Fan Casting for a Batman Beyond movie

Fan Casting for a Batman Beyond movie

Yep beyond...

I loved the Batman Beyond TV series and I wouldn't mind if they made a movie about Batman Beyond. I think it would be okay to change some parts of the story, as long as they don't change it completely .

If I was to pick a director, it would be J.J Abrams.

Garrett Hedlund as Terry McGinnis

Mark Harmon as Bruce Wayne

I would've chosen Clint Eastwood, but (from what I've heard) he's done with acting, I thought of Jeff Bridges, but he doesn't seem to fit to me like Mark Harmon does.

Jamie Chung as Dana Tan

Amber Stevens as Max Gibson

Bryan Cranston as Warren McGinnis

Linda Haimilton as Mary McGinnis

Maggie Q as Inque

William Fitchner as Derek Powers

Editors Note - Do not put Fan-Fic in the news section and actually explain why you want your picks as your picks instead of just names and pictures, thank you. :)
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