best suit the look and personality of them. As a lot of them were only recently introduced in Ultimate Comics: Avengers, I’ve included small bios with those that some of you may not be too familiar with. As always, if you have any questions about why I’ve made a particular casting decision just ask me in the usual place! Enjoy!


Yvonne Strahovski as Carol Danvers

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This version of the character has no superhuman abilities. She became acting Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. after Nick Fury's disappearance.

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

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Brad Pitt as Gregory Stark

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Tony Stark's older brother in Ultimate Universe. Part of the Avengers Project led by Nick Fury.

The Team

Jensen Ackles as Hawkeye

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Lucy Liu as Monica Chang/Black Widow

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Nick Fury's ex-wife, and the new Black Widow.

Ron Perlman as (the voice of) Nerd Hulk

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Nerd Hulk is a creation by Tony Stark's brother, Gregory Stark, using Bruce Banner's stem cells - retaining his hyper-intellect and the monster's brute strength.

Mila Kunis as Red Wasp

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Once known as terrorist Insect Queen she is on her way to reforming by Gregory Stark's Avengers.

Terrence Howard as War Machine

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Other Characters

Chris Evans as Captain America

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After learning that the Red Skull is his son, he becomes a fugitive on the run from Nick Fury's Avengers.

Josh Brolin as Iron Man

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Paul Bettany as Red Skull

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The son of Captain America was raised by the army but later rebelled, killed over 200 men and cut off his own face. He is now one of the world’s greatest terrorists.

So that's a wrap! Please feel free to let me know what you think in the usual place and as always, thanks for reading! :)

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