Fan Comic Script- Ghost Rider: Max

Fan Comic Script- Ghost Rider: Max

My fan comic script of a Ghost Rider story if it was released by Marvel: MAX.

Below is a preview of a fan comic script i'm working on of Ghost Rider, done 'Marvel: Max' Style. In case i get complants of dialog, some will be censored.


Old Beginnings

Written By James Seven


Panel 1- First thing we see is the outside of a diner called "Betty's" in a small country town during a bright sunny day, a truck or two parked. Even a nice looking black chopper with flame decals on it. Seems like a calm peaceful day, nothing looking to be wrong here. The unnamed town seems to a small one, nothing too big, nothing too small.

Panel 2- Now we're inside the diner, looks to be a good ol' place to eat. Two old timers (both looking to be twin brothers) eating at the counter. A young couple, BOYFRIEND and GIRLFRIEND, clearly in college due to their age, at their table being served their food by a young waitress still in high school, along with other empty booths. Including one with only the top of the back of his brown hair being shown (IMPORTANT, just to note.). On the walls are small metal signs, either having something to do with diners or food. Also there's a couple things of 'Betty Boob' memorabilia, as tribute.

(balloon one)
Here's your grits, buttered toast and two strips of bacon.
(balloon two)
And a order of Belgian waffle, fried egg and hash browns for the guy.

Panel 3- A kind looking old owner and sometimes waitress of the diner, in her mid-60's, BETTY, comes by to the two old timers behind the counter, wiping the counter a bit. You can now really tell both old men are twins, but both wear different colored farm clothing. Outside, though hard a bit to see through the glass are two figures, seeming to come in to eat.

(to the Old Timers)
Hey guys, how's the family crops going?

Good, have some of the grandsons and Lisa coming up to help.

Yeah, old age is kicking in hard like a sonvab*tch.


Panel 1- Seconds later, the door is kicked in hard as the two figures from outside enter, both shown to be clad in your basic robber clothes, all black clothes, including a ski mask with mouth and eye holes for one, SKI MASK, and pantyhose for the other one, PANTYHOSE, both have giant revolvers in hands, seeming to point in every direction as (Seemingly) everyone freaks out, but we can tell these two ain't nothing but first year robbers, f*cking pafetic saps looking to make a quick dishonest buck.

All right you motherf*ckers, down on the f*ckin' ground, NOW!

Unless you's all want your bodies ridden with lead, do as he says!

? #1
(in a black caption box with red freaky font)
Their souls are stained-

? #2
(in a yellow caption box with a black normal font)
I KNOW. Just waiting for the right moment...

Panel 2- Most of the patrons of the diner do as they're told except for the Boyfriend (And the mystery man in the other booth, but we'll get to him later.) who keeps his hands up, walking slowly towards Pantyhose and Ski Mask. His Girlfriend, lying on the ground is looking up at her love, scared at what he's gonna try to do as both thief's have their guns aimmed at him.

(scared, small)
Baby, don't-

(interrupting, to Girlfriend)
It's okay, i can do this. Learned how to thanks to Youtube.
(to Ski Mask and Pantyhose)
Guys, we don't want anyone hurt, so please-

Panel 3- The next words that come from the Boyfriend's mouth is a bloodcurdling scream as Ski Mask practically blows the poor bastard's hand off at the wrist with his revolver, causing some body to go all around.

(screams, off panel)

(freaking out in pain)

Panel 4- The Boyfriend is now screaming on the ground in pain, the Girlfriend now at his side, trying to block the blood flow from his stump of a wrist with a napkin (Of all things!) as much blood squirts around, no matter how hard she tries. The Old Timers, the Waitress and Betty look down in horror as Ski Mask has his gun pointed down at both the Boyfriend and Girlfriend while Pantyhose has his gun pointed at the rest.

Now quit gawking and f*ckin' give us all your money or we show how your head's react to our bullets!

(small tone, scared, balloon one)
I got you-
(balloon two)


Panel 1- Now we see a close-up of a normal male hand and a black leather jacket style sleeve, holding a metal fork in hand, piece of egg stuck to it. Under it is the table with a plate of eggs, bacon and buttered toast on it. Also a glass of OJ along with the basic condiments (Salt, pepper, ketchup, etc.). But there seems to some red liquid on the eggs and bacon and it sure as shit ISN'T KETCHUP.

? #1
(in a black caption box with red freaky font)

? #2
(in a yellow caption box with a black normal font)

Panel 2- Same as last panel, but now the hand has have TURNED INTO A BURNING SKELETON HAND! The metal fork now is melting as also the food burns up due to the sudden increase of heat as the leather jacket seems to look like it's starting to burn/bubble/smoke a bit also thanks to the heat. You can tell that the shit's gonna hit the fan.

Panel 3- Guns still pointed at their hostages as they get hand over wallets, cash and change, both Ski Mask and Pantyhose both seem to sniff the air, curious at what they're smelling. Notable is the suddenly bright light on their backs. None of the people see what the mystery person has become.

(sniffing the air)
SNIFF- SNIFF- Oh man, someone set a cow on fire? Smells like burnt leather in here.

Yeah, same here and who turned up the heat?

I did...


Panel 1- In a full page panel, both Ski Mask and Pantyhose turn around, each scared at the words they heard, only to be face fear itself. The Spirit Of Vengeance him, THE GHOST RIDER! Luckly no fire sprinklers are around, cause they would turn on thanks to him. Huge, tall, he's wearing his classic get-up, the black leather jacket, pants, boots. The leather jacket doesn't have the spikes on the shoulders. Like in "Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance", his jacket seems to be bubbling, burning and smoking a bit as the burning skull has deep black smoke coming from the hellfire. He also has his long huge chains around his right shoulder to his left waist.

(at the same time, small scared tone)

(Word balloon is black with a red outline and freaky font, balloon one)
Mommy isn't gonna help you here, neither of you two.
(balloon two)
Both your souls are stained with the blood of innocents...

How was that? If you wanna flame, go ahead, but be at least be nice about it. This is my first comic script with a non-original character being used.
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