FAN FIC: Cage TV Series Script Episode 1

FAN FIC: Cage TV Series Script Episode 1

Sneak peak of the script for my Luke Cage TV series. Please give me feedback! I need it to become better!


Cage is on the ground. It is raining. Lightning flashes and when it
flashes thunder rumbles and you can see a shadow of a man, who’s holding a
knife in his hand.

Cage (Narration): My life will never be the same. I used to be best
friends with this guy, who I now am tasked to kill, but I think he’s ‘bout
to kill me. The love of my life was killed, but no one knows by whom, but
I have a pretty good idea. I was Carl Lucas, but I’m not…I’m Luke Cage.

Screen goes black. It says “11 years ago”. The words fade out. Then you
hear a police siren. Luke Cage is running away from a police car holding a

Cage: What have I gotten into?

He turns the corner only to find 2 police officers

Police Officer 1: FREEZE!

Police Officer 2: You are under arrest. Put your hands in the air.

A cop car pulls around the corner and stops. Two policemen get out of the

Cage: Bump

Cuts to prison yard.

Cage is mad and is staring at the ground as he’s walking outside to the
prison yard.

Cage (whispering): Had to be transferred to a prison off of the coast of
Florida. Bull Sh-

He runs into a big guy that’s around 6’11.

Big Guy: HEY! Watch where you are going!

Cage: Sorry man it was an accident.

Big Guy: You don’t mess with me

Cage: Well who are you

By now everyone is staring at them

Big Guy: I am Alejandro Sabio

Cage: Sabio means wise. The doctors must have given you to the wrong
parents because that definitely is not your last name.

Alejandro: I’m freaking adopted!

Cage: That explains a lot

Prisoners: OOH!

Alejandro: you wanna go

Cage (Mocking his accent): Yea I wanna go!

Alejandro: Aiight then! Let’s go

Cage throws a punch at Alejandro. Alejandro catches his fist.

Alejandro: Oh nice throw buddy, but can you block THIS!

Alejandro punches Cage in the stomach. Cage goes flying backwards and fall
to the ground. Alejandro stops over cage and starts punching him in the
face. When Cage starts bleeding a lot the guards interfere and get Alejandro off of Cage.

Alejandro: GET OFF OF ME!

Alejandro shoves the guards off of him and goes back inside.


Cage is sitting in his cell. A man wearing a black suit comes in the cell followed by two guards.

Man: Why Carl Lucas, so nice to meet you

Cage: Who are you?

Man: I’m Dr. Albert Rackham. How would you like to participate in a
project by the government, you’ll have amazing strength, and by what I saw
I the prison yard yesterday you could need it.

Cage: Look! First off I don’t need anything. I already have enough
strength it’s just that guy had more! So leave

Albert: I guess you don’t want to be freed from the crap hole.

Albert turns around to leave but stop when Cage says

Cage: STOP!

Albert: Yes?

Cage: I’ll do it

Albert (whispering): YES


Cage steps into a pod. The pod closes after he closes it. The scientists
leave the room and go into another room where you are able to observe the
pod. Albert presses a red button. The pod starts glowing on the inside. You hear Cage screaming.


The pod opens and cage steps out, he doesn’t look any different. The
scientist goes back in the room.
Albert: Let’s test it out.

Albert pulls out a handgun. He shoots Cage. The bullet bounces right off
of Cage.

Cage: What the fu-

Albert: IT WORKS!

Cage: What works
Albert: See that box over there?
Cage: Yea

Albert: Pick it up with one hand

Cage: Aiight. Cage picks up the box with one hand

Albert: That box ways a ton a.k.a you’re lifting something 2000 pounds with one hand.

Cage: Holy Sh-

Albert: AMAZING! It worked.

Cage: So I can go now?

Albert: What?

Cage: You said I’d be released from prison if I do this.

Albert: Yeah about that, you’re going to be living in a secret government
base which is basically like prison.

Cage: WHAT!

Cage gets mad and he throws the box at the wall. It leaves a giant whole
in the wall and he runs through it.

Albert: GET HIM

One of the scientists pulls the escape alarm. All the lights start
flashing red and siren is going off. The guards start chasing Cage. Cage runs into the prison yard.

Cage: Let’s dance ladies!


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