FAN FIC FIGHT: Spider-Man Vs Doc Ock Part 1

AREA: Midtown High. CHALLENGERS: Spider-Man VS Doc Ock

-"So can anyone tell me what equals 59 times 87 divided by 56? The teacher asked. Anyone, anyone? Peter's spider sense then tingles, Peter then yells out, 91.660714 can I go to the washroom please?

-Peter then runs into the halls and encounters Doc Ock already, Doc Ock then doesn't notice him, but Peter's Spider Sense goes crazy, Peter runs into the washroom and changes in the stalls.

-Doc Ock then comes into the classroom and asks where Peter Parker is. But as soon as he finishes his question Spider-Man skids down the halls and enters the classroom. Jig's up pal! Spider-Man yelled. Doc Ock turns around and laughs. Why are you laughing, you haven't even seen yourself in the mirror yet, Spider-Man said.

-Doc Ock quickly turned furious, and used his tentacles to grab him, but Spider-Man quickly dodges it in a blur and says, You know violence is never the answer, Doc Ock becomes more in raged and uses his tentacles to smack him across the face and pull his legs.

-Well, have you considered taking a chill pill? Spider-Man asked. Doc Ock then grabbed him and threw him across the room, Apparently not, Spider-Man mumbled to himself.

-That's a cute outfit Doc, did your husband give it to you? Spider-Man said while dodging his attacks. I mean look at that orange and green, Bleh! you see my suit, it is suave, and epic. Doc Ock really got pissed, but before he could make his tentacles move, Spider-Man leaped and landed on a desk, Spider-Man then turned behind him and said to the girl, Hey there, why not give me a call sometime. Spider-Man then shot two webballs at Doc Ock's face.

-Come on Ock! At least put up a fight!! Spider-Man yelled. Doc Ock then grabbed him by the face, I'm gonna rip your mask apart, you prick! Doc Ock said, Tut tut! watch the language Ock! Spider-Man said.

-Spider-Man then shot two webs reaching two desks, while being caught in Doc Ock's arms, he then pulled the desks with all his might and managed to hit Doc Ock in the face with the desks.

-Before Spider-Man could get up, he was thrown to the other classroom.

-Oh great, Spider-Man mumbled to himself. Spidey then stood up and saw all the people standing at him. Well this is awkward, and I think you should go if you don't want to turn into diced shrimp.
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