Fan Fic: Doctor Strange

Fan Fic: Doctor Strange

Fan Fic: Doctor Strange

Wadey's take on a live action adaptation!

With Marvel attempting to create a cohesive film universe, I believe that the Sorcerer Supreme is destined to grace the silver screen within ten years. Hopefully! Until that time, I have conceived an idea of who should be portrayed in the movie.

Doctor Stephen Strange- Liam Neeson

This character is a no brainer. Liam Neeson not only looks the part of Doc Strange, he has the talent to back it up!

The Ancient One- Roger Yuan

You would recognize this actor from Shanghai Noon and Bulletproof Monk. To play an ancient, wizened, Yoda like figure, I choose this guy. Look at the photos and tell me I am wrong.

Wong- Chow Yun Fat

Also an actor from Bulletproof Monk, he proved in that movie that he can play obedient, sarcastic, and an overall likeable monk.

Clea- Isla Fisher

Got this idea for Josh24 and I have been warming up to the idea of her as Clea.

Night Nurse- Sarah Wayne Callies

Also another Josh24 pick, I couln't find anyone better suited to play the part of Night Nurse.

And now onto the villains:

Baron Mordo- Christian Bale

I saw this picture while doing a search on google and fell in love with the idea. It is only irony that makes this pick a Josh24 pick.

Mephisto- Peter Fonda

Ths guy played an excellent Mephisto in Ghost Rider but this time I would love to see more demon than man.

I would have placed Dormammu in this film but feel that he should be left for the sequel that way he can be explored thoroughly.

Thanks to Josh24 for the three picks!

So what do you think?
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