FAN FIC: Fantastic Four Reboot

FAN FIC: Fantastic Four Reboot

A very short (words only) fan cast of charcaters and actors, and Locations, of my version of the reboot.

Fantastic Four (the first film) cast and characters

Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic- Adrien Brody, I chose him because of his role in "Splice".

Invisible Women/ Susan Storm-Anna Torv, a simple answer to why I chose her is because of her role in Fringe. To me, I wanted to fuse this role and her role of Agent Dunham. Imagine Dunham as a superhero.

The Thing/ Ben Grimm-Bruce Willis, now who wouldn't like that. My take on this role is very similar to John McClane. Think of Ben Grimm as a cop who at one time had an accident. He would be a rock monster, in pants and has a gun. He will also be CGI.

Human Torch/ Johney Storm- Chris Evens or Gerrett Hedlund(Tron legacy)- I like Evens portrayal. I think a lot of people do but Gerretts role in that movie made me wonder, he may be good to. The only difference is that with Gerrett, John would be alot smarter, well a bit.

Dr. Doom/ Victor Von Doom- Clive Owens, inspired by several of his roles. He's also the first actor to pop up in my head.

Beyonder- Zach Quinto, it's pretty easy to figure out why him. I love his take of Spock in the new Star Trek. To see him play a very similar role but, a bad guy, that could be interesting.

The Kree(CGI)- This would be a cameo group with a minor role.

Locations- Baxter Building, Earth- Past,Future and Present (In that order).

Fantastic Four: Submerge

The team will have the same cast.

Alica Masters- Zoe Saldana

Mole Man- Andy Serkis, inspired by his role as Lord of the Rings series

Skrulls (CGI)-Small role)

Namor the Sub-Mariner- Johnny Depp, could be fun to see, plus it's his favorite superhero

Locations- Baxter Building, Earth, Atlantis

The Negative Zone (final film)

Puppet Master- Will Smith (cameo, prison scene)

Ronan the Accussor- Liam Neeson

Skrull (cameo)

Galactus-Lenord Nimoy (voice only)

Terrex- Micheal Clark Duncan

Dr. Doom- Jason Issacs

Locations- BB, Earth, The Negative Zone

I think that is the best fan cast i can come up with. I also have a fan story for all three. The reason why the actor for Doom is different in the third part, is story driven
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