Fan Casting Metal Gear Solid

Fan Casting Metal Gear Solid

Probably the best picks imaginable for a Metal Gear Solid movie..

For years, there were rumors floating around Hollywood that there would be a big budget movie released based on the hit Playstation game, Metal Gear Solid. It was even set to be written by the voice of Solid Snake himself, David Hayter (screenwriter for X-Men, 1st draft of Watchmen).

However, since those rumors started (by series creator Hideo Kojima, no less!), not much else has gone on with the project. So here we are, with this fanboy's dream to see it realized in celluloid, and my picks for the nevermaterialized MGS movie. so, without further adieu....

Seeing as how both Snakes are clones of one another, the actor who will be playing Solid will have to pull double duty and vice versa. For these roles, you need someone who can be a badass and gritty, no non-sense American yet flamboyantly over the top, menacing, and British as the other role. To me, no one can pull this off better than Guy Pearce.

You need a hottie who isn't afraid to get rough and take a few tumbles. While she has yet to play that sort of role, the upcoming "Roommate" might show Leighton here can hang. So for the role of Meryl (and who wouldn't want to see this girl doing situps in her panties?)...Leighton Meester!

A lot of people would automatically go with Sam Elliot for this role. Not me...I want somebody who isn't afraid to play a different character. And I love old Sam...but he's the same character in every movie. I need someone who can play the bad guy....but at te same time...with so much charisma that you really want to root for him. You also want to be amigous towards the guy. You don't know what his true intentions are. No one can do this better than Gary Oldman.

Come on. A no-brainer. Big, bad ass Samoan looking gentleman? Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Look, he's already even got the tribal tatoos!

A blonde haired bombshell sniper expert Iraqi......but how many blonde Iraqis do you know? We're going with Australian/Polish blonde bombshell, and "Chuck" co-star, Yvonne Strahovski. She's proven she can handle a gun, and hang with the guys on that show.

The tortured, soft-spoken, and mysterious Ninja. No one plays tortured and soft-spoken who can also go ballistic when called for) than "Dexter" star Michael C. Hall.

You need someone who, while you don't get to see a lot of his face, can pull off emotions and expressions with the rest of his body. You also need someone who can terrify you while doing so. Now tell me....when you saw the "Hush" episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer....who freaked you out the most? How about when you saw "Pan's Labyrinth"? That's right, one in Hollywood can pull this off better than the tall, lanky, spindly, expressive, Abe Sapien and Silver Surfer himself: Doug Jones! He would be the absolute perfect Psycho Mantis!

12 Years Later Spolier Alert!
The sister of Cyborg Ninja needs to be a dark haired beauty who can pull off the intelligent, sexy, yet tortured and sympthetic side that the character of Namoi calls for. She desperately wants to help her brother. And she also wants revenge for the man who killed her brother, Solid Snake. And since she shares the same first name (I like to keep it simple for my actors), let's go with Naomi Watts. Have her dye her hair, ala "Tank Girl" and BOOM. We have our Naomi.

Snake?? SNAKE!!?? NOOOOOO!!!! You need someone who can pull off the take-charge, yet fatherly type role that is required of Col. Campbell. Who else than Martin Sheen for this role? As long as he does it more "West Wing", and less "Spawn". Am I right, folks?

And lastly...

Nerdy. Trustworthy. Genius. Not afraid to piss his pants. Sorry if you disagree, but I think the best guy to fit this role would be one of the most underrated actors out there today. The ever changing chameleon, Sam Rockwell.
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