FAN CAST:The Flash

FAN CAST:The Flash

NightAvenger4 casts the Scarlet Speedster!

Here are my picks for the upcoming movie "The Flash"!

Zachary Levi as Barry Allen/The Flash

This is my own choice that i thought up a couple months ago while watching Chuck.Levi is good at playing the nerd and the action hero. Thats Barry to me.

Aaron Johnson as Wally West/Kid Flash/Impulse/The Flash

For this role i wanted someone younger so he could carry the torch into the sequels. Johnson looks the part, is a good actor and is not a stranger to CBM's.

Jenna Fischer As Iris Allen

She's a good actress and she looks the part. She's hilarious in The Office!

Bruce Greenwood as Jay Garrick/The Flash

He's a great actor and he looks IDENTICAL to Jay.

Timothy Olyphant as Leonard Snart/Captain Cold

We all know that Olyphant is good at playing the villain. He should definitely play Captain cold.

David Tennant as Mark Mardon/The Weather Wizard

Great Choice by LEEE777! He has the look, acting skill, and presence to be Weather Wizard! He’s not the Riddler btw.

Neal Mcdonough as Sam Scudder/The Mirror Master

He would do great in this pivotal role!

Jim Caviezel as Hunter Zolomon/Zoom(cameo)

Zolomon in this movie is a mixture of Zoom and the Reverse Flash. Jim Caviezel is a great actor who would own the role of Zoom!

Thoughts and Comments?
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