FAN CAST: West Coast Avengers

FAN CAST: West Coast Avengers

FAN CAST: West Coast Avengers

Here are my choices for the every member of the spin-off Avengers team based in LA and led by Hawkeye!

The team is founded by the Avenger Hawkeye in response to a suggestion by fellow Avenger the Vision, who at the time wished to expand Avengers influence. Hawkeye recruits Mockingbird, Wonder Man, Tigra, and Iron Man, with the last actually being Jim Rhodes as opposed to Tony Stark, a fact initially unknown to the team. The team take on Henry Pym as a scientific advisor and compound manager and battle a range of both old foes and new. Firebird, Moon Knight, Darkhawk and the original Human Torch all join the team at some point until Mockingbird's death resulting in constant in-fighting and a general lack of organization until Captain America intervenes and disbands the team.

When we finally get The Avengers movie in 2012, the potential to expand the Marvel movie universe will have only just begun! With the recent news that Hawkeye will more than likely appear in The Avengers, it got me about a spin off with Clint Barton leading his own team? Here are my choices for The West Coast Avengers!

Chris Pine as Hawkeye


Laura Vandervoort as Mockingbird


Patrick Wilson as Hank Pym


David Boreanaz as Wonder Man


Don Cheadle as Iron Man/War Machine


Eliza Dushku as Tigra


Matt Damon as US Agent


Monica Raymund as Firebird


Amaury Nolasco as Living Lightning


Sam Worthington as The Human Torch (Jim Hammond)


Nolan North as Moon Knight


Jessica Biel as Spider-Woman


Josh Hopkins as Darkhawk


So thats it, let me know what you think in the usual place and if you have any questions about why I chose these actors feel free to ask! Thanks for reading!!!

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